Obama the Loser! Bush the Winner!

obm-bshObama has fallen and he won’t be getting up any time soon. The big difference between President Bush and Obama is that President Bush knew what he wanted to accomplish and he got it done. Obama looks like a fool and the masses that used to faint are finally blaming Obama instead of President Bush.

President Bush was lucky, he won the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he put Osama on the run for about 10 years. By the time Obama let Seal Team 6 execute Osama, Osama was just a fugitive with no power.

President Bush was smart. He captured or caused the capture of Saddam. Saddam was an idiot, but President Bush was smart enough to turn Saddam over to the Iraqi people and they hung him high. Obama was afraid to stay in Iraq. He was selling weapons to the Syrian rebels through Benghazi but in fact Obama was just empowering the ISIS thugs. Even though Hillary said what difference does it make, it does make a difference. We are now spending millions of dollars a day bombing ISIS. If we had stayed the President Bush course, troops would have been in Iraq and the madmen would be dead.

In hindsight it might have been better for Obama to capture Osama. Osama was unarmed when he was executed by Obama. Obama should have turned Osama over to the Saudi’s to dispose of the powerless former head of Al Qaeda.

Democrats thought they were smart when they said nothing as Obama destroyed the economy with over-taxation, ObamaCare and needless regulation called global warming.

And he caved to the wackos and has failed to approve the pipeline of jobs. But after all as long as the Obamas can fly around the world at will, why should he care about your job!

Obama has done more fundraisers on the taxpayer dime then any president. Most presidents held their fundraisers in the Whitehouse. Obama spends taxpayer millions every day to raise money for his coffers.

Keep in mind the liberal Democrats in office could have stood up to Obama. But they didn’t. The Democrats should have sided with the Republicans and forced Obama to quit screwing up the economy. America needs jobs and the last thing America needs is more legal and illegal immigrants to feed!

President Bush had a great economy. It grew at a great clip. By the time he took office Slick Willy sent many American jobs out of the country while businesses and foreign leaders filled the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. President Bush saved the economy by lowering taxes. Everyone knew you could never fix the economy by raising taxes.

When the Democrats were losing in the election of 2008, the only thing they could do was use the liberal tactics of Alinsky. Clinton took away the American jobs. And the liberal Democrat congress under President Bush took away the cherished possession of the American Dream. The liberals took away the assets of the average American.

Since 2008 the liberals imploded the housing market to help win the election. I betcha they wish they could get a do over on that one. As houses were forced by the bank to lose over 25% of their value overnight, there was not much the liberals under Obama could do to reverse the fatal unlucky strategy.

The banks didn’t realize as they caused the appraisals to implode, there was no way to get the appraisals back where they were in 2007. And it looks like the banks became a bit greedy. But how many houses in your neighborhood are vacant today and the bank hasn’t figured out how to put a for sale sign up. Who can afford to sit there with a dying asset while one is too stupid to sell it and let someone else pay the mortgage and the taxes!

So Obama was a fool and unlucky. In the end President Bush had all the luck.

Even though his own party blamed him for shear nonsense, he was a great president. And now WMD’s are showing up in Iraq. So it took a great deal of resolve and fortitude by President Bush to protect Americans from the WMD’s and the madmen called Saddam and Osama. After 911 Al Qaeda and clowns like Gaddafi were on the run.

Obama was a bit unlucky. Maybe deep down he would like to be a Muslim, but he took a liking to the Muslim Brotherhood that was going to save countries like Egypt. Ooops that didn’t turn out too well. The Arab Spring that boomed under Obama ended up being a blizzard led by kooks and terrorists… While Obama was unlucky and did nothing.

President Bush was lucky he worked to seal the border. But Obama and his liberal appointees and judges thought it wise to have open borders. Liberal city politicians whose budgets were already in the red, couldn’t wait to make a home for all the illegal immigrants. Some liberals think the illegal immigrants add money to the economy. They must be unlucky as well.

President Bush was lucky, he only wanted to serve his country once. Clintons are a bit unlucky they think they deserve a second chance to screw it up again.

So the voters of America who understand this stuff should vote. And vote as many times as you can. Now the liberal Democrats are running away from unlucky Obama. The moderate and conservative Democrats are long gone. They have been disillusioned by the liberal ways of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Now they are trying to run away. Don’t get in their way. Vote them out of office so they can get a real job. Let’s keep them running as far away from public office and public paid bureaucracies as possible.

President Bush killed our enemies, lowered taxes, protected our allies and closed our borders.

Obama looked the other way as the enemies and issues like Ebola and Polio flourish. Obama raised taxes on everyone that pays taxes. Obama raised taxes in the form of ObamaCare. Obama cut the cost of living increases for several years for social security recipients while their Medicare expenses went through the roof. Obama raised taxes and regulations on businesses. This resulted in inflation and companies and their jobs being driven out of the country. But according to Hillary and Obama businesses and companies in America do not create jobs. They are only here to pay taxes????? When these losers are looking for campaign contributions the first place they look to is businesses and corporations. The liberal philosophy is simple, always bite the hands that feed you.

So get out and vote and send a clear and decisive message to all the liberal wackos who want to rob you of the American Dream. They seem to get richer but you don’t. Let’s send the liberal Democrats packing. If they love communism so much, I am sure China and Russia will take them in.

The time is ticking. You can make a statement. Show up at the polls and be heard!

Please, Send this message to as many people that you think will vote!

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