Our Journey: From Cro-Magnon to the Technological Enlightenment



If politics is concerned, I was never really a good democrat. Modern Democrats is the reason why I have a personal hatred for the modern Democratic Party. Why is that they seem so distant and hateful? Maybe it’s that we need to look to the past. There was a time when politics and creed didn’t matter. There was just a subgenus of people that were connected on the Pangea, and you could say that with the disruption of Pangea, is when we lost our connection. What humans do know is that simple. We do have the same organs but culturally, we do not have the same identity. No one should live under a universal identity where we say the same thing and follow each other. Some have to move at their own pace. The deception of having to think the same thing is what the Democratic party is facing.

The stupidity of having to watch them on Twitter which is why I rarely go on the site as much. If we told them that we are the same organs and insides, they would claim we are different anyway. But for those that listen, you have to imagine that there is no phone, or internet, and we are faced in the prehistoric days. All of us just grunt and probably haven’t formed intelligence enough, but we see others and we have to know we belong with them. Is it right that a white man can’t be with a woman who is black? Are we really just forcing ourselves not to be happy? The prehistoric people didn’t know this until one day, Homosapiens arrived to become the dominant culture in the world of the Earth.

As the world became affirmed by their own culture, each culture, from the Anglo-Saxons to the Africans, are all different culturally. But when someone smiles at us, that we didn’t expect them to, cultures start forming. Whoever said the first words are often learning at their own pace. Cultures, and however they grow on the Journey, before the age of the Internet, remained a mystery. If I wanted to look up what it’s like in Brazil I can, but in some magical way, I wish that the journey to find such a place like Brazil only existed in my mind. In Eyes Wide Shut directed by Stanley Kubrick, he made up a street that was spotted by filmmaker Martin Scorsese who said, “That street doesn’t exist” but it mattered because it’s what Stanley Kubrick perceives New York to be in his own head.

I do believe that the Internet has helped everyone, but Social Media is a different beast entirely. What does this all have to do with the past? The past certainly is fine with being in the past, but is the future necessarily one so dependent on the past’s existence? Yes, because without our past, there would be no future. There are social codes that dictate to us that our dog can shit on the sidewalk, but we don’t. What makes culture and our appreciation of different cultures expands is that we know everything about them, but does it mean that the past can’t come back? Is it our fault that we have to know everything or do we have to compare ourselves with the future? Why should there be more than two genders?

If we are living in a science fiction world, that might be true, but what if there are just more than one perception of life that we aren’t seeing? If the world is really one singular universe, what can we explain for things that don’t happen? How did the Bible even exist in our world when people question it constantly? Are we merely not seeing what we see because our minds are constantly busy with social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, that we don’t see the beauty in nature anymore that might help us link to the past? When you read Charles Dickens, it’s to enjoy the prose of another time, not have to yell at it to make it work. Art is not supposed to look the same, and then us writing wouldn’t mean a thing.

Opening a book is like opening a part of the past and staring what we used to be. When we start backward, it’s when we question the idea that maybe humans were better off without social media, but not technology. There are pros and cons that are to be discussed. With many advantages, come many drawbacks. But it’s not that simple nor is it that vastly complicated.

When we look the pros of society’s advances, technology and art have certainly progressed in the world. Many authors whose books have been turned down by publishers or “cancelled” because of fear of public opinion, can self-publish their work, and with the right marketing, can find a home for most of their writing. That’s a plus. Technology also brought us the phone, and the many variations since then.

Cord, cordless, pagers, cellular, text messaging—all the way to our smart phones today. Were old phones dumb or did they work for that time? My Journey in publishing and communication has involved all these examples. I would never have a resume if it weren’t for the internet and self-publishing venues. Journey’s, sometimes politically, start with new information that rises to the surface of the Internet. At some point our brains do question the whole of what we are taught as a child. Just as someone saying, “Porn is bad” it can be misinterpreted as “Sex is bad” and there are many other variables to consider as well. But if one, on their journey, has never changed their mind at some point, the culture at large, and all our journey’s, have reached a dead end.

My journey involves books as well. Creativity is apart of my journey too. I believed for a long time that artists should write their books and never promote them. Not in the age of Twitter where you can tell people about an article you have written, and promoting your novel at the same time. Journey’s, at some point in a book, have to explore some dark mystic nature before they are confronted with the reality of their identity, i.e., Star Wars. It’s a realm that most journey’s often encompass. Where are we going? What do we want to be in life? Have we been told that we are not artistic but we were just afraid of exploring that area?

