It does not take much incisive analysis to conclude that we are living in an era of accelerating cultural change. Its signs are new values that compete with traditional conceptions. There is also the demonstrative approval of hitherto shunned behavior, inherited codes of comportment are violated, and we see an inclination to replace earlier goals with new ideals. Accordingly, political parties are being challenged and replaced by new movements, and public calls abound that advise us to abandon entrenched truths in favor of their opposites. This also extends into the area of the trivial that symbolizes the weird. Displaying fabric-new torn clothing to demonstrate poverty-for-show, would have not been imaginable a few decades back. Wearing voluntarily nose rings would have been regarded as fitting abused bears or bulls, thus depriving the wearer of his human dignity.

In the light of all that, it is not surprising that one finds reports whose subject and originator challenges the standards of logic, and whose absurdity puts in question the sanity of those that cheer the phenomenon. A selection of some notable mental derailments collected by the writer is shared below.

Real Crime. Certain types of criminality do not fit into the box within which leftist collectivists like to move. The conflict between theory and reality surfaces in the crime-wave some regions experience. In theory migrant crime should not exist because migrants are victims. While it lasted, crime, being a result of capitalism, did not exist in the world of Soviet-style socialism. Whatever there was could be attributed -like Venezuelan power outages- to “sabotage by the “enemy”.

Regardless of the theory, migrant crime is becoming an articulated problem to a growing number of people. How does one overcome the issue that threatens to deprive misgoverning elites of their protecting myths and their power? The initial solution had been not to mention incidents in the MSM. That does not work anymore. Therefore, a fall back approach is pulled out of the magician’s hat. It de-criminalizes crime. An example: declare that crossing borders illegally is not illegal any more. No law can be broken once the rule is eliminated.

No real crime. Initially, embarrassed delayed coverage greeted the Mueller report here in Europe. That investigation meant to put Trump on the cross as a Russian agent. Internationally, much hopeful anticipation accompanied the inquiry that had been cheered on by encouraging references to criminal comportment. With so much attention given to the anticipated baby during gestation, one could have expected immediate headlines to announce its birth. Not so. The rectangular egg expected turned out to be a traditional oval, meaning that no legally actionable irregularity has emerged.

Here is the explanation for the attempt to down-play. The liberal-left-green defenders of high-minded goals have not gotten their preferred truth. The “Monster”, guilty of the wrong convictions, cannot be tossed off the throne. Disappointingly, what the “upright” and “decent ones” were looking for could not be found. A mishap to forget? Try again, turn on the volume of complaints. Throw mud; some of it will stick. Forced to admit that Trump is no Russian agent, change the tune. Condemn him because the report proves that he has neglected to improve US-Russian relations. Ignoring China could be added to spice the charge of irresponsible warmongering.

Cuddle the perpetrator. A March 6 report told that in Oslo, 75% of the criminals have a migration background. Not petty, but violent crimes were meant. The item did not make it without a soothing commentary. An expert opined that the matter is natural. Migrants bring with them the “violent culture” of their homelands. By implication, successful integration means that the host must learn to live with the consequences.

When the same is not equal. Anti-Semitism, and whatever our moral guardians classify as such, is “bad”. Such as when someone criticizes George Soros’ NGO’s that embrace leftist causes. But what if an insider, such as Rep. Omar, attacks Jews? That infraction will prompt the Pelosi-types to find excuses. Those that persist in calling the spade a spade will be proclaimed to be guilty of “racism”. (To really score, add “woman-hater” and “meat-eating hetero”.)

There is a logical explanation – not meant as an excuse- for the inconsistency. What we have here is the conflict of two commandments. Sticking to one invalidates the other. Rep. Omar has race, religion and gender to give her immunity. Can a person of virtue-by-birth and a certified victim, be guilty of the crime of racism? This transforms the critical question: Not the nature of the deed, but the origins and the politics of the perpetrator and the victim count.

Censorship it could be, or it is merely a lesson to enhance our ability to have correct perception? A writing posted on the internet attempted to discuss the negative aspects of the kind of migration that the UN and the EU consider to be beneficial to the regions subjected to it. In it, a Moroccan’s attempt to rape a social worker and a Pakistani’s attack of a woman were brought up to allege that such events are typical of the conditions in Western Europe where migrants are more criminal than the natives. The piece was removed by the provider because it did “not conform to the principles pertaining to hate-speech”. Apparently, the guiding tenet here is that “what should not be, cannot be -even if it is”.

New friends. In Central Europe, Western pressure to submit to unlimited migration has one positive effect. It is that countries with previously rickety relations are drawing closer. During recent generations the Czechs and the Hungarians had a rather tense relationship. For that reason, Prague’s growing support for Budapest is of significance. The EU works miracles. It is able to alienate its natural supporters, to reconcile old foes, and to overcome inherited tensions.

Stunning headline. “Netanyahu greets Hungary’s Orbán as ‘true friend of Israel’”. Besides “dictator”, and “islamophobia” Hungary’s “illiberal” Premier is also accused of “anti-Semitism”. Is the implication that Israel’s PM is either an anti-Semite, or that he is willing to tolerate it? Could Bibi be guilty of not reading leftist polemics?

Deeds and consequences. It is being reported that arrests on the US-Mexico border are multiplying. Concerned critics warn that Trump’s approach to tighten security ‘encourages illegal migration’. By this logic, laws that prohibit larceny should be blamed for the arrest of thieves.

Corrective action that expresses that logic must have guided the government in Madrid. Spain’s North-African enclave, Ceuta, is separated from Morocco by a fence. When a flash-mob attacked the “wall” it managed to cross it. Once in “Europe” the violent invaders, protected by the law, could not be returned. Some might react by erecting a better fence, more guards, and deporting unlawful entrants. Spain’s leftist government decided to reduce the barbed wire on the barrier. The reason given is that illegal entrants could be injured when they surmount the barricade.

Observed about the limits of security that is achieved through deals with crooks. If all are agree to play according to agreed upon rules, then the one willing to disregard them will score.

A good solution. If at first you do not succeed, then try, and try and try again. If that fails, demand victim status because your misfortune proves that you are the victim of discrimination.

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