Our Delusional Administration Part 1

The night of the San Bernardino shooting, it has been found that this administration forced the FBI and other federal entities to keep the name of the shooters off the air and unknown to the citizens of America. This was done so that CAIR, an Islamic Muslim Brotherhood front group could be ahead of the curve on forming the narrative. Although the information was withheld from the citizenry, it is interesting that CAIR was able to know who it was, and contact the shooters brother to attend the whitewash of a press conference that CAIR was able to give before any information was given to the American people. It has since been shown that the instruction to allow this to happen was from our Muslim/Marxist President. Even after the information was released about Farook leaving the meeting, going home, picks up his wife, leaves his six month old daughter with the grandmother, picks up all the arms he could carry along with extra ammunition, and carries out the devastation, our President still declared it workplace violence. Even then our narcissistic President looking down at us with an upraised chin and his usual air of arrogance declared the Islam was not to blame, that it is a peaceful religion no matter what the facts may show.
Would this have happened if the shooter was a Christian and the target was a Planned Parenthood? This was allowed to happen to be more in line with the Presidents narrative about Islamic Terrorism being nonexistent. Our President has an affinity for the Islamic faith and combined with his worldview of international Marxism has put the country in danger. He is an anti colonialist, as taught by his communist father and the likes of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. Our President is blinded by his Ideology, and has the ability to separate himself from the consequences of his actions.
Political correctness will be the downfall of the country unless the American People wake up to the facts as they are. We have the “Clock Boy” suing for $15 million in what appears to be a dry run for further episodes, and effectively silencing those who would “see something, say something”. It worked well enough that the neighbors of Farook didn’t say anything about what they thought was a suspicious situation.

We are under attack, and this administration goes out of its way to tell us that our fears are unfounded, that we are wrong to react in a way that this administration and its sycophants will declare Islamophobia. Does anyone believe that San Bernardino will not happen again, and that this administration can assure the American people that everything possible is being done. Do they expect the American people will feel safer when they can’t even check the social media of immigrants and refugees coming to this country will not be investigated because of bad PR?
And of course, CAIR, one of the most radical adherents to the terrorism of Islam is more than happy to blame America, and our culture, our way of life and our beliefs. Obama blames guns, and is aligned with the apologists from Islam throughout the country. Obama blaming gun control is an effective way to turn the attention of the country away from the failures of this administration. Failures that include the fact that the vetting process and counter terrorism measure for refugees and immigrants are woefully inadequate. Informative is that Obama tried to say the San Bernardino massacre was “workplace violence” much like the excuse for the Fort Hood massacre and the Islamic sympathizer Maj. Nidal Hasan.
Obama wants to hides the failures of this cynical administration in the area of foreign policy in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. These same mistakes will most assuredly be made again in regards to Afghanistan. Today it was revealed that ISIS is in fact in Afghanistan, as our President will pull out most of our troops leaving about 9000 troops as advisers.
Domestically, Obamacare, the economy, and executive orders that have over regulated our economy in to dismal numbers which this administration touts as the new normal have been failures of Obamas governance.
Obama wants to ignore his own failure, and will use every tool at his fingertips including the New York Times to divert the citizens of our great nation from the actual threats we face. We have an administration that not only is ignoring these actual threats but is helping further the ideology of the terrorists. Our President has implied all along that terrorists are not Islamic even though the Islamic State would disagree. Islamic terrorism has been a part of the world for over 1300 years, and yet the political correctness of this administration does only not condemn the ideology but actually talks positively of the foundation of the Islamic faith.
He has spoken of the common principles that Islam and America share, he speaks of the tolerance and dignity shown to all people by Muslims. The beheadings, the persecution of Christians, the attacks on innocent civilians belie the fact that our President is a Muslim sympathizer who feels that he has a debt to be paid to murderers and pedophiles within the Islamic world. He continually tells us that this is not what Islam is, but the terrorists are just “extremists”. America is waking up to the fact that the “extremists” of Islam are in fact the mainstream.
With the carnage the American people can see in Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria, and further expansion over northern Africa including Libya, our President informs us of civilizations debt to Islam. He expresses his belief that Islam, through word and deeds have shown the possibilities of equality and tolerance. He has used our founding fathers, such as our 6th President John Quincy Adams to declare that e have no enmity towards Islamic law, religions or tranquility. Not talked about by our President is the fact that we had in 1786 defeated the Tripoli pirates who were terrorizing our ships at sea.
This President, an internationalist, an Islamomarxist, has brought this country to its lowest point along economic and racial lines. Islamic terrorism is something that should be uniting our country rather than the dividing us. Division among the American people is a planned ideology of this President. If we are divided we can come together as a nation to fight that which threatens us. Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism, and uses the ideology that he learned from his mentors to destroy national security. Understanding that there will be more attacks is a step Americans must take. The vigilance of the American people will be all there is to stop these attacks, it is far too apparent that this President won’t trouble himself about them.
The progressives and bleeding heart liberals need to understand that racial profiling in the case of terrorism is common sense. Middle Eastern terrorists are here and are planning. If this administration will not allow federal agencies to investigate these terrorists how can this administration tell us we are safe? One thing this administration needs to understand is that we, the people, don’t really care if we hurt the feeling of a possible terrorist whether acting alone or part of organization like ICNA (which Rafia Farook, the mother of Syed Farrok is a member), CAIR, even members of Obamas cabinet with ties the Muslim Brotherhood. It is our families, our wives, our children, our friends, and fellow citizens that concern us. The object of our government is to keep us safe, and to stop the terrorists from getting into our country while finding the homegrown extremists already here. It is not Islamophobia to want to protect our families, and the more the elites try to silence our concerns, the louder the American People will demand an answer. Obama has none, and has no intention of finding one.

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