Obamas Destruction of America

Since the 2008 Democrat primary campaign there has been questions about Obamas suitability for the office of President. It was Hillary Clinton who first opened the discussion on the Muslim background of Obama. Since that time, people have continually questioned Obamas credibility on the subject.
There have been statements that Obama has made to reinforce this question. He has talked about the future not belonging to those who slander Islam, that he knows civilizations owes a debt to Islam, that Islam is tolerant and has always been a part of America. Obama has lectured the American people on the tolerance and dignity given to people under Islam. He has spoken of the innovation of the Muslim religion and was an important part of promoting peace through the world. It is clear that our President has a deep and abiding respect of the Islamic religion to the detriment of our culture, our religions and our way of life.
It is also clear that Obama has no respect for the people of this nation, our laws, and our culture.
It was to help further Islamic interests that Obama withdrew from Iraq as quickly as he did. With no status of forces agreement that Iraq was willing to discuss with us, he had an excuse to take our military out with the assistance of Iraq Prime Minister Maliki. Obama knew that Maliki was picked by Iran, specifically picked by Qasem Soleimani of the Iran Revolutionary Guard. Both Soleimani and Mailki wanted to United States out to further the takeover of Iraq by the Shiite majority of Iran. That has lead to the growth of ISIS and the outcome as it is today.
One Democrat president, Jimmy Carter lost Iran. Obama is now attempting to do the same for all of the Middle East. Questions must be raised about the “Arab Spring” that was lauded by the media and Obama as the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East. I find it difficult to believe that this administration did not know that the jihadists would have the upper hand in the conflict.
It is now clear that Obama has now credible reason for the passage of the Iranian deal,a deal with no real verification and has given Iran the ability to have the nuclear bomb. This will give Iran the opportunity to coerce its neighbors into agreements and to further proliferation of the nuclear arms race in the Middle East.
Obama does not believe in any religion. Obama only believes in himself. He feels that the way that he looks at the world is correct and all those who disagree are met with a vehemence unseen in a president before. The 2012 Soul Train awards are telling that when Jamie Foxx stated that we should give honor to God, and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama. Meant to be funny, it appeared that Obama believed it. Brought up in a world of anti-colonialism, hatred for the West, and the destructive teachings of Frank Marshall Davis, and Bill Ayers, and the other socialists that surrounded him have turned Obama into a Manchurian President.
In the years since his election there is no measure that Obama will not take to denigrate this country, and to force the United States into a third world country status. It is this hatred for all things of Western civilization that Obama has used to foment chaos around the world, including his primary Middle Eastern target, Israel.
It was Obama who ignored the opportunity to overthrow the Iranian regime because he refuses to further the western ideals that have worked throughout the world. Obama doesn’t only feel his ideas are correct, he knows he is right, and know more than anyone else in the room. A Muslim narcissist is a combination that can lead to disaster. His superior morality and power of oratory (at least with a good speechwriter and teleprompter), surrounded by a vanity of never being wrong has lead to a disaster overseas and here at home, a legacy that Obama will turn to his advantage with the assistance of a willing media.
Knowing that only he is right, and no one can know more than him, has led to conflicts that have been exacerbated by th9is administrations actions. In a country that was based on the Christian religion, it is sobering to have a President who states that the progressives in society needs to “help” those with deeply held religions to overcome their beliefs. This is from a supposedly Christian President, one who does nit act or talk like a Christian, doesn’t go to church, and contrary to what his handlers have told the press, there is no proof that Obama was ever baptized in any church. There are notable and large lies that Obama has told the American people about both his Marxist and Muslim backgrounds. Obama believes his charisma and an insight into the human psyche that only he has wil create an aura of comity that will allow his superior morality to quell all conflict.
And now things have come to a head with the influx of non vetted refuges coming to the United States. Immigration into non Muslim lands has been an integral part of the colonization of those lands. We have a President and his lackeys in his administration that have claimed that these refugees have been and will be “robustly” vetted before they come to this country. The FBI director has already stated that they can’t be vetted because there is no database to use to process this operation. Who will the American people believe.
Using common sense to decide, let’s look at some of the things this administration has done over the years.
This administration left Iraq early, called ISIS and JV team not worth our time. The Islamic State now controls lands the size of Rhode Island and are creating atrocities against Christians and non Mulims on a scale not seen in decades, still with no response of merit from this President.
This administration because of its hatred of Western Ideals, and the fact that it was the Western powers that has controlled the Middle East since the 1900’s has decimated the area, and left any principles of democratic law in shambles.
The weakness of this President, combined with his “leading from behind” has led to a resumption of the Cold War with Russia, assisted in fostering new relations with those countries considered enemies, and broke down the relationships grown on years with our friends. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the meeting with Hollande produces next week. I would advise that Hollande be prepared to be let down, all Obama has is words. And without a teleprompter, not many.
We have an open border, with no control and no enforcement. Extremists may have already crossed, and the 26 Muslim training camps set up throughout this country have been put off limits by this administration and the State Department.
The breakdown of racial cultural, and associations of class and religion.
This administration has appeased any and all Muslim terrorism. Not wanting to say “radical Islam” is just the start. They have said that the Taliban are not terrorists, those causing the carnage in Paris are not redical Islamists,, the Muslim Brotherhood is secular and Jihad is a legitimate part of Islam.
The expansion of our national debt to a point that is unmanageable, and will be a stone tied around the neck of generations to come. A systematic and continuing press to spend even more and more is not only the Presidents fault, but the Congress as well.
The Iranian deal has been called many things. There are those who say we have been fooled, and that this is the only way to put off the Iranian nuclear missile. The Iranians will have it within three years if not before. There is no verification of the agreement, and it appears that the hegemony of the Middle East under the Iranian regime is what Obama wants. Now, there is a new group that has been activated in the Gaza Strip called Al-Sabireen under Iranian control. Their leader Hisham Salem is former member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad ,and is once again being supplied by Iran. I do not foresee our President doing anything about this group either.
Obama has lied to the American people from the beginning. Has upheld his Muslim teaching in every decision he makes, and will continue to destroy our country from the inside out until he can hand it to the Islamic leaders in his administration and enforce sharia law. It will be backed with those in this administration and its agencies who have been buying arms within the administration for years.
America needs to wake up, this is not a President of our country, who cares about our country or who believes in the American exceptionalism. It is time for our representatives to rein in this narcissistic Marxist.Muslim. If not possible, impeachment may be the only answer.

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