It’s a problem when we believe people so much that we don’t have an identity. Along my journey, it was one of sleepless nights. I could sleep for literally two days and on the third day, I was up at 3 AM, which did not help me hold and keep jobs. I know that what happens in the world is not my fault, but along the way, I didn’t think that these sleepless nights were apart of what I had inherited from my father. Sleep Apnea. It’s worse when no one believes that you are feeling bad and they think you are doing this for attention.

The journey we take is often perilous, and however we think it might contain some truths, we realize that people don’t see an invisible disease. A couple of reasons to bring this up. It’s a disease that limits the amount of jobs I could do. I couldn’t be a truck driver because I would have to drive all the time and I always had a problem with driving for long periods of time because I couldn’t rest. But if one can’t sleep there is no journey to have. It’s mostly staying indoors and watching night and day bleed together. It’s having hot air pushing through you and not being able to eat as much. To control it, medicine is proscribed, but the medicine is not working. Ultimately, one thinks they are possessed so they have to go to Church, and it helped a little bit, but ultimately, it was all avoidable.

I couldn’t forget anything that ever happened to me. I had to remember all the pain of my childhood and now I ultimately know that without sleep, all can’t be forgiven. It helped that I had a new form of health care, that I was ready to face the world again. Journeys are ultimately easier to comprehend when the characters can sleep. It’s hard in a stasis when all you can do is stare up at the ceiling and you have to beat the bad feelings before you wake up and realize you are merely swelling and hot and can’t breathe at night.

While this is merely one of my experiences, the journey along the way proved that people were instantly punchable. Being smart meant I had to accept that people would never peak past high school. It’s a bottomless nightmare knowing that people you care about will never be as smart as you. You can push them to read the books you like, but people have their own identities, and I have my own. But what makes sense is that along the way, I always thought that I had seen things.

So more medicine was piled on top of that. It’s a perception of knowing what’s real or what’s not. It’s like how you see one thing, and another person is talking, but there voice grows smaller and you have no other choice but to pretend you are listening, but at the same time, the voices grow louder.

It’s a compliment to be called “crazy” or a “freak” when you know you have written more books than a human can point to all ten fingers and toes. What makes a journey is that most of the time people will disappoint you. It’s not like you don’t have to admit it’s true, but being smart is knowing that you have to abandon those friends as soon as possible. Eli Roth said on a podcast that “you have to find the friends in your field, or someone” like his relationship with Quentin Tarantino who “will guide you” to a creative peak.

It’s not like you have to master a form on your journey, but for a creative person, such as myself, I had to find people who were at least creative. While finding people who are creative is essential, it was more essential for me to write than it was to socialize. While my friends were not ready to go on the journey of school, academia, or even creating works of art, it was books that helped me along the way. It’s the problem along the journey when you have to find our that the beginnings of your craft often have to become a proper stance.

What do you believe in? Are you democrat, republican, atheist, pro-life, pro-choice, all these things are often important in the realm of creativity, but also it’s about finding the discipline to do it. It’s not important to find someone who can mentally guide you, but media, such as books, art, can help as well. My Old Testament work, from 16-28, which was all third person commercial. It’s a reality to me that Stephen King (whom I hold in deep disappointment) was the first person who taught me to love writing and reading at the same time. The Dark Tower and It will outlive him beyond the popularity of The Shining. While the journey was important for me to find other writers to be inspired by, I had to create my own legacy.

While the journey is another responsibility of finding our who you are, it’s never the same when you look back and realize “I was just getting started.” It was hard to admit I was a writer to anyone because I was afraid of putting me down. I never showed my family my writing because it made me feel nauseas. My father was a librarian, and while bringing home books was a part of the job, I had to find the books that motivated me. Along the journey, it’s about finding out what geography you can become in your own self-worth. Geography in a journey is important just as much as you ever did continue to find your own worth as a person of value. In my eyes, I wanted to be published and some beautiful woman would read it and she would just knock on the door and realize who I was. It’s hard to say it, but that didn’t happen either. What journey’s often mean is that you are forced to do something you don’t want to do.

