Obamacare and the Keystone XL Pipeline


By now everyone who has kept an intelligent eye on current events knows that Obamacare is not about making medical care less expensive or more available.  Obviously, the cost of medical “insurance” plans has gone up instead of down, as originally advertised.  So has the end cost to consumers of medical care.  With higher deductibles and increased copayments and patient responsibilities medical care is becoming even less affordable.  And that does not count the effects of the medical practitioners leaving their profession because of their inability to comply with the new law and do their jobs properly.  The unavoidable conclusion is that the law was about control and not public benefit.  Particularly since the historical record shows that government intervention always causes this effect.


Meanwhile, the government is making an all out push for its apparent next target; the energy economy.  One poster child for this effort is the Keystone XL Pipeline project which was expected to bring the product of oil sands in Canada down to Texas and Louisiana refiners where it could be converted to fuel and lubricants while creating jobs along the way.  There appears to be no interest in the executive branch for approving the project, while they press for global climate change as a threat greater than terrorism, or Iranian induced nuclear war.  Instead, it is concentrating on forcing big rig truckers into impossible fuel mileage standards, while allowing exempt Mexican based truckers to operate freely on US roads.


The Keystone pipeline would contribute significantly to the North American energy economy, and would assist with a push for energy independence.  Canada is already producing for the American market, and needs to sell its product.  Canadian producers would prefer to sell to the US market.  If they can’t send their products south, then they will send them elsewhere; most probably to the growing demand of China and India.  With the growth of these two national economies the gasoline and diesel will be burned somewhere.  And it doesn’t matter whether or not we burn it.  Carbon dioxide produced in China will cause effects, if any, worldwide; not just over Beijing.


But more to the point, the current administration has not been concentrating on oil pipelines.  It has strangled the West Virginia coal industry, and has restricted, to an unprecedented degree, oil production on federally controlled lands, and has done its best to do so on private lands as well.  It has done essentially everything possible to prevent the country from becoming energy independent, and a petroleum exporter, which would work wonders for the job market.  It has taken the exact opposite approach and is still attempting to enact a carbon tax system.  There has to be a reason for this, and Obamacare provides the decoder ring we need to understand the message.  Simply stated, it must be about control.


Thus, we can extrapolate that the present climate change “awareness” campaign is an attempt to create panic among enough people to generate support for government control of the nation’s energy economy, which in turn, would bring virtually 100% of the nation’s business activity under the control of the politicians and bureaucrats.  This would mean, in the end, that the average citizen would be told where to live and how to live; what car to can drive and how far you can drive it; what kind of home you can purchase, and perhaps worst of all, the entire data communications system that lies at the heart of the modern economy would come to a screeching halt because the electricity that it requires will either be too expensive to use or unavailable.


The excuse for Obamacare was a supposed crisis in “health care” which justified a panicked reaction involving a government takeover of the medical system.  Now we are seeing the same approach to another non-existent crisis.  The leftist response to a supposed crisis is always more government.  But the big government solution never solves the problem.  Witness the testimony of Treasury Secretary Morgenthau regarding the New Deal spending which, he admitted did nothing to help the economy, and left the nation worse off because of the resulting debt.  The only people who truly benefitted were the banking interests and the government bureaucracy that administered the New Deal programs.


As Ronald Reagan relates in his autobiography, during the Great Depression his father became employed in handing out government checks to unemployed people.  But the people didn’t want government money; they wanted jobs.  In his spare time Mr. Reagan took to finding them jobs, but was disciplined by his supervisor for doing so.  Why was he disciplined?  He was told that if the unemployed men got jobs then there would be no one to hand out government money to, and his boss would have to find a new job.  That is the logic that prevails everywhere in the federal system today.  Grow government and never, ever, let any agency get smaller or God forbid, go out of existence.


All of this is contrary to the American principle of popular sovereignty, which is the reason for America’s past success.  But there are always people who wish to use government for their own personal benefit, creating for themselves the status of royalty within political offices.  It is the natural state of humanity that such people exist, but our system, as created, was intended and designed to prevent them from having the opportunity to seize power.  Unfortunately, we are seeing those protections removed by the power seekers, with all too little disapproval or even recognition from average citizens.


Years ago my college political science professor said that what makes the American system work was that the politicians have accepted the Constitution as the “rules of the game.”  Unfortunately, they no longer do so.  The man who called himself a constitutional law professor and expert is the one who is destroying the document he swore to protect and defend.  He is doing it because he finds personal advantage in doing so.  Obamacare is wreaking havoc on the medical system.  Expect the energy economy to be next.

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