Obama’s Long Goodbye Kiss-Off

Obama's "farewell address" is just words, he's not going anywhere

Obama’s “farewell address” is just words: he’s not going anywhere

On January 10th, Mr. Obama will make his “farewell address” in Chicago. Like January 20th—when Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States—Obama’s exit, stage left, cannot come soon enough. Of course, one can safely assume Mr. Obama will not stray far from the spotlight. After all, he and his “no hope” missus have chosen to dwell in D.C. Indeed, the geography of current events is telling on many levels. For starters, their lavish mansion is a stone’s throw from a mosque. So, given his Indonesian childhood, Mr. Obama can daily hear the sound that’s prettiest to him: the Islamic call to prayer. Meanwhile, simultaneously, remaining a vocal—and visible—critic of Mr. Trump. An unwelcome thorn in the new president’s side.

For aloof Obama, he (and similarly coddled Michelle) exists in a Great Gatsby fantasy of the carelessly rich and famous. Like playboy Gatsby, golfer Obama has repeatedly ignored glaring facts and distasteful realities. Why should he accept the true meaning of a Trump presidency now? It’s far easier to pretend this crushing political repudiation is anything else but that. And who would blame him? Cocooned for eight years in the beltway bubble, this “pen and phone emperor” is used to having things his way. He was foolishly elected twice—despite the worst record of any U.S. president in the modern era. (No doubt future historians will shake their heads in universal disbelief at his reelection, and his inexplicable personal popularity today.)

So what to Obama that his party, the Democrats, is a smoking ruin? So is the country he has grossly mismanaged! Unfortunately, experience has taught insulated Obama that results, and consequences, don’t matter. Therefore, he knows: everyone will always give him a pass. In our age, the superficial symbolism of skin has been a bewitching potion. In retrospect, the well-meaning, but wrongheaded embrace of this anti-American ideologue very nearly cost America its soul. A fascist in politics is the same as a scorpion in nature: both sting their host to death. Hence, the two-faced Obama phenomenon is explained.

The ultimate absurdity is Obama’s “triumphant” return to the nation’s shameful murder capital. (That’s 2008 and 2012-16: five of the last eight years of his presidency). This third largest American city—appropriately nicknamed Chiraq—remains a war zone (including 762 homicides last year). What other domestic locale has suffered more under his inept ministrations? On average, he’s only made one “policy” trip per year. Most visits, like this final one, are for a political speech. Otherwise, he avoids the subject of Chicago entirely. Isn’t Barack Obama most personally responsible for the deplorable state of his home city? Ground zero of glaring problems he did nothing as president to solve?

Witness Obama’s longstanding pattern: an empty, self-aggrandizing victory lap against a backdrop of obvious disaster. This circumstance encapsulates Obama’s utter lack of character (as defined by MLK). Likewise, Chicago’s dilapidated state remains a lasting testament to his blatant failure as president. Fate, like history, will make its unflattering judgment. Therefore, all of his lies and face-saving words will come to naught. Likewise, his “farewell” platitudes and baseless claims of success are meaningless.

Yet, unlike every former president before him, Mr. Obama isn’t really going anywhere. Does anyone seriously believe citizen Obama will go quietly into night? Not this rule breaking, law disregarding, soon-to-be ex-president. Solely for pettiness and spite, he’s tweaked an adversary (read: Russia) and an ally (read: Israel) on his way out the door. So much for honoring the presidential tradition of a smooth transition of power! To come full circle, this latest underhandedness reminds one of Obama’s bait-and-switch campaign pledge of “hope and change”. Good riddance to this snake oil salesman.

Not that this phony is wise enough to shut his trap and skulk away. He won’t. How does one know this? Well, Mr. Obama is both a deluded egotist and a faithful subscriber to anti-American pipe dreams. And beyond Inauguration Day, he’ll rapidly discover that all future things can’t be “transformed” to his unquenchable authoritarian desire.

David L. Hunter is an Associate Editor at Capitol Hill Outsider.”  He’s on Twitter and blogs at davidlhunter.blogspot.com.  He is published in The Washington PostThe Washington Times, “FrontPage Mag,” and extensively in Patriot Post,” Canada Free Press” and American Thinker.”

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