Obama the Land Crab

cwrdComparing the ever-growing and accumulating list of issues that have bedeviled this administration including 

  • Fast and Furious where the ATF was compliant in running guns into a neighboring country to arm known criminals
  • POTUS giving his AG executive immunity to ensure that he will not be compelled to testify about the ATF
  • The failure to respond to the attack on Benghazi, and then the repeated lies to try to cover up the incompetence 
  • The failed rollout and implementation of Obamacare even though it was provided nearly unlimited funds
  • The VA systematically ignoring our wounded and injured veterans until at least dozens had died
  • The VA systematically covering up their incompetence and purposeful lack of compassionate care
  • The Syrian Civil War even after a “red line” was clearly drawn and crossed
  • The Russian invasion and seizure of a sovereign nation
  • Our flat-lined economy that has placed Americans on welfare in record numbers
  • Out of control illegal immigration and the surreptitious flooding our states with young illegal immigrants
  • The IRS systematically targeting of groups based on their political beliefs
  • The cover-up of the IRS targeting of groups based on their political beliefs
  • Iraq being taken over  by anti-American terrorists and negating the sacrifices of millions of Allied warfighters

The one persistent common theme (besides the chronic lack of adherence to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American Rule of Law) is that in every case and for every scandal, Obama has taken the position of weakness. He has done this by blatant indecision and fleeing to fund-raise and golf, his repeated use of “I don’t know” and “they didn’t tell me” as an excuse when confronted with the facts and a serial lack of accountability to correct any of these issues by eliminating the wrong-doers. 
Americans should not have to be burdened with a President that when a foreign crisis occurs does not ask “where are my aircraft carriers” but “where am I campaigning today?” or “can I get a nine o’clock tee time?” We don’t need a Commander in Chief when confronted with foreign aggression disappears or looks to be terminally indecisive and we certainly don’t need the leader of this country abandon allies because it is politically convenient and supports his (not the country’s) ideology. Obama has sacrificed untold numbers of pro-American Iraqis who even as I write this are being rounded up, tortured and beheaded just because Obama wants to prove a point that his party believes we should have never been in Iraq. Yes, Iraqis are dying and the service and sacrifices of tens of thousands of dead wounded and emotionally scarred American warfighters have been negated all so the Democratic Party can have their self-centered way.
Every issue Obama has had, he has not met it head-on with eloquence, decisiveness and authority. Instead Obama has scrambled sideways and let others speak, act and think for him. Obama is far from the Eagle soaring far overhead looking for enemies with sharp talons and a keen eye, but is more like the land crab avoiding any fights by running sideways when confronted and always close to a convenient hole to hide in. The land crab also has no backbone and feeds off of what others acquire so yes, Obama the land crab seems to be the best description of this poor, failed president. A man elected who wanted to “fundamentally change America”  but not by demonstrating high standards and enabling people to work and succeed, but enforcing the lowest of standards and selectively enforcing the law to reward his constituency. 
Yes, Obama the land crab needs to run back in his hole before the Eagle makes a meal of him.

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