Our Constitutional Right To Bear Arms

Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Arrogant One” wants the whole Country to abide by his rules and The United Nations version of the “Right To Bear Arms”, which is to eliminate all personal gun ownership in America and the World.

Our fabulous unique one of a kind, unmatched document throughout history and the world, the United States Constitution stands for liberty and freedom. That’s why certain individuals would love to back door these scared writings, granting them the opportunity to over throw our government creating a dictatorial form of leadership?


So what else is new; you might ask, tell us something we don’t know? Unfortunately though, most of us, who call ourselves, true Patriots, God fearing Americans citizens believing in God and Country, have become sadly complacent and stymied. We have totally ignored the obvious warnings projected right under our noses?


We see what’s happening daily. Adverse conditions that are being shoved down our throats, affecting our lives, and we grin and bear it! We shut our eyes and hope these evils will go away? We hear the voices that are used as a spear, piercing through our rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet we become deaf to its destruction? Our voices of legitimate protest are viciously silenced by our own fears of imbedded past self imposed guilt, compounded by the Liberal/Progressives, which have no bearing on the present or future. We have committed no crime, yet we are assuming guilt, without a proper defense, freely accepting these unwarranted charges and criminal status? We are afraid of being labeled a bigot, a racist, politically incorrect, or mocked at, so we sit back, get stepped on, assume a step child position and do nothing.


We as rightful Patriots must show no fear. We must take pride in out heritage. We must never disgrace our Revolutionary roots or our Forefathers. We must rise up like the Phoenix out of our own ashes by having the strength and courage to speak our minds, and take back our Country legally and peacefully. We must defend and protect all our inalienable rights, which includes the Constitution and a Free America.


These self imposed illegal acts of espionage endorsing rules of non-sense and phony accusations influenced by the liberals, were established to bogusly control the populous to their Socialistic ideologies. We must think outside the box, and remember the strength and brilliance of our fearless forefathers. Are we willing to defend our freedoms, or meekly handing it over, closing and locking the door, throwing away the key?  


Why are we helping all those who take great pride and pleasure in seeing America’s demise and downfall with little or no resistance? They do everything in their power legally or not, to bully, browbeat and intimidate the true Patriots and Silent Majority into submission. Whether you know it or not its working in their behalf?  Their allies are high level socialist/liberal clueless self serving Government bureaucrats, the naïve, the liberal press and the social non-productive leeches of our society who give nothing but demand plenty. We allow these anti-American heathens to infringe their unauthorized actions to destroy our Country and the Constitution.


We allow them to re-write history, and inflict their own false interpretations and atrocities. We have watched our religious faith ridiculed, our holidays mocked, our symbols and places of worship desecrated. Our Flag violated, burnt and dishonored. Our courageous troops used as defenseless pawns, with decreased benefits and we do nothing? We are told to be tolerant, yet tolerance for us doesn’t exist. We have stood by while our freedom of speech has been muffled, and we did nothing? We have failed in combating their ignorance and dominance, we have failed as Americans. These are strong words, but we are a strong Nation.


Now to make matters worse our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Arrogant One” wants the whole Country to abide by his rules and The United Nations version of the “Right To Bear Arms”, which is to eliminate all personal gun ownership in America and the World. This fictional Kumbaya moment was initiated to enhance peace and harmony, throughout the World.


We all know this is hogwash. This would leave the American people defenseless. We would be rendered helpless and hopeless, easy pickings for a hostile takeover, wide open for total annihilation as a free Nation. America would become a third rate banana republic with his Highness playing Fidel Castro? This must be stopped? A leopard doesn’t change its spots?


Obama is trying to use the United Nation as a weapon to take away and control your gun ownership, by circumventing the Constitution?  Never has America allowed the United Nations the ability to write laws for our Republic? This idiocy is only acceptable during the Socialistic Obama Administration joined together with the Liberal/Progressive Party. He has humiliated his oath of Office that states “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. Was this oath a lie? Has he been lying to the American people all along? Is he actually selling our beloved Country? Is he fiddling while America is burning? Are we actually lighting his torch?


The second amendment is documented in our United States Constitution, written that “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” These words have been diced and sliced over the years by the Liberals and The Progressives loons, on all levels of Government, and almost at the brink of extinction. These idiots saw it fit to take weapons out of the hands of the law abiding citizens, used to defend family, home, property and self preservation, and into the hands of the murderers and  thieves, which prey on the innocent, committing multiple acts of sadistic horrific violence, against humanity.


Thank God we still have the Constitution that protects us against any imperialistic, leaders who self anoints themselves as King or Caesar. Thank God our Forefathers had the intelligence and foresight to protect us with this valuable document against any and all self serving demigod, who would forcefully demand and dominate the populous by ruling in fear, manipulation and mandatory compliance.


The Constitution gave us, the power to rule ourselves and to steer our own destiny. As much as our President wishes he could, he can’t lawfully and rightfully change any amendment or word to the Constitution, by himself, waving his tarnished scepter without following correct procedures, established by law. One man, woman or selected group does not have that ultimate power?


What has our Country turned into? Where are the voices of protest? Where’s the new bred of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and John Paul Jones? Where are the new Patriots that are willing to take up the gauntlet keeping the pride, courage and vision of all our Forefathers alive, against tyranny and injustice? Where are the Patriots who are willing to use all legal, legitimate peaceful tools at their disposal that were passed down to us from these brave heroes of the Revolution that risked everything so we may live free, and to keep America free?


This next Presidential election is so very important. The future of our Country is at risk. Don’t sit idly home and do nothing but complain to the four walls, get out and vote. Don’t be fooled again by anyone selling you snake oil or false promises. Don’t sell your inalienable rights, liberty and freedoms for a mere bag of shells. Don’t shackle or imprison America and the American people to government control? Remember they work for us, “We the People”. We must not let our United States of America be destroyed and degraded into a third world Nation. Stand up America! Exerise, Protect and Defend your “Constitutional Rights”, before its too late?


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