Obamas third term

Obama is not Franklin Roosevelt, the only American President to serve more than two terms. Obama does not have the power Roosevelt enjoyed, but following thee Constitution has never been Obamas strong suit. Whether he has been given or taken the powers of his “pen” and “phone”, or to decree executive orders on regulations or laws that should be the purview of Congress, the American people can not allow this to happen. It is a given to most Americans that because he is black Obama can effectively do what he wants.
Our country is based on the political concept of the Republic, where our elected leaders must curtail power grabs by other branches of the government. Unfortunately, those in the Congress have allowed Obama to do what wants, ignore the limits placed on the power of government, allowing Obama to be well on his way to “fundamentally transforming the country from the worlds most benevolent superpower into a supine third world country. Part of this blame must lay at the feet of the citizens, particularly the low information voter, those whose world revolves around the handouts and largess that they receive from the government and what needs to be done to increase what those who are productive are forced to give up to them.
Obama’s stance on fracking, oil production and the regulations forced on natural gas have kept the prices of all forms of energy high. If this were to be changed around the middle of 2016, oil prices would plummet, with Obama taking the credit, and creating a oil boom not seen since the 1900’s. Raising taxes on all other types of wealth, and increasing the “income inequality” that he is so fond of talking about will stir up unrest.
Immigration will also foster unrest. With countless thousands of illegal immigrants coming to the country through programs such as “welcoming America” that Obama implemented specifically to bring immigrants into this country without vetting, will increase those on handouts, and further dilute the culture that America was based on.

Race, another third rail in America today, has been torn apart by the most divisive President we have ever had in this country. The Department of Justice has turned a blind eye on all racial aspects of race in this country with the exception of white on black crime. The media and the academia have created the premise of America as a racist, monolithic culture which needs to be destroyed. Based on the idea that only whites can be racist, and have always been holding back others in this land of opportunity, this line of reasoning will continue forever. Whites will always guilty, and nothing that would be said or done will ever change that. This is the foundation of people such as Louis Farrakhan and Malik Shabazz felt comfortable enough to call for the murder of whites. Why is the DOJ not following these statements, why are they not arresting these men for inciting to riot. If a David Duke had said this about blacks, would not the DOJ be falling all over itself to be the first to be there? Could this lead to Obama’s third term through the chaos allowed by this progressive insurgency that is this administration by the imposition of Martial Law?
The citizenry of America have only one requirement. That is to be informed, to not allow the lies of both parties to pass without discernment. The new vision held by the progressives, and many of the Republicans as well, is that the citizenry must submit to rules by those that are enlightened, the career political elites. The government has gone from representing the citizens to ruling the citizens. An outcome that in the end will make us no different than Cuba or North Korea. The celebrities, the rich, and the politicians who always find a way to become rich in Washington are insulated from the people by an attitude of knowing better than those who live day to day lives outside of the Washington bubble.
Obama has also gone on the attack against the judiciary. On both the Affordable Care Act and Citizens United, Obama made clear how the Supreme Court should rule, an action not in his purview. The Court was sufficiently cowed to follow the instructions of the President. The laws of Obamacare have been changed numerous times by both this administration and the courts, leading to the destruction of States rights, and the rule of law.
Obama has talked against the Constitution many times, talking of the fundamental flaws in the Constitution. Once again, Obama thinks of himself as a constitutional law scholar, which he has never been, but holds the Constitution and Bill of Rights in contempt.
Could Obama really take a third term. In 2011 House Joint Resolution 15 was submitted by U.S. Representative Jose Serrano, a Democrat from New York to repeal the 22nd Amendment to abolish presidential term limits.
If Obama can create enough chaos in the country, and use government agencies which have been stockpiling ammunition for the past four years, he would not need to pass a law repealing term limits. It was said by David Axelrod that Obama believes the 22nd Amendment “is ridiculous. There are no term limits on Congress why should there be on the President?”
Immigration, race relations, the economy, foreign policies all are areas where with just a little push that can lead to chaos, to civil war, and to the imposition of martial law. Obama still has over a year to do his destruction. Will he do it, will the Congress and the American people allow it. Time will tell.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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