Obama: You Owe Us!

This is the problem with America today. Uncle Sam owes everything to everyone and can’t really afford to pay for anything.

Obama owes the Blacks good jobs and abortions.

Obama owes the illegal immigrants dignity and welfare, jobs, driver’s licenses etc..

Obama owes the Native Indians Casinos, pollution and  a reservation.

Obama owes the illegal immigrants asylum or amnesty.

Obama owes the environment I mean the UN global freaks climate change dollars,

and so on and so on.


This is the problem with America today.


Uncle Sam owes everything to everyone and can’t really afford to pay for anything.


When my grandparents came here from Italy and Poland  over a hundred years ago,  they didn’t expect food stamps, and a bunch of money and housing from the government. All they wanted was the opportunity to make money so they could support their family. As my Aunt would say, they wanted a job. Why you might ask because they could not find work in their homeland and they were told there was opportunity and freedom in America.  Obama’s Aunt Z still lives on the dole in Boston. She is a  heck of an immigrant.


So maybe we should send some of these angry Americans and non-Americans to live in places like Pakistan for a few weeks or minutes. And then maybe they would appreciate America and hold these American ideals and human rights close to their hearts. Many Americans just take things for granted. All these freedoms just happened and they will last forever. Forever? Not under the liberal onslaught that invades our delicate fabric every day and every minute.


Just this last week we see a Supreme Court that needs to be changed.  Lifetime appointments by crooked politicians need to go. They all seem to think they have rights. Weiner thinks he is owed the right to become mayor. These judges need to be voted in by the people and for a limited term. Judiciary is there to protect the constitution not to write its own laws.  But they think they are owed that right. I didn’t give it to them did you?


Blacks and others have been told at birth that they are owed all these rights. That their ancestors have been mistreated. They are owed reparation. Says who? They are taught that in their public schools. They are taught that women are owed the right to abort their babies. They are taught that if you commit a crime, you may not have to do the time. The public defender may set you free. You are owed that right.


They are taught that guns are evil. Don’t own a gun. Did you see the woman that was sent to the hospital by a home invasion guy. He beat her senseless yours to view at your leisure on the nanny cam. But didn’t he have that right. She had stuff and he didn’t. Didn’t he have the right to take hers. Didn’t Obama give him that right?


She was told a gun is dangerous. She was taught in school if she used a gun she could go to jail or have to go through a useless trial like Zimmerman.  But did her teacher tell her that her little daughter would be sitting on a couch close by while this intruder beat the heaven and innocence out of her mother. How will that change their lives…forever.


You know a parachute and a gun: If you need one and don’t have one… It’s too late.


But the home invader had a right to take what he did not work for. They do it every day in this country. After a while they think it is owed to them. That is what Obama said.  


Women have a right to abort an innocent child. This is a right owed to women. When doctors are taught paid for by the government because they are owed a college education are killing instead of saving… that is owed to them. But when the doctor is cutting the spinal cord of a defenseless baby… He thought he had a right. Obama said he had that right!


Funny thing about abortion, but about a third of the abortions are black children. About 50% are woman babies.  So when is it justified to kill woman babies as an excuse to give other women rights of their bodies.  Planned Parenthood claimed only 300,000 abortions last year were accomplished due to their influence and government funding.  The spokesperson said that was a “rare” amount. Of course she is owed that right to say that. There is no way that women need all  these abortions. They have had sex education for years. If they let themselves become the neighborhood piñata, and the daddy does not pay for the child… that is a right! If a guy produces 24 babies with a bunch of women and can’t afford a pot to piss in, it has to be a right. But more importantly would these women want to be involved with a loser like this. Maybe that should be taught differently in school rather than sex is ok… we will worry about the STD and pregnancy later.  Maybe they should be more concerned about the junk they allow to enter their bodies!


So the liberals have made many promises over the years over the protests of the majority of the country.  And remember you allowed the liberals to be elected and they appointed the liberal bureaucrats and judges. So you have the right to get what you deserve and are owed.


What Obama seems to forget is that if he makes it more expensive for the power plants in this country to create energy, then the cost of energy will go up. And the consumer will have to pay the bill. This will probably be good for China’s economy because the power plants will have to buy the parts for the filters from China. But after all Obama said he owes jobs to the Chinese. A pipeline will create jobs and low cost fuel… Obama says we don’t need that. That is something we don’t have a right to own!  Let the others take our jobs!


Obama said he owes the illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship without protecting our borders. Obama amnesty is not a Latino right. The amnesty must come from the people. If the majority of the voters do not want this sham of Obama’s called Obama amnesty then it is time to vote these folks out and teach the citizens that there are no man made rights. The only rights guaranteed by the constitution are guaranteed by God.  If the liberals want to change that then change the constitution.  Obama’s illegal executive orders are not sanctioned under the constitution. Start today to eliminate all liberals from the government. If not the future looks very bleak for the American Dream unless you have the proper connections. The Obama connections!


But in the end, when you start making exceptions then there will never be equality!


And all men (and women) are created equally. Only men like Obama can take away that equality! Is it time to send the liberals packing! Have a great day!

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