Our Permanent State Of Disunion

Calls for national unity are nothing more than propaganda.

Anyone else sick and tired of the propagandists in the press accusing President Trump of “dividing us”? It is insufferable nonsense. Trump has not divided us, as Obama did not divide us. We were divided already. We are divided. That’s a simple fact. And the reason we are divided is obvious. We have starkly different visions for the future. We don’t share the same religion. We don’t share the same race. We don’t share genes or values or mores or even a history. One half of America loves our history and the other half condemns it at every turn. We have nothing in common to bond over anymore as a people, because we’re not a people. We are a thousand different peoples jammed together under one repressive, inept government. Diversity has split and splintered us like a hundred ax strokes upon the tree of liberty. Our divisions are deep and abiding. Harping on about “unity” is just naked propaganda, another way for the mainstream media to score cheap political points against their archfoe Donald Trump. Nothing and no one could possibly unite America today, save brute force, which unites only seemingly, never spiritually.

Americans are miserable and bitter and contumacious. There is hate in every corner. But though we may hate each other, we must level with each other about our mutual hate. The pseudo-tolerant leftist ruling class, filled with hate and haters, is far too disconnected and sanctimonious to do that, however. Even the political left’s supposed “war on hate” is actually driven by hate, namely a deep-seated hatred for freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and genuine democracy. When white middle America stands up for itself and takes peaceable, democratic measures to advance its group interests, say by voting for Trump, or by simply speaking and assembling to keep statues of historical figures from being torn down, the left calls us hateful and deplorable. Any form of resistance to their rule, no matter how sober, sensible, or peaceable, is “hate” to these leftist sociopaths. The choice facing whites across the Western World today is therefore serfdom or hatefulness. Our Cultural Marxist overlords believe that if you dare to dissent in any way, you should be vilified, slandered, censored, imprisoned, disarmed. If we should continue down the path we’re on, I have little doubt that in half a century’s time we will be adding “liquidated” to that list. How exactly is that a recipe for unity? Who do these faux elites think they are kidding?

Imagine repeating over and over that replacing whites with non-whites is the greatest possible thing that could happen to America, and pretending that belief isn’t appallingly hateful. Honestly, how much does one have to hate a race of people in order to believe that? It is frankly more accurate to view the rising “hate” on the political right as a reaction to the long-standing, frightfully vicious hate that pervades the political left. After all, it is white middle America that has been under siege from militant leftism for six decades now. The war on Christianity, forced integration, diversity quotas, diversity worship, Political Correctness, rancid anti-white propaganda flowing from every orifice of the US power structure… where does it all end? Young white men apparently don’t desire a future that involves eking out a living in a third world dystopia teeming with trannies, thugs, and imbeciles, while being lorded over by glorified communists who despise them. It’s hard to believe really. The community I just described sounds so vibrant and diverse, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to live in such a place as California?

As the press blasts Trump for “dividing America”, Texas Democrats like Veronica Escobar are going on national television to warn Trump not to come to El Paso because he’s “not welcome there”. Is that the spirit of unity the lying press has in mind? The President of the United States isn’t welcome in parts of his own country? Unbelievable. Joaquin Castro, Democrat Congressman from Texas and brother of presidential candidate, Julian Castro, tweeted out a long list of prominent Trump donors the other day. Whether Castro is outing Texans who dare to donate to President Trump’s reelection campaign because he wants them boycotted, harassed, assaulted, or just publicly shamed is hard to know, but none of these aims sounds liable to unite a nation. Meanwhile, the left accuses Trump of “poisoning our democracy”. The gall of these people! They are more obtuse than a 179 degree angle, and more hypocritical than a religion of peace that has a mass murderer as its prophet. Here’s what I know anyhow: America is not going to be coming together anytime soon. The very notion is fatuous. She may be splitting apart quite soon, however, and perhaps that is best for us all.

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