Overreach? Feds Monitored Trump’s Personal Lawyer

UPDATE: NBC has issued a correction to its article. Cohen was not wiretapped, it “was what is referred to as a pen register. That means it is a log of phone calls that were made from a specific phone line or a specific phone lines.”

It is rare for law enforcement to wiretap a lawyer — yet the FBI has been wiretapping President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. NBC exposed the wiretapping. It began several weeks before the FBI raided Cohen’s office. (At the very least.) Agents heard at least one call between Cohen and the White House. They heard another call between Cohen and a lawyer who represents women who claim they had affairs with Trump.

Usually law enforcement must prove a serious concern that the lawyer is involved in criminal activity. Because it risks violating attorney-client privilege, it’s a pretty high standard to get a wiretap. It’s also a pretty high standard to get permission to raid an office. The burden is even higher when the lawyer is the president’s lawyer.

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