Like attending Woodrow Wilson Workforce. It was hard, even after getting a degree. It was hard when I couldn’t sleep at the same time. Forcing someone to do math who has a math disability, seem like isolated in a prison, (Logic is ultimately something that can be applied outside of a math class, but still, math is not my forte). I felt like I wanted to just leave the place all together. Yes, I still saw things, but maybe it was my fear of people that gave me an advantage. It’s problematic to think that everyone should just get along. It’s worse when you have to find that people dislike you for staying away from crowds.

I was 27 at the time, and I found out that it was pretty unbearable. I enjoyed having a bed and a room to share. That’s when I realized that I was a light sleeper when my roommate was a snorer. I listened to Salman Rushdie’s memoir, Joseph Anton, which comforted me, but I was still out of touch. I was the second oldest person at Woodrow Wilson Workforce. A lot of this is detailed in a fictional account in the Villain Lives: Book 1: Infinitesimal Star (available on Lulu.com) and the area was so beautiful to look at. I felt like it was easier to think about when I was just working on their insane tasks that I already knew. I coined a term SHAK (Shit He Already Knew) and most of the account in it is factual except for the main character not being me. Sometimes in a journey, you must realize that are not in control. What happens is that you meet people who are like soldiers in war, not very smart, but only came to Woodrow Wilson to have some better opportunities at a job. And they are not to blame for their misfortune, or disabilities, because I was only there to socialize, and learn how to talk to people.

It’s hard to consume the idea of a college graduate having to be forced to go to Woodrow Wilson, when I was not necessarily a man, but still bitter with resentment. It felt like I was in some weird Dickensian novel, where people were trying to talk to me, and I didn’t want to talk to them. It’s people that scared me, not the imagination that I coveted so much. It’s a problem when you meet people who are not on your level, but still learning some social skills. It’s a realization that I hated the youth just as much as I did myself. I did hate myself a lot, but journeys are merely the arrival of a character knowing that I did not belong in a society that was merely into herd mentality.

It’s common place to think that disease, such as sleep apnea, can cripple someone like myself, but the problem is that while I am merely just attuned to life at an advanced degree, a disease can turn a genius into an unlikable person. It wasn’t in my wiring, but maybe it’s not so bad realizing that most of my artwork, remains intact, as I had wanted them to be. Maybe it’s about Vision and staying true to who you are when your friends have disappeared from your sight. It’s like learning that once you sleep, the Pangea that was once dislocated from your geography, moves together, and maybe it’s not so bad living on an island after you realize that you were never gone to begin with.

While Creativity has always been the railroad tracks to my life, and one can easily see me in some cases, but if it’s not something that most people accept as a part of daily life, what is a journey without having some difficulty? In games there are levels of difficulty. Some games should be played on easy, while much of life, has an incredible difficulty meter, like Mein Lieber, it’s the problem of noticing that what may be difficult is what we really want. Maybe we have a job where we are bullied all the time by ego maniacal bosses who are ugly and they are attracted to you, and it’s like what can I say that wouldn’t be misinterpreted as a bad joke, but at some point, does the harassment feel good when you finally tell her to “fuck off” but not in that way at all.

When everything’s coded, and you are merely on a journey that life can only give. As you face incredible difficulty, the art, the Creativity, becomes more incredible. I learned nothing from a job that taught me to hate my co-workers and snitch on them all the time. The State is no place for Creativity, and if you are creative, don’t work for those places.

They want you to die two deaths, creative and mentally. It’s a subtle way of deafening noise against the soul. All I have mentioned are a part of the journey. The Art gets better as you are forced to bottle up your emotions. It’s knowing when to put on your headphones and let that co-worker keep talking and you know that you are running away from liberalism, and pushing yourself towards a central territory where understanding that the journey of your political stance is that you can change how you think. It’s not about staying the same. If there is a contest for staying the same, most celebrities, that do not change, would be given a gold bar of chocolate with LSD, because what they say is often disastrous, but they think they are standing up for their opinion when it means nothing in a world that has moved on without them.

The bubble that most celebrities live in is merely a house cat that has never left the house for twenty years, and their journey has come to an end. This is where homosapiens come into play. Homosapiens had to overcome the Cro-Magnons, because we are constantly evolving. What clearly is defined by a stance of intelligence is moving away from the herd mentality, and sometimes, extinction, of the Democratic party or an old way of thinking, becomes the new mark of intelligence in the world. Data, facts, and logic are important when it comes to the necessary evolved fact of human nature, but art, and changing a writing style, is also another way of moving toward Enlightenment.

