Obama’s Paris No Show Reveals a Two-part Message

obmglfLinking arm-in-arm and marching for a cause is EXACTLY what a community organizer does.  To protest for a just cause and show solidarity with a aggrieved population against the unjust acts of a violent and tyrannical group is something that an self-avowed activist like Barack Obama would do in Detroit or Chicago but this entire administration boycotted a march for exactly those same reasons against Islamic terrorism in Paris.

Why?  We need to ask that question.

The facts are while four million people marched through the streets of Paris (peacefully I might add) led by the top leaders of quite a few western and eastern countries, the highest ranking American present was an ambassador.  The POTUS, VPOTUS, Sec State and DoJ failed to attend with the DoJ who was in Paris specifically left before the march.  That makes the missing Obama administration presence a calculated and deliberate act.

Obama and his administration has made it clear with their words and actions that they support only specific groups regardless of the needs of this nation.  Obama has a track record of NOT lifting a finger for ANY effort that does not directly bolster his liberal ideology, his limited views on “fairness” and antiquated and failed racial inequality mantra, so a march that supports something other than one of those Democrat keystones has no interest to him or his administration.  As we saw with Ferguson, this administration had NO problem in making a big presence felt, but when we have a horrific attack by Islamic terrorists that caused deaths, Obama, Biden, Holder and Kerry are AWOL.

Also, earlier Obama clearly stated and vowed to “stand with the Muslims.”  Maybe he just did.  It sure looks like this administration has chosen to actively support Islam by passive aggressively ignoring what probably was a tipping point for world tolerance of the destructive and murderous action of Islamic terrorists.  The rest of the world has made it clear that Muslims need to separate themselves from their fellow believers that use violence to enact what they consider their “God’s” wishes while Obama still has not called out Islamic terrorist for what they are; Muslim extremists.

To recap; why did Obama miss a golden opportunity to lead the world out of an international terrorist threat?  Simply because it did not involve forwarding making progress to further enrich his constituency and might show that Obama does not support Islam.

This was not an accident and as Americans we need to see this as a tremendously insensitive and purposefully messaging that Obama has an agenda that supports only certain Americans and only one religion.  That attitude is unfit for an American President and Obama is not only an embarrassment but shows a bias that have marginalized free men and women in favor of special interests based on race and protection of only one religion.

Obama and the Democrats need to pay the price for this kind of narrow-minded bigotry and lack of proper and Constitutionally-based governance and be voted out with a legacy of failure and destroying race relations in this country.

Obama and the Democrats need to go.

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