Duly Noted                            

This batch of “oddities”, inspired by society’s disoriented, was gathered in the hope that recalling them will not rouse non-violent protesters to beat the writer to pulp.

1.Let this begin with good news that, unless emphasized, might be sunk by the deluge created by mindless decadence. The European Court, created to protect human rights, has rendered a surprising judgment. Why “surprise”? Because it makes sense. Thus, those that settle abroad, must accept local ways. A society might require that all learn to swim. Or it may have the tradition that, when school is over, departing pupils and the teacher -even if merely a female- shake hands. To refuse is not a “human right” but the violation of a reasonable custom.

Duly Noted feels that those that reject participation are unwilling to “shape up” and are free to “ship out”. To leave, or not to enter a country, is a right. Staying as a refusnik, is not. Markedly true in the case of those that came without an invitation. If you reject the host’s way then do not settle on his turf. Finally, it is the right of those that protect aliens, to continue to live in their way.

2.Those volunteered by government to “help”, might want to know whether the help is needed and if it is deserved. Experience makes ever more people see through the cloud of PC make-believe to detect a censored reality. Reluctantly – no one wants to be called a bigot- people answer “no” to unconditional succor. That responds to the comportment of the entrants. Furthermore, it emerges that the mass and the fit of the migrants tops the means of those that are to harbor them. It is especially so, if the host’s system and culture is to be preserved.

Governing liberal elites, being prisoners of their dogmas, are unable to cope with the open ended migration they advocate. While that sinks in, an overlooked factor is to be examined.

Driven by guilt feeling, mankind’s well-intentioned saviors decapitate the countries from which they take migrants. These would, upon the return of normalcy at home, find their way there to earned prosperity, and to rebuild their countries, instead of settling where they do not fit.  With migration as a right, they are induced to opt for ultimate failure. They are condemned to settle in a welfare state’s parallel society and to enjoy unearned benefits that rewards their unemployability.

3.Opportunistic migrants are, with the politically correct help of bureaucracies, a growing burden to their hosting society. The dictate of political correctness, “white guilt” that alleges that the prosperity of the advanced word is a product of colonial exploitation, also the interests of the political class, conspire to suppress the evidence that connects criminality to migration. The “respectable” media collaborate by underreporting events, and by exculpating impostors, such as accepting “sexual emergency” as an excuse for rape. Noble souls come up with ingenious reasons to tolerate crime. The claim is made that these are to be pardoned being the culture of another civilization. Acquittal is especially forthcoming when offenders have victim status and, once nationalized, will support the elite’s views. Accordingly, for the indigenous, a trifle can rate as sexual molestation. However, if an Iraqi “refugee” violates a 13-year-old, he gets leniency because he could not know that the victim was under age. Having been drunk earns an additional “discount”.

The absolute winner of “decadence impersonating tolerance” is the reported case of a Turkish rapist. The woman fought but was nevertheless abused for hours. Even so, the defendant was let go. A court found that his background might have made him think that the crying and scratching were part of a kinky sex-game.

Cases abound, and under their impact, the ranks of those thicken that urge that the laws of liberty should not be twisted to protect those that harm society. That happens regardless of the risk that one can be proclaimed to be xenophobic, becoming thereby responsible for the radicalization of innocent victims who seek their place in the multicultural world.

4.New and ingenious approaches to get refugee status emerge. Wherever you read this: you will soon encounter them. It begins with an old trick, which is to pretend that you have “lost your papers” -but not your i-phone. That frees one to claim a favorable nationality. There are new recommended follow-ups. To avoid repatriation, admit to a serious crime in your alleged home country. Bavaria reports that some applicants claim to have committed murder. (Tellingly, such persons can receive a right to stay.) Alternatively, one can confess to have been a member of a criminal organization.

A tamer approach, once refugee status is denied, is to feign conversion to Christianity. Apostasy is punished by death, ergo, such a person cannot be evicted.

The next measure might go against the theory that gender is only “learned”. Often, this one is only available to women -not to be taken in a discriminatory way. Enter with a tourist visa. Get pregnant. A citizen can, for money of for ideological reasons, recognize the child. In that case, for instance in Germany, the newborn is a citizen and the mother may stay.

If deportation threatens, stage a disorderly demonstration that offends your country. See to it that the disturbance gets the picture published. You will be allowed to stay, because, being part of the opposition might make “them” imprison and torture you.

5.In 2015, the throng that poured into the EU on its way to Germany traversed Hungary. The swarm made the locals, obligated to comply with EU rules, lose control over their public transport, their roads, and parts of the capital. Also, bound by EU guidelines, laws could not be enforced by the checkmated police. The result is a new hard-nosed “never again”.

One consequence is a truly effective border fence that is derided as a “wall”. (The term rings bells.) Those apprehended are charged with illegal entry. They are taken back to the national border -it is also the EU’s which the Hungarians are treaty-bound to protect. These camps are, recalling the GULAG or “Auschwitz”, rhetorically categorized as “concentration camps”. The EU, even if its core countries are protected, condemns, what from a safe distance, it calls prisons.

Sounds good. But only as long as one is deaf. For one thing, these holding areas, even if they lack flat-screen TV, are processing centers for asylum seekers. More importantly, the camp is only closed on one side -that being the one that leads into the country  – and the Union. The other side, along the border, is open. Anyone can leave at any time to return home. Seldom has official inhumanity taken a kinder form.

Accordingly, Hungary –but not Croatia and Slovenia that do the same- is about to be condemned by the for its inhumanity. The spice of the story is that secretly, the “North” is thankful for the blockade. Not without a reason. The barrier prevents a mass from moving into the otherwise unprotected welfare systems it operates.


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