Only Christians Can End the Persecution in America

Once again, the progressive socialists that control the legislature of the State of California look to undermine the rights of a section of the population within the state that will not agree with the agenda. California under the guise of protecting a minority class of people seeks to undermine the Constitution. It is attempting to misinform the citizens and to make the laws given to us by the founders and informed by Christian principles null and void in today’s sleaze infested politics.

AB2493 is attempting to counter any religious principles that run counter to the agreements over the past years made by Obama administration and the Brown brownshirts have deemed clearly necessary.

If AB2943 passes it instructs Californians that they face prosecution for discussing or suggesting that gender dysphoria can be healed through any therapy.

It declares that ANY school, college OR CHURCH that peaches that homosexuality is wrong may be prosecuted.

That and LBGT individual who is seeking help cannot and will not be helped by any clinician or pastor of any type. It is the attitude of the progressive socialists running our state that Biblical Standards that have served as a shining example of faith in God are no longer valid.

These infringements on the right of individuals to make the decisions on what is best in their own lives is a total disregard from the teachings of most religious principles since our founding. The California gaystapo is trying to tell the people of the state, most of whom disagree with this Hitlerian silencing of the masses, that they can no longer have opinions differing from those who consider themselves morally superior enough to make rules that all must adhere to.Christians have been under attack for many years in this country. I still recall our past Muslim President Obama claiming that people in the Midwest cling to “their guns and religion”.

It is not the role of government to tell the people what to do or what to think or what they can or cannot tell them what religious principles they are “allowed” to adhere to. It is not the role of government to demand that no opposing homosexual worldview will be tolerated. The government does not have the right or authority to control which businesses will survive, what they can sell, or what they believe.

The government does not have the right to impose limits of what religions can teach or what they can believe. The Gestapo tactics of the progressive socialists had has begun with those who make cakes or perform weddings and will not cease until Christians within our state declare no more, and show that we will fight back. We as Christians, cannot allow the progressive socialist to dictate that sexual morality and theological teachings must comply with the degenerates on the left and Planned Parenthood. If the leftists are left to plan and carry out the agenda that they perceive for us, it is very possible in the coming years, and by increments, Christians will be persecuted here as they are in Muslim countries and the Bible outlawed,

The California Healthy Youth Act. Passed in 2015, is another such example of coercion by the state on traditional religion. Calling this indoctrination “health” they indoctrinate of children in school on “health attitudes” about “gender” and “sexual orientation. The laws inform the citizens that it will inform the students of the effectiveness of birth control  without any input from the parents, but input in the form of “toolkits” provided by the George Soros funded Tides Foundation, with the assistance of the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights group0, the ACLU, and of course, Planned Parenthood.

In a workshop in St. Marys County Maryland, a mother was arrested for wanting to see the curriculum and sitting in on the Planned Parenthood indoctrination of her child. The class was being taught by Bianca Palmisano, the keynote founder of the SlutWalk in 2013. This same woman wants to legalize prostitution and defends people in the “sex work industry”. These toolkits are used to instruct our children on anal intercourse, cyber and phone sex and sex toys as common sexual behaviors. This indoctrination is being forced on the children of Orange County Board of Education whose general counsel Ronald Wenkart has informed the parents of these students there is no “opt-out” provision. You, the Christian who has been taught to love all and respect our God must conform.

There are those that understand the no matter what the government tries to impose either on a national level or a state level, how many times they try to insult us or attempt to force us to conform, we will remain faithful to the word of God. No government entity can replace our Lord and none that can give us the peace and joy that God so willingly gives us. Atheists have for years insulted us and refuse to explain why the miserable lives they lead are not as full of joy, and They also can never tell why they spend so much time, energy and anger to make anyone understand why the fight so hard against something that doesn’t exist. Is it possible that atheists can’t realize we are not responsible to them but to our God?

Those who think they are so morally superior and don’t need God have decided the rest of us don’t need God either. But that is not a decision for them to make. That is an individual decision and no matter how hard they attempt to take God out of the life of the everyday believer each of us is responsible for what we believe and the changing world is but a mere vapor compared to what the Good Lord has for us. The world is changing, but non-believers don’t understand that the world may change but the word of God and the laws He expects us to live by does not.

In the Sodom and Gomorrah of the present day in the world and those degenerates who consider themselves too morally superior to respect and fear God, they believe Christians as the enemy. They see nothing wrong with the decency and morality being cast aside to make our children into golden calves on their altar of deviancy.

The war on Christianity will continue, all over the country and in the name of progress and tolerance. Immorality and deviancy are now considered progress in this country by too many people. It is up to Christians all over this country to speak out, speak up, and end this farce.


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