What is the Enlightenment we have now? It’s the ability to grow outside of yourself and think about the way logic and reason can help someone reach immortality, but within the Science of Metaphor, it continues to flourish as well. Moving in some circles, some of your family have not changed their opinion about politics, or writing styles, or music choices, but this new age of enlightenment is that we are approaching a new evolution that even Homo Sapiens have not even seen. People are mostly delusion, and in the journey of life, there is a deceptive quality in staying the same as you were as a child. It’s not healthy and it shouldn’t become your life. Advances in technology and what it means to us also is a part of the journey.

Apple, IBM, are also a part of the journey and they are a part of what we consume. The Enlightenment of becoming a celebrity on your own without having to listen to a parent company to tell us what to think. Being owned by a company doesn’t encourage creativity. It’s more factory processed than it is organic. You start to have to wear a tie you don’t like. Sometimes humor is a tool that the journey must take. It’s a splintered deception, where all you have in the world is to move forward, but changing the way you think, is often coming across as a weird game. Maybe you don’t love your husband enough?

After two kids and one who doesn’t want to move out of the house, and constantly letting his girlfriend’s live with him and his parents, is a toxic personality that no one ever wants to be around. It’s hard to watch those people sit in their rooms with mounds of clothes all over the place, and never once cleaning them or putting them in drawers. It’s watching people like this turn against themselves is what makes the journey far more valuable. The journey of Enlightenment today is that you have to push yourself to do better. It’s knowing that you have to do extra to make yourself feel better.

Maybe you don’t like the color blue anymore, maybe you lean toward red. All of this would be simple for people about twenty years ago, and maybe change is a good thing. I had an old co-worker who lost his wife to cancer, and it seems to me that people will definitely go insane that the more people you date, the more they die. It’s a weird scenario of enlightenment. Sometimes, good people have to become villains in order to survive. Maybe you have to alienate a few people from your brand because there is a disconnect. Being disconnected today is a part of the new enlightenment.

I never really was a news person before “fake news” became the normal conversation for news stations. It wasn’t so bad to watch the news. Local news I think do not apply to the “fake news” word because most people want to hear about what is happening in their area. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, are ridiculed every day on the Internet. It’s not a crime to ridicule a corporation, and it’s not worth your time to sue someone over, unless they have been targeting you, personally for harassment. A judge has a lot to do during the day. They have very little patience for lawsuits that involved “Emotional distress” unless said tweets or harassment included violence and calling for people to harass him.

Along the journey, people will say stupid things in this new Technological Enlightenment. It’s where you can act like a troll and still promote your book of poetry on another page you created. In this Technological Enlightenment, you don’t have to watch CNN to get your news. Alternative news do extraordinary job at providing you basic information and can be quite humorous without having to be censored by a corporation. It’s good to realize, like someone like Raz0rfist, on his YouTube channel, is just as humorous as Bill Maher on any day of the week, while he has own view on things that do not lean politically left. He is a conservative who is just as funny.

Styxhexanhammer666 is more calm collected, and provides just as worthy news commentary, all the while, without having to hear Chris Cuomo screech and complain all day. YouTube, and even now, Bitchute, has now entered the Journey, and most people who never had a single chance of entering the MSM, have now created their own tune and frequency, for people to watch without having to pay for a cable company to entertain, or drain my funds. Scott Adams, famous cartoonist for Dilbert, predicted that Trump would win in a landslide. He was mocked but it came true. That interview was found on DJ Vlad’s YouTube channel, where I saw it and it was mentally preparing me for the world we are in today in the technological enlightenment, which by my account, I am still a noob in comparison to Raz0rfist and Stxhexanhammer666 found their place on YouTube and the web.

What we now see in the Journey, is that technology will evolve to help people who didn’t have a voice to publish, market, and televise their opinions on the world wide web. Big Tech companies will censor, but now it has to be more coded, but Bitchute has now become the next place for YouTube commentators to leave, but still place themselves along our journey. My journey, is still always will be through books, articles, e-books, because if I were to look at my soul, and see it, it would be me opening up a blank book, and words appear in front of me. The Journey is different for most people. If word are violent, then we must be bold, and the Journey we take will only cement our legend into creative places. The journey takes us from early homonid to Technological Enlightenment, in the span of thousand years, and we are merely just a blip on the world’s radar. What time we chose to be born.


Louis Bruno is a independent journalist and novelist, whose books are available on Amazon, Lulu, and other digital retailers. Find him on twitter, facebook, and Gab to hear about more news and info.



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