Trumpmageddon: Swampy Democrats’ Waterloo

Liberals attack Trump as they did Reagan

“The Liberals have not had a new idea since the last Ice Age; and nowadays […]

The Left’s Factions Increasingly Turning Their Sights on Each Other

As the left becomes more intolerant, its various factions are encountering more conflict with each other. Black Lives Matter and other minorities create […]

July 4th 2017: A Time to Hate What is Evil

King Solomon wrote three books of the Bible. In Ecclesiastes he said there is a time to love and a time to hate.



The new Israeli ”grocery bag tax” law that went into effect in January, is flawed…it doesn’t cover Judea and Samaria. And, Jews in Judea are up in arms to keep it that way. Unless and […]

Voter Fraud is Real and Extensive

The media and Democrats have spoken, and therefore, there is no voter fraud. Trump claims that the people must be aware that voter fraud may occur is not damaging to our Republic. Nor does it undermine the trust of the people in our election process, it actually may make that trust strongeraccording the the progressive/socialist […]

Celebrating How Far We’ve Come: What is No Longer Around From 1776

As we celebrate the 241st anniversary of our country’s freedom, let’s look back at what progress has replaced. We’ve been blessed not only by the […]

Government and Media shills

The mainstream media is broken. The Russian collusion scheme, started by Podesta and the Hillary group has been proven to be garbage. Even though the story has been debunked the mainstream media continues to produce stories to continue to try and move it forward.

Before the Russian collusion story the large portion of the daily […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander discusses the CNN meltdown on fake news, more

The Mueller Show Trial

There are still a great many important questions about the Mueller appointment made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Questions have arisen about what are the relationship between Mueller and Comey. Another question that must be asked is what is the relationship between Rosenstein and Comey. We know that Rosenstein was also a staffer for […]

Today’s Media & Cruel Intentions


The death of a muslim teen on Monday June 19th was a tragic result of road rage; an illegal immigrant murdered the young girl […]