Video: History of Tula Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of Tula ammunition is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our TulAmmo brand page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and GunStreamer.

Find a Water Source and Stuff Your Cupboard: Happy 2020!

2019 ended with my having discovered Daniel Horowitz’s podcast, Conservative Review (originally a video broadcast on The Blaze network). Once Horowitz and his guest Steve Deace had combined to dissect the omnibus […]

The Progressive Socialists Are Guilty of Treason

The progressive socialist Democrat Party and the media (both are the same partisan hacks that are destroying the sovereignty of our country continue to work against our country. Journalists have compared the terrorist to Charles DeGaulle and have honored the sustained terror caused by this animal. Below are two columns written back during the Obama […]

You can have liberty or socialism, but you can’t have both or Deconstructing Robert Ingersoll’s Secular Xmas Wishes

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Welcome to the 2020’s kids, but before we put anything Christmas related away, here is one piece of Xmas that we should hang on to year around and be very VERY critical of.

Long before the Grown Up Christmas List written by David Foster […]

John Garand: The Forgotten History of the Man Who Invented the Iconic M1 Garand Rifle

history of John GarandAny gun nut – er, “firearms enthusiast” – worth their salt has heard of the M1 Garand (it rhymes with “errand,” by the way). This .30-06 semi-automatic rifle is one of the most iconic American firearms of all time, and was the standard-issue weapon for American […]

Can’t Drink, Can’t Smoke, limited drivers license, but the young can still murder their preborn with no limits

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As 2019 ends and 2020 is about to begin, I want to share this Facebook post made by Steve Deace.

You can kill your kid before you can get a driver’s license. You can choose your gender and begin self-mutilation […]

Death Stranding Review


Despite what most gamers will probably say about Death Stranding, I wasn’t excited for it either, but I was proven wrong by what I saw. Death Stranding, follows a Porter, Sam Bridges, a “delivery boy” […]

Top 27 Online Resources for Survivalists and Preppers

Top 27 online resources for survivalists and preppers“Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.” –George Bernard Shaw

The prepper community stands firmly in the American tradition of self-reliance and inventiveness. Survival prepping stresses ingenuity, connectivity to your community, and homespun, […]

The Richard Jewel movie is a reflection on the deep state and the media and what they would become

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If you have not seen the Clint Eastwood movie on bombing suspect Richard Jewel, you really need too…even if that means renting it on DVD or seeing if its on your streaming site and/or on demand later on. As of this writing you should […]

2020: Will the Awful Horror Be a Silver Lining?

My son is gone again, a thousand miles away… safely back in his sanctuary city. That is to say, safely on the ground, as in no longer airborne on the jetliner of […]

The Impeachment Charade Must End

The impeachment debacle continues. Many keen-eyed citizens have noticed that two glaring inconsistencies occurred that the MSM have not discussed. First, the minority day that was to be set aside was dismissed. Two, there was never a full vote of the House to start the impeachment. What was voted on was to start an impeachment […]

Did “Christianity Today” Forget the Parable of the Good Samaritan and Cyrus the Great?

Today, Christmas day, I decided to revisit Christ’s ‘Parable of the Good Samaritan’. In light of the new ‘civil war’ within the evangelical community over a ‘biblically correct’ view of President Trump following his impeachment, I felt compelled to reassess just who might the Bible compare to Donald Trump from the perspective of Jesus Christ […]

The Empire Strikes Back

The elderly Jedi master crept slowly and methodically down the shadowy hallway, coming face to face with his arch nemesis Darth Vader. Vader stood motionless in a statuesque pose, his black armor glistening […]

’Tis the Season to be Gleeful?

It is, as another seasonal song tells us, a most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time when most people seem a little more charitable, more giving and forgiving. It’s […]

Democrat Suicide: Trump’s Approval Keeps Skyrocketing After Impeachment

After the Democrats completed their circus impeachment vote to impeach President Donald Trump officially, their decision has backfired tremendously.

President Trump’s job approval rating has increased a staggering six percentage […]

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights: An Interactive Guide to the Articles and Amendments

Attempting to read the United States Constitution in its entirety can be an intimidating task. At over 7,500 words including the Ammendments and its place as the single most important document in the history of the U.S. – it’s vital for all Americans to know what it stands for, the freedoms it […]

EXCLUSIVE: A Year End Interview With CNN’s Brian Stelter

We’ve been following the media career of CNN’s Brian Stelter. In an article about him three years ago, we suggested he might be the most biased journalist in America. CNN’s […]

Liberals Want Sanctuary Cities? We’ll Have Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities

You’ve heard of sanctuary cities. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Cities that protect people. But who do they protect? Illegal immigrants from deportation or prosecution. They ignore federal immigration law. These […]

Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie Was Killed By Smugglers, Not Friendly Fire

Investigative journalist Huey Freeman has written a compelling book challenging the notion that Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was killed by friendly fire. In Who Shot Nick Ivie?, Freeman lays out […]

Crosscurrents: God’s “Presence in the Present”

I’m not feeling terribly optimistic about current events–yet I don’t wish to pollute my or anyone else’s celebration of the birth of Hope with excessive brooding over our ephemeral world. Allow me, […]

Bash the Gettys for being Christian Music Stars, but you have yet to own your worldview…Jonah

Image result for keith and kristyn gettyImage result for jonathan aigner

Writer’s Note: I originally wrote this piece mentioning Jonathan Aigner’s marriage only because it was talked about in a few blog posts on other websites. At the request of Jonathan himself, I […]

The Second Part of the House Impeachment is as Bad as the First Part 2

Many words are being spoken today, many of them on the progressive socialist Democrat side have fallen on deaf ears, the American people know better. So much has been said about how President Trump endangered national security and extorted something from Ukrainian President Zelensky. Not one has explained how that was supposed to have happened. […]

The Silent Revolution

A cold wind howled as the rain pelted faces and saturated red hats across an endless sea of Trump supporters who invaded Hershey Pennsylvania last Tuesday. As the sun’s clouded face fell below the horizon, the temperature quickly dropped close behind. Many standing in line jumped up and down while others danced to the 70s […]

Bloomberg-Bought Dems in Virginia Try to Ban Most Guns

Mike Bloomberg’s gun control group outspent the NRA in Virginia’s election by multitudes, hoping to clinch new seats and make unconstitutional inroads against the Second Amendment in the Old Dominion. Bloomberg’s plan unfortunately appears to have paid off: Senator Richard L. Saslaw, Bloomberg’s bought-and-paid-for Democrat, recently introduced legislation that would effectively outlaw most semiautomatic firearms […]

Another Democrat Violates Second Amendment with A Shaky “ Legal Opinion”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro – yet another authoritarian, wire-framed Democrat not content with following his own state’s long-established laws – decided that his personal opinion should supersede the statutes governing the […]

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