Obama Thinks His Show is not Reality TV?

Obama Thinks His Show is not Reality TV?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It was kind of funny when Obama was trouncing Trump about Reality TV. I guess Obama has a short or selective memory. His entire campaign and presidency has been a joke, reality TV, and maybe a sham.


What was Obama thinking when he made his world tours and the big crowds and the ladies fainting for Obama. All you have to do is read any of Obama’s books and they are filled with garbage and lies just like Hillary’s books.


But it is funny that his favorability rating is going up. I guess if we are all focused on Trump, Hillary and Sanders, there is no time to dread a couple hundred days left with Obama. We finally have hope. That change is right around the corner. If anything,  an opportunity to roll back all the poor policies put in place by Obama and only Obama.


One problem by running the government as a dictator, and not getting laws properly passed by congress, is that the laws are easy to erase. Trump has already said he will erase all the Obama laws on the first few days in office.


Obama a long time constitutional instructor should know that you need to go through congress to pass laws, unless there is an emergency. But Obama has run the country as he sees fit not as the voters see fit. So in the end, all his memos and executive orders can be erased in seconds and it will not take an act of congress. Not much will be left for his legacy.


Now that is Realty TV. That is entertainment. The liberals have kept quiet about most of these made-up laws. And Obama has used the justice department to attack any one or entity that it sees fit to attack. The only thing the liberals seem to do is call Cruz Satan.


Does that mean Obama is an angel. Is that where we get the notion “touched by an angel”. (lol)


How many times have the commoners had to sit in traffic while Obama and Lady Obama block traffic so they can make their many speeches and bring home the big bucks for their foundations and campaign coffers. No liberal taxation on those entities.


If it really wasn’t so sad, it would be funny as heck. The economy which the liberals have tried to boast about: Obama wants credit. Credit for what? The worse economy in years. All the fault of liberal policies of Obama and Clinton. You know they are now saying President Bush signed NAFTA. That may not be true, but it does mean Free Trade is an albatross around the necks of these losers. But why do the public sector unions keep supporting these clowns while their brethren union members are taking a beating. Now that is what Dr. Phil or Survivor should be covering. Who can survive the Obama economy. We need clean energy and bogus climate change no matter how many American jobs we lose. Spin the wheel, see if you lose your job today.


One of the things you need to consider, is that NAFTA and Social Security to name a few start out pretty innocent and fair. But once the liberals start changing it, it becomes something all together different. and the liberals never take credit for screwing it up. For example, why does disability come out of Social Security. That wasn’t FDR’s goal, or was it?


Don’t fret you poor sob, if you lose your job, we will give you free stuff. Worth far less then a real job, but you don’t need to work. Free healthcare, and all the family leave you can ever imagine. And you will be making more than minimum wage. At least until the money runs out. But if you don’t work, how can you come up with a minimum wage.


This is realty TV at its finest. Spin the wheel. Go to any government office in the land and see what money they will give you this week.


And last but not least what about all those illegals. Don’t worry keep your hands a little clean and come right through the front door. No wheel to spin, no dice to roll. Come right through the front door. We will deliver you to your sanctuary city of choice. No questions asked! If you are a youngster, we can’t guarantee you a wholesome trip, but at least you are in America and made to do some underage working.


Kerry said a wall will not keep out all these illegals. Finally he got something right. It is the liberals that keep letting these folks in, without passing any legitimate laws to allow them in legally. By the way the illegals bonus is welfare at about $6,000 a month. That is tax free worth at least $10,000 a month. So tell me again why people are leaving the work force! By the way that is $72,000 a year tax free and that does not include free healthcare or English lessons!


Realty TV had to tell us all about Obama’s princess going to Harvard and taking a year off. Whose seat is she taking away from a commoner. Places like Harvard give seats freely to celebrities and foreigners. But how much financial aid do they gobble up each year? Howard U runs at about $221 million taxpayer dollars annually and they can’t seem to find the money to graduate.


West point made the news. 30% of the students they claim are black. But it doesn’t seem like 30% graduate. Keep in mind black population is only 18%. So what US reps keep writing recommendations for free education to all these students? They made the news because most of the female black seniors took a picture while in uniform with the fist raised. I think Realty TV would say it was not a political statement, but a thank you for all that free education.


I will take a trump card any day over Obama. Trump is a little different. He is not a lying lawyer. He actually worked for a living. He actually ran a business, not a yellow pad holder as a community organizer.


What is beautiful about Trump is he makes a statement and doesn’t back down. He ignores the Reality TV hosts and just moves on. Ya see for almost 8 years we had to hear from Preacher Obama how we are supposed to think about these things. Who died and left him boss.


The next 200 days should be interesting. Once Hillary starts attacking Obama, we could have some fun. Maybe they can roll out Billy Bob and Chelsea to attack Obama. Will that show be called the family feud. throw in a few Kennedys and this could be hilarious!


Some where under the rainbow, the people need to come to the conclusion that  Obama has been a disaster. He lied. He executed Osama, when he could have brought him to trial. Even the execution was bogus. The cameras showed their faces and Hillary grabbed her mouth as … they said the helicopter crashed. But maybe her foundation lost a large donor.


This stuff is endless and priceless. I guess at the end of the day, Jarrett and Lady Obama have kept Obama in his Ivory Tower. And they wanted to do a lot for the illegals, Muslims and the poor people. They have pretty much accomplished nothing that Trump can’t fix. Some day Obama will have to come down from the tinsel town Ivory Tower. I hope he has the heart to apologize. Don’t hold your breath. But I can’t wait until he is finally off the big screen. Betcha you won’t see him with Oprah!


It is too bad Obama has such an ego. He should keep his lame duck mouth shut and let Hillary and Trump go at it. Is he going to have a comment for everything that is said about his lousy presidency! The liberal’s media will make it front page news.

It is just Realty TV and some people love it, I prefer the old westerns. Happy Trails.



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