Kamala Harris Will Never be President

It appears now that the Progressive/socialists that have taken over the Democrat party have been looking for the new shining star for the next Presidential election. Just a few weeks ago they rebranded themselves as “the Better Deal”. They speak well of jobs and infrastructure, and better wages for workers. Does anyone believe that anything […]

TRUMP INNOCENT – Nolte: Woodward Book, Anonymous NYTimes Op-Ed Reveal Trump’s Done Nothing Wrong John Nolte 6 Sep 2018



Trump innocent. Trump has done nothing wrong. Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

Remember that…

As the corrupt media fabricate a “fitness for office” crisis, remember…

Trump has done nothing wrong.

Even those hiding behind anonymity, even […]

Archie Bunker and The PC Police

I came of age during a time when political incorrectness was the norm. Unapologetic white faces such as Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, and Tony Soprano dominated the entertainment scene.

Each of these characters expressed mild to domineering epithets against people of color and homosexuals, views which steered integral facets of their everyday life.

These […]

Police Shootings On YouTube—Thanks A Lot, Obama.

Police shootings on YouTube?

ARTICLE BY Jeffrey A. Friedberg

For some reason, I have been watching videos of police shootings for days—maybe a hundred of them. I couldn’t tell you exactly why.

It’s like, why is D. Pimple Popper popular? Or draining large abscesses? Or cutting […]

Growing Socialism In America? Thanks, Millennials

In a radicalized America, the specter of mainstream socialism mounts.

Once nationally vilified as the slipperiest gateway to communistic hell, firebrand names such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have inspired a far-left counter-revolution.

The proof: in 2018, Democrat Socialists Of America-led primary upsets have shaken Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Boston.

Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez […]

Hazards and Opportunities

It is an unthankful task to alert Americans to trouble when it buds “far away”. As put in the last posting, “some think that, if the “back yard” where it happens is far away, the matter is of no consequence. If it happens in someone else’ […]

Illegal Aliens, Devious Politicians, and Hidden Agendas

Best Hope for the Democrat Party?

As the mid-term election approaches, the subject of illegal immigration is again heating up. The two major parties, once in general agreement on the issue, now have diametrically opposing […]

Historical Disinterest: A Values Dilemna

The study of history cannot be neatly contained behind the tall foreboding doors of an ivory tower nor swept under the rugs of dusty corner offices housing stacks of paper. It bleeds into other fields as it serves to inform both individual and group identity. It gives context to the current world and helps one […]

Will Ducey Appoint a Moderate or a Conservative to Replace McCain?

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said he would name a Senate replacement for John McCain after McCain’s funeral proceedings. Insiders say it is likely to be McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain, 64. “If she gave […]

Profiles in Treason Robert Mueller

Another Deep State proponent that has created havoc over the past two years is Robert Swam Mueller III. An impressive name for the present Special council whose sole purpose is to do whatever is possible to take down Donald Trump. He works tirelessly, but not for the truth that the American people need to know, […]

More Than a Simulation: Child Sex Robots, Virtual Reality, Pedophilia, and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

The Newest “Adult” Toy?

Child sex bots (CSB) are the next big thing within the adult entertainment industry. Although life-like adult sex dolls have been in existence for a while, what is relatively new are life like CSBs with state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, artificial intelligence (AI) and programming applications, which takes the sophistication of these dolls […]

Biden’s words fowl in DeSantis’ mouth

While ignoring Joe’s, Democrats wrongly exploiting GOP gaffes for political points

How can identical words be “offense” only when uttered by a Republican politician? Ron DeSantis, the Trump-supported candidate for governor of Florida, said of […]

The Liberal Bullies

I despise liberal internet bullies. Honestly, I’d say they are my least favorite kind of people. In my opinion, a progressive internet bully is simply a baseless coward.

And like most cowards, these virtual tormentors teem among fellow degenerates to inflict harm upon a weakened, isolated target: Naturally, the oppressors cannot operate independently of large […]

Soros-Funded David Brock Connected to Tech Giants’ Censoring of Conservatives

The big tech giants’ crackdown on conservatives is no coincidence. Left-wing activist and Media Matters founder David Brock outlined the strategy in a secret “Strategic Plan for Action” created for a donor […]

How Political Enemies Targeted and Repeatedly Destroyed My Small Website

You know what can happen when you start a conservative website and take on powerful liberals? You can get hacked. Not just once. Over and over. If you don’t have the money to […]

Unfriended on Social Media? It Happens to Me Every Day

The best advice I got when I joined Facebook in 2008 was to ignore being unfriended. You can’t do anything about it, and thinking about it will only stress you out. I’ve followed […]

The Color Of Media

There is an old media idiom which states ‘if it bleeds it leads.’ However, red is so yesterday as white, black, and brown currently comprise the news industries’ favorite shade — besides almighty green.

But much green is made, naturally, from the explosive headlines featuring those three basic hues of identity politics.

Tune in to […]

In Defense of the Good Guys

For many on the Far Left, a new skirmish in the overall culture war is simply an opportunity to renew old, favored battles. In writing for Vox (“Why We Should Abolish ICE—and DEA too, August 14, 2018), UC Berkeley […]

The Problem of Anti-Semitic Leftist Jewish Power

Daniel Greenfield, SultanKnish.com, and JAF IMAGES

Daniel Greenfield, SultanKnish.com, and JAF IMAGES



The Problem of Anti-Semitic Leftist Jewish Power

Article Permission and Written By Daniel Greenfield

Anti-Israel activist Peter Beinart had spent […]

Neil Armstrong with American Flag on the Moon. US GOV.

Neil Armstrong with American Flag on the Moon. US GOV.

A new [liberal lying] movie starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling tells […]

Overcoming the China Syndrome

China is a geo-political foe not a friend

Clifford D. May’s “The China syndrome” is spot on. Many Americans, and Washington decision-makers, still mistakenly view China as a trading partner rather than a geo-political adversary. […]

Free Speech Fury

Whatever is sacred in these United States is under daily attack by an ever-devolving Democratic Party.

That stated, bedrock American principles such as liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and free speech hang in a precarious balance. Though, free speech teeters on the faultiest precipice as ideological conflicts rage to either abolish or uphold its […]

Anti-Freedom SPLC, A SOROS-FUNDED Operation, Strikes Again: David Horowitz Freedom Center (Et Al) In Its Cross-Hairs! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adinakutnicki.com and JAF IMAGES

Adinakutnicki.com and JAF IMAGES

Posted on August 28, 2018 Article Written by Adina Kutnicki—La Madrina:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Over the years, I, Adina Kutnicki, had the distinct privilege to be part of several investigations […]

Trump, Eisenhower, and Illegal Aliens

President Trump has invoked President Dwight Eisenhower when explaining his administration’s programs that take on the crises of illegal immigration: “Dwight Eisenhower, was a great president – people liked him. He moved a 1.5 million […]

Shredded Fictions

What our elites anoint to be the “leading” medias spew fireworks. Contemporaries tend to be credulous “because it is in print” or “it was on TV”. Numbed, they can be overwhelmed by what trumpets that “fascism” is where disagreement with what they endorse is found. The pursuit of the trail gives a glimpse into a […]

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