Obama the Grinch?

Liberalism is the Grinch at work, not Santa Claus. The Grinch resented others who were joyful and happy. He could not stand the Whos down in Whoville who were minding their own business going to work, raising their families and helping each other at their own discretion.
One can almost understand why more than 90 percent of blacks voted for Obama, given their historical grievances and the fact that he is our first African American president.
Likewise, Hispanics, single women and the young. Republicans have done a poor job talking to these groups about the issues that affect their lives — and in any case the Democrats and the left, with no shame, peddle to them all sorts of nonsense, if not in campaigns than through the media, popular culture and the educational system. Security without work and freedom without responsibility are tempting to all of us at times, and that is the promise of left/liberal politics.
It is much harder to comprehend how groups like Jews, Catholics and Asians likewise went for Obama.
Obama is not merely pro-choice, for example, he has been radically pro-abortion. Nevertheless, American Catholics voted for him by 51 percent. Is this liberalism at work? Or an anti-Mormon backlash?
Obama’s policies in the Middle East are incoherent and he has alienated Israeli leadership, at least some of it. But he still got 70 percent of the Jewish vote.
Asians are one of the thriving ethnic groups in this country with strong traditional values about hard work and family — and they have not been targeted on immigration concerns the way Hispanics have been. Nevertheless, almost two thirds voted for Obama.
I won’t repeat the points I made a few days ago about why Romney and the Republicans fared poorly in the 2012 elections, relatively speaking. In that essay I pointed out that we live in an era where class and identity politics trump traditional issues of the economy and foreign policy. A significant minority of voters are attracted to Obama simply because he is not white — period. I find this patronizing and racist but they call it being enlightened. We can have that debate another day.
The larger issue is the culture of dependency that is corrupting our nation — and how do we explain Jews, Catholics and Asians, for example, voting for Obama?
Well, on the Catholic issue there is likely a distortion because Latinos are largely Catholic. When presented with the choice of a Republican party they perceived to be aligned against them or their community economically due to immigration issues, they chose to vote economics over religion. Even if the majority of Latinos disagree with Obama on abortion, they know that they can make that decision for themselves. The desire to work and support their families probably is more urgent. Looked at this way, you might argue it was conservative vote rooted in self interest.
On the other hand, many Hispanics receive government support and more than 60 percent supported Obama care. Hispanics as a group are mimicking liberal attitudes — with more than 50 percent of their children born out of wedlock and a surprisingly high number supporting gay marriage.These statistics, if accurate, tell us that the Republican appeal to these voters is going to be difficult as they are already predisposed to support big government.
On the other hand, inroads can be made within these communities. I suspect another reason Republicans don’t get more votes is simply that they don’t ask — they don’t frame the issues in a way that appeals to immigrant communities, even those that are hard working and might embrace a free enterprise, small government approach if it were explained to them in an embracing rather than alienating way.
Big picture, Rush Limbaugh suggests that Santa Claus is at fault, for the election, which I resent as a believer in Santa Claus. Santa Claus is not about getting something for nothing. He is about giving something freely, out of love for those who are the objects of his or our giving. That is not liberalism. Not even close.
The real problem, in the spirit of the season, is the Grinch. Liberalism is the Grinch at work, not Santa Claus. The Grinch resented others who were joyful and happy. He could not stand the Whos down in Whoville who were minding their own business going to work, raising their families and helping each other at their own discretion.
But liberalism as practiced today is petty, greedy, resentful and divisive. It is not about helping others through free choice and the fruits of your own labor, it is about making demands on others who have something you want or claiming rights at the expense of others. It is not about navigating the system the best you can on your own wits and abilities, it is about demanding security and success irrespective of your own effort, efficiency or hard work — and no matter the cost to future generations. It is about being guaranteed things simply because you look or vote a certain way.
It doesn’t help that groups (wrongly) associated with conservative or Republican attitudes are equally at fault and even more corrupt in the sense that their relative need is not as great. I happen to share Bill Buckley’s belief that some of the worst sponges in this nation are big corporations and their leaders, who put their own economic well being first no matter the cost to employees or the long-term success of their enterprise or the free enterprise principles they claim to embrace.
If the wealthy can put their hands out and make easy money, why should the relative poor and middle class not do likewise? This is not merely a Republican versus Democrat issue — it is about the mentality of wanting something for nothing and taking other people’s money to shore up your own success. How is this different from robbing banks — only in this way, that if you get enough folks with their hands out they will form a voting bloc that legitimizes the theft. That makes it policy, not criminal, but it is hardly generosity or giving out of love. It is about exercising the power to demand, not compassion.
The allure of Marxism, liberalism, radicalism is rooted in the same collective mentality that government is there to ensure equality, redistribution and fairness. The problem is that a state dominated by this mentality is never fair, efficient or free. Ronald Reagan had it right — a government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take it away. Prepare yourselves America — a lot is about to be taken away, one way or another, because the liberal vision of prosperity is not only morally wrong, it simply does not work. Not for very long.
We are about to learn economics 101 — as the Fiscal Cliff looms and all of our taxes start to get raised, and those who are friends of the Obama administration get protected. The Grinch is coming. And he has an army of Grinches behind him.

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