How to Rebuild a First World Economy

How to Really “Make America Great Again”

“We’ve indulged in this fiction that we can build a vibrant economy […]

Palestinians, Beware Jewish Days of Rage, Hanukkah is Coming to Israel!

How dare they, the so-called “Palestinians” carry out “Days of Rage,” after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The descendants of 7th century Arab imperialists and 20th century Arab squatters; people who […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander’s weekly roundup of fake news discusses two liberal trolls, a billboard calling the Bible fake news and more

The Man Behind the Commercials

The citizens of this country have been inundated by commercials speaking of reasons for the impeachment of President Trump. It appears that the Progressive/socialists will stop at nothing to throw the duly elected President to the side in order to further the socialist agenda that they have put on hold for now. The corruption and […]

Reform or Schism

Europe’s economically developed, politically democratic, and ideologically left-liberal led societies suffer from a shared ailment. It is an internal security problem tied to a bankrupt foreign policy. The terminology profiles Western Europe –to separate […]

Porn in America: Let the Good Times Roll

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Horsey, a political commentator for the Los Angeles Times maintains, “Thanks to the Internet, Americans have been pushed, […]

Handful of NFL Players Still Kneeling, NFL Considering Solution for Next Year

As NFL players continue to take a knee, things get worse for the NFL. The season-long decline in viewers is increasing. So is the […]

How Aging Hippies’ Attacks on Families Created Entitled Younger Generations

Fewer Millennials and youth in Generation Z are moving out of their parents’ homes than in recent previous generations. For the first […]

Subset of Ohio Charter Schools Saves the State Money

There is a subsection of Ohio community schools (known as charter schools in other states) that specifically serve students who have either dropped out of traditional public schools or are credit deficient. These schools, known as Dropout Recovery and Prevention Schools (DORPs) are now endangered under Ohio law.

Obama and Clinton Made Six Decisions Favorable to Russia to Enable Them to Take Over US Energy

A nation turning over control of 20 percent of its energy to an unstable regime is dangerous. Why would any nation do that? Yet […]

Trump’s New Approach to Iran: Allow Others to Fight Them

trump saudi iran

President Donald Trump has found his own way to put pressure on Iran, and it involves the civil war in Yemen and $205 million in previously frozen funds. The conflict, which has been going on for over two years, is essentially a proxy war being fought by Saudi Arabia and Iran. The release of those […]

If True……

If True…. Two little words with a significant meaning. In the case of Judge Roy Moore it ould mean the difference of being elected as a Senator from Alabama, or having his years of service swept away from something that may have happened 30 years ago. Is this a smear campaign with little proof of […]

Democrats Make up Most of Men Accused of Sexual Assault

The growing list of men accused of sexually assaulting or harassing others has one noticeable pattern: the men are almost all on the left. […]

Joe Biden’s Disturbing Groping of Young Girls and Women

He’s got nicknames like “Handsy” and “Creepy Uncle Joe.” He was also vice-president of the United States.

Now that other famous men in entertainment, […]

Ninth Circuit Justices Grill Maricopa County Attorney In Alexander Appeal

Last week, the case of Lisa Aubuchon v. County of Maricopa was considered by a three judge panel in the Ninth Circuit Court of […]

The Case for a Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Russian Uranium One Ties

Why investigate one but not the other? Legally, it doesn’t make sense. There is overwhelming evidence that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russians […]

Hillary Clinton Meets the Underside of the Bus


“Before I called Bernie Sanders, I lit a candle in my living room and put on some […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – WaPo writer admits putting out fake news

The Left’s Hypocrisy on States Regulating Freedom of Expression of Businesses

Should businesses have a right to express their views and practice them accordingly? The left says yes — and no. They say, “It depends.” […]

Progressivesocialists and Gun Lies Part 3

The Second Amendment, giving citizens who qualify the right to bear arms was passed in Congress on September 25, 1789 and was ratified by the States on December 15,1791. The 2nd Amendment is a right given to the American people by God and not by progressive/ socialists who look to usurp that right stating that […]

Bushes Polarize Like Progressives

Bush loyalty resides with the political class, not the voters

Given the unanticipated election of Donald Trump, it’s difficult […]

Insanity Thrives

It is being said, that a droplet of water tells all about the ocean. Analogies exist in the realm of public life. Small occurrences, ignored by the headlines, can, if carefully dissected, reveal much […]

Pay Attention to the Arizona Governor’s Race

Government reformer Tim Jeffries is presenting a formidable challenge

With all due respect to Senator Jeff Flake’s recent surrender to prevailing populist political winds, […]

Late Night Comedy Has Become Hate Speech

Late night comedy shows are no longer funny. They’ve turned into crude, Trump-bashing political attacks. There is nothing funny about watching a […]

The UN, Common Core And The Education Of Our Children

Many parents are concerned with the direction of education in the nation today. Children are not being taught what they need to learn. In the past, American textbooks were always picked by local school districts who have the responsibility of assuring that they textbooks use met criteria in the basics of education principles. Involved in […]