Obama’s Economy Sucks. I for one give Obama the Credit he Deserves!

Obama’s Economy Sucks. I for one give Obama the Credit he Deserves!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


The liberal media for a while has been trying to give Obama credit for this robust economy. If he was a Republican, they would be tearing the economy apart. But since we have a commie liberal, it is robust and going up slightly are words that indicate Obama’s economy sucks. And he didn’t inherit a mess. He is the mess.


There was a great article by Corsi published 3/21/2016. And Jerry displays 9 charts that prove not only Obama was a loser, but so was the fabulous Clintons. And many pundits blame the trouble we are in on the steps the Clintons made so they could get rich and screw the rest of the country.


The biggest problem was the housing crash which was brought about by the banks and guys like Dodd and Frank. I have written about this numerous times. Once they devalued your home, and this was done by banks through forced and corrupt appraisals, the economy would never recover. In other words the asset growth in homes was the biggest part of our economy. And under Obama the value of homes have fallen and they can’t get up. Oddly though, in liberal cities they are starting to rise. But not at the level it was at in  2008. And not for the rest of the country!


If the politicians were smart, they would pass laws to increase the value of real estate, not to destroy them. And raising taxes on real estate works in the opposite direction. It causes mortgages to go up (escrow) and rents to go up. Neither one will help the economy.


Clinton also was there when the dot com crash occurred. Liberals seem to forget things like that. Millions were lost on investments on silicon valley crap that wasn’t worth a dime. NAFTA was another failure of the Clintons. Millions of jobs were lost.  And the idiots want to put Hillary in because she will hit the ground running. Really? Tell that to our allies and friends in Libya. If she ever hit the ground, there would be a giant sucking sound and then just a splat.


One of the problems the liberals will always have is that they really don’t want people to work. They can control people who don’t work. And the easiest way to do that is give them money for not working.


Graph one: Civilian Labor force participation rate. You can see from 1965 or so the rate began to go up almost as a straight line until Clinton came along. Then it leveled off. And as the effects of free trade (NAFTA) came along, it started to go down. The great President George Bush had it on the road to recovery until the liberals and banks killed the housing market. Under Obama it dropped like a bomb to about 1975 levels. That is a loss of  almost 30 years of growth. What a robust economy wouldn’t you say Krugman?


This is caused by free trade and paying people for not working. Free trade sounds good. It keep s the cost of living down. But you don’t have the revenue from workers in this country to pay for all the free handouts. Therefore the debt goes up.


So lets look at the debt graph. Federal Debt: Total Public Debt graph: Here if it was corrected by giving President Bush credit for the TARP payback and deduct the payback from Obama, then you would have a  pretty even line up to Obama. Then when it hits Obama the line climbs astronomically. And Obama really has nothing to show for all the spending. Please note, a lot of liberal dopes (Kasich)  make up the fact that Clinton paid down the debt. He did not. Any surplus that was allegedly accrued (according to Kasich) was spent. If you spend the surplus, it is not a surplus. So debt before Obama should be adjusted to about $8 Trillion. And it is now at $19 or $20 Trillion and growing. Sounds like a great economy. One that keeps spending and no money to pay it down. But the Liberals think or imagine we don’t need to pay that debt!


The next graph is The St. Louis Adjusted Monetary Base:  Again Obama has nothing to show for this. He gave to the banks about $3.2 trillion dollars. This was added to the debt. This was used to inflate the markets. The banks got rich. Clintons got rich but not so for the average American.  In comparison.  President Bush and Clinton added about $400 Billion in 8 years each. So tell me again why you want to put another liberal in the Whitehouse!


A poor economy hurts men and women alike. And since most are couples, it hurts everyone. The Clintons hurt men and women alike. You want to put a liberal in the Whitehouse again for What?


It is clear that healthcare has been destroyed by Obama. 8 million may have been put on Medicaid, but the folks that have to pay for that gift, by paying their premiums don’t have the money and the benefits for the most part are not worth it.


A couple more fallacies. The jobs number is a made up number. It is made by surveys. But think about it, 200,000 jobs a month. Mostly part time. The population is about 322 million. Not counting the Visas and illegals. If we include the folks that stopped looking for a job, the unemployment numbers are ridiculous. And the poor Black folks. I have a great deal of respect for those that continue to work and keep looking no matter what! But the liberals would rather just give them handouts and lead in their drinking water.


So honestly dear liberals I can’t find a good thing about the Obama economy. The only good thing is that he will be gone soon. But his budget will be with us for an additional 12 months.


Socialism has never worked. Some people think capitalism is greed. But there is no system that would eliminate greed. If Trump was not greedy, he wouldn’t be worth $10 Billion. But think of all the jobs he created and the taxes those folks paid along the way.


Capitalism is simple, the more you work the more you make. Socialism is determined by greedy politicians and bureaucrats. Which makes more sense. Trickle down economics or trickle up taxation!


Speaking of socialism, when the minimum wage goes up, the unions have deals that will automatically increase their wages and compensation. So if raising the minimum wages will cause the loss of jobs, then why do the liberals want to raise the minimum wage?


Simple, so unions can make more money and more hand-outs can be given out to the folks that lose their jobs because of raising minimum wage and lets include those folks that lose their jobs because of free trade, visas, illegal immigrants and refugees. In turn the liberal unions support the liberal candidates and judges.


Sounds like a good deal to me. Keep putting the commie liberals in charge!


One graph that was not included was the Disability graph. One pundit (Durden) claims more people are on disability than the entire population of Greece. The Clintons reformed Medicaid/welfare, but they opened the door for disability. Which was better for the non-workers. In the early years most welfare went to women with children. Now disability can go to anyone. Come one come all, never have to work a day in your life.

This graph shows disability skyrocketing in the Clinton years and it hasn’t slowed down. This graph claims to only include citizens. My guess is it also includes all refugees, visa recipients. And so on.  In 1968 there were 58 workers per person on disability. In 2013,  13 to one. The day is coming comrades when you will run out of other people’s money!


The liberals want to give credit to Obama for the economy. I give the Obamas and the Clintons all the credit for an economy that clearly sucks and will not get better any time soon, until you find jobs, bring back housing equity and quit paying people for not working!


If it doesn’t sound right, it is propaganda. Stop paying to elect liberals that don’t give a damn for anyone else but themselves and their Tax Free foundations.










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