Our Future Leaders and Morality

Is there morality in government? It is expected that our politicians be moral and of good character and integrity. But given the power unlawfully and unconstitutionally usurped by our elected officials, can it be said that any member of Congress fits within a recognized set of moral parameters? After all, it is the moral nature of our legislators which must affect the life, dreams, and hopes of not only this generation but the generations to come.

The amount of power which a lazy and cowardly American public has permitted our politicians to take for themselves is staggering. But what else could be expected from citizens who look to government as mother and caregiver? There are many who no longer assume the least bit of responsibility for their own lives. This leads to the rise of an elite dictatorship which, using the best of excuses, such as “it’s for the children,” continues to take away liberty and manipulate our every activity for “the public good.”  How eagerly these power hungry political hacks grasp at even the slightest chance for additional authority.


As a Constitutional Republic, this nation is not to be ruled by a mob.  The demands of society must align with the best for the country. We can no longer allow those who abuse the system, whether citizens or non-citizens, to continue a life of spending other people’s money.

Euphemisms and the words of propaganda influence public perception. Illegal aliens become undocumented citizens. Everything is spun for the purpose of making the outrageous palatable. If necessary, an outright lie becomes the rule of the day. Does anyone not remember the promises made for Obamacare. And yet, even knowing we were lied to, Americans have done nothing to demand correction of the most expensive boondoggle in the nation’s history. Democrat voters I understand; they are lemmings that will go over the cliff still believing the lies of their party, but what of Republicans? American voters provided the GOP both houses of Congress only to find these feckless frauds siding with the most corrupt past president in our nation’s history.


We must no longer be treated like unwashed peasants by politicians interested only in re-election as they sacrifice our liberty on the altar of big government. There is no glorious Utopia at the end of this government’s promises.  The “national Interest” must no longer mean the politician’s interest. It is not necessary that the people of this country become victims, either of the government or of other people.

 Deviant behavior is part of a culture leaning towards paganism, outside the normal, healthful behavior of a stable culture. And today, our elected officials are standing in favor of the perverse because, incredibly, it is easier, offering less risk to re-election. Embrace homosexual marriage and you become an open minded, political hero. Declare it the grotesque perversion that it is and you face attack by the media and by members of your own Republican Party. Cowardice is praised, courage abandoned.


The modernism and socialism pervading our schools are based on a future of collectivism. History, culture, authority are all pushed aside. The state-sponsored propaganda with which we are indoctrinated allows only for the worship of government. Those who believe in the culture and morals of the past are told they are old, their opinion doesn’t matter, that the new is what counts. These new thinkers believe history began with them. Like the children in every age, they do not understand that there is nothing new under the sun, that everything has happened before. History does repeat itself. There is no respect for those who know what has failed in the past and understand what will result in a disaster in the future.


There will be anarchy, there will be barbarity as those of the new, collectivist world attempt to impose their will for the “greater good.” And they will find that history does indeed repeat itself just as they discover that they have embraced a system with no there…there. They have tried to build a future on a mountain of sand. And like all tyrants, they will eventually be overthrown, but only after having created misery and destruction throughout the nation.


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  • Wayne Lusvardi

    Capt. Velisek

    Suggest reading Niccolo Machiavelli. He wasn’t the teacher of evil tricks as promulgated by liberal press, novelists and movie makers. In short, he wrote that a leader of a nation may be forced by necessity to use evil BUT only in an emergency such as war, preemptive war, fighting corruption, quelling riots and insurrections and halting invasions by immigration. He never wrote the ends justify the means (that was a botched translation). What he wrote (in context) was that SOME ends justify the means. Examples: Truman dropping A-bombs on Japan; Churchill not alerting City of Coventry during WWII that Nazis air force were going to bomb their factories on a certain night because to do so would have tipped the Nazis that the Brits had broken their military codes. Reagan’s trading of guns and drugs for US hostages held by Iran.

    So leaders of nations must have the exclusive license to lie, deceive, betray and murder but only in an emergency. The problem is when given these powers, liberal leaders want to use evil to overtax, invade privacy and exert totalitarian control.

    Machiavelli was a Christian who wrote and delivered a sermon “Exhortation to Penitence” but you will never read this in any liberal source. He said that in emergencies it may be necessary to use evil, but in all other things conventional (Christian) morality should prevail.

    Book: Raymond Angelo Belliotti, Machiavelli’s Secret


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