Obamas False Facts on Gun Control

I spent some time this morning watching the press conference where Obama decreed that there must be changes made to gun control in this country. Speaking to a crowd of those that agree that more must be done and Democrat sycophants there were straw men built up and knocked down. As a former military veteran and father myself I could empathize with what was said about protecting our children. As an American patriot I can longer stand by without giving my opinions on what was said.
Many sites of these despicable mass shootings were mentioned. The fact that all these sites were gun free zones, and that if there had been someone trained in the use of a firearm and with access to a firearm could have stopped these massacres from happening.
Once again he used the false fact that the United States is the only country where this happens. In fact,not only is the United States not the only country of mass shootings, but we are actually number 6 behind Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Israel, and Switzerland. Valerie Jarrett declares that imposing more gun laws will make the United States a “More perfect union”. Does anyone honestly believe that stricter gun control laws will stop criminals from getting guns? Valerie Jarrett has already make connections to help states to impose more gun laws to infringe on the rights of the citizens on a state level. These laws have accomplished nothing more than having more mass shootings under the Obama administration than any administration before.
Obama has stated many times that most of the citizens in this country support stricter gun controls, but polls over the past three years do not support that claim. In a September 2015 CNN poll, not exactly neutral of gun control, it was shown that 60% of citizens did not approve of the way that Obama is handling gun control. A majority of those in the poll also believed that comprehensive gun control through background checks would have little or no impact and would not keep criminals from obtaining guns. The general consensus that Obama speaks of for more gun control does not exist.
I found it informative that he says there are good people on both sides of the gun control issue that are open for discussion. He then dismisses anyone who does not agree with him. He says there are no excuses for inaction and blames Republicans for stopping his unconstitutional laws in Congress even though there was a great many Democrats who sided with the Republicans. Obama wants to force this through for a part of his legacy, and to further erode the constitutional rights of the citizens of this country. This constitutional lawyer, who was a part time adjunct at the university showed his true colors when he said he wasn’t trying to change the Constitution, after all the Second Amendment is written of a “piece of paper”. You would think a real constitutional lawyer would remember the name of the Constitution.
Another starw man he built was declaring one online website that was selling guns managed to sell firearms to criminals. He even stated a one in thirty number as how many they have sold. If that was the case, why have we not heard about the ATF arresting them and closing them down?
Once again mentioned was thee gun show and on line loopholes. Both are required to perform background checks by Federal law. Once again, if they are not doing this where are the arrests of those involved?
I agree that more research should be done about people who suffer from mental illness, I think most people agree that those with mental illness should not have access to guns. Obama did speak of spending more money on mental health access, but even that may go too far. In California, anyone can claim you are mentally unstable, and the State will confiscate your guns. Your doctor is required to notify the state if they feel you are depressed. In all cases, the gun is blamed by the Democrats not the person holding it.
Obama mentioned Chicago, but failed to articulate that it has one of the most stringent gun control statutes in history, is a free fire zone. Nor did he explain that blacks are 13% of the population, but commit 50% of the murders in the United States for 30 years. The Pew Research Center, the FBI, the CDC have all shown that gun violence in the United States has gone down in the past 30 years, with the exception of stringent gun control cities run by Democrats.
Petula Dvorak from the Washington Post had declared from on high that the guns are responsible, and those that fill our prisons because of the improper use of guns are not responsible. It is the Republicans, who so far have stood up for the Second Amendment who are to blame. And it is the citizens of this country who are responsible for believing that the Second Amendment give them the rights to legally bear arms.Ms. Dvorak is convinced that if the entire country would become a gun free zone that there would be less gun violence. The logical conclusion that there would be more gun violence does not enter into her thinking. She refuses to admit that the mass shootings that have happened have been in gun free zones. She either refuses to admit or refuse to look at the numbers that gun free zones make criminals more bold and the citizens more vulnerable.
I fully expect the next Executive Action that this administration will take if to demand that citizens on the no fly list not be allowed to purchase a firearm. The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General found that there were 72 individuals under his purview that were on the no fly list. By the best estimates, over 280,000 people on the no fly list have no terrorist ties or affiliation, and are tasked with proving they do not belong on the list, a timely and costly process.
Registration of firearms are a first step. It has been reported that the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) is already being used to create a national registry available to federal agencies. There have been journalists, activists who are non violent, and even Nelson Mandela have been on the no fly list. The FBI, acknowledging that the NICS is being promulgated to the federal government has stated that 2,00 known or suspected terrorists have bought firearms. This makes it clear that they are collecting information on those buying firearms.
The NICS is retaining records of legal purchases that are required to be kept confidential. The background check contains enough information to identify persons buying firearms and is being shared with the federal government in violation of federal law.
This will be just the first step. Now being pushed by this administration is that those on Social Security will not be able to purchase a firearm. The SEC is looking into a vendetta started by this administration and being pushed through the New York public advocate against Smith and Wesson. Claiming that they are responsible for the use of their products, they are demanding that Smith and Wesson provide numbers of how often the products they produce are involved in crimes and what they are doing to keep the product they produce out of the hands of criminals.
Will this administration do the same with automobiles, or with those they are letting into the country?
I don’t think so.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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