Progressive Socialist and Muslim Lies About Racism

Last week a vote was taken on a resolution in the House of Representatives. The resolution was to condemn Ilhan Omar for the anti-Semitic tropes she has used since coming to Congress. An avid Muslim and Anti Semite, Omar has forced the government to change rules that have been in force since time immemorial. The […]

Needed: a Jewish Honor Guard on US Campuses

The Rabbis ask, “Who is wise?” and they answer, “One who sees the future.” It’s no big deal to see “today.” A Jewish leader has to see tomorrow. Look at what just happened in Congress, after Rep. Ilhan Omar’s blatantly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments. The Democrat […]

The End of the Climate Hoax is Coming

The “elite” that are in positions of power in our country have decided to make a final push on climate change before being debunked in the future. The man-hater from Hawaii Mazie Hirono stated in the past week that the Green New Deal is recognition that climate change is happening and that we should not […]

Pekudei, Counting, and Israeli Election Polls

This week’s Torah Reading, Pekudei, describes a very Jewish character trait, meticulous accounting, whether in business, government, or the social sector. After Moses’ earlier call for donations, the parsha opens with an accounting of the Jewish people’s precious metal gifts, to build the desert Tabernacle (Exodus […]

The Climate Change Hoax Continues

The country finds itself in the throes of a mediocre bartender turned climate “expert”. it may well be that her comments on climate changes require another look. Doing her best Al Gore imitation she has declared that the Earth has only twelve years left. No questions on how she decided on twelve years and no […]

Behind Facades

There is a popular show running and it is presented by cute puppets. The cabaret comes under diverse labels to match the orientation of sundry viewers. Let it be tagged here by the summary of the performance: “Anti-Trumpism”.

If the reader surmises that an endorsement of POTUS […]

Video: History of Magtech Brand Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the Magtech brand ammo is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our Magtech ammo brand page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and GunStreamer.


Far Left Kamala Harris Fast Becoming a Democratic Frontrunner for President

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is becoming one of her party’s leading contenders for president. She is running second in the polls of announced Democratic candidates only after Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden leads […]

What is the Warrior Mindset?

Developing a warrior mindset

The warrior mindset can be developed by taking small actions in your everyday life. […]

Did Eisenhower Predict the Future?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

President Dwight Eisenhower warned the public in 1953 about allowing private companies to influence government spending on military weapons. […]

Jewish Self-Hatred Rears Its Ugly Head

Jewish American leftists pandering to Islamo-fascists and BDS anti-Israel thugs; Israeli left-wing politicians coddling radical Arab nationalists sitting in the Israeli Knesset, who deny Jews the right to political self-determination, i.e. the State of Israel; these are just a couple examples of the ugly, hypocritical, and dangerous dark-side of […]

Winter Sportsmen Stay Prepared

Winter aports preparedness

Winter sports enthusiasts should be prepared for extreme weather conditions. […]

The Global Socialist Agenda of the New Green Deal

The environmental groups in conjunction with the progressive socialist media have been using the environment as weaponized propaganda for decades. They intend to bring the politically driven unsubstantiated agenda of anthropogenic global warming to the forefront to cast fear into everyone in the country. They will stop at nothing to push the agenda of […]

Video: History of Hornady Brand Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the Hornady brand ammo is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our Hornady ammo brand page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and GunStreamer.


The Goldstein Incident in Hebron, Twenty Five Years Later

Now that we understand that we live in the era of “Fake News,” – what once was called “Yellow Journalism” – where left-wing media hysteria, pre-judgement, and playing loose with the facts to further an agenda, reins supreme; I think it behooves thinking people to take a second look […]

Should Clarence Thomas Retire?

Will Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas retire before the next election? Should he retire? Liberal writer Jeffrey Toobin has written a compelling piece in The New Yorker laying out the conservative case for him to retire soon.


At This Point, How is Trump Getting All of the Funding for the Wall?

President Trump ran on the promise to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. But he didn’t pull out all the stops to try and get it funded when the Republicans controlled Congress. Now that […]

Twitter Censoring Conservatives is Worse Than it Appears

Big tech censoring conservatives has become a regular occurrence. Sometimes the victims are only temporarily banned, other times they are permanently banned and unable to return. Twitter seems to be the worst lately, always in the news for banning […]

A Free but Not Competitive News Media in the USA

A free news media is one in which news outlets report and comment on the news from whatever point of view they choose. A competitive news media is one in which there are a large enough number of news outlets so that no single point of view dominates. America enjoys a free news media […]

Climate Control Nazis

In the early 70’s we had global cooling according to the “experts” such as Newsweek magazine in 1975. In the ’80s and ’90s, we had global warming bought to us by the eminent “expert” Al Gore. Both of these did not fit the facts, so now we have rushed toward climate change. The paid […]

Israeli Elections: Unite the Torah Nationalists Now!

A few weeks ago, I congratulated Bezalel Smotrich on his victory over Uri Ariel for leadership of the National Union party, and spoke with him about the historic opportunity that had opened up, after Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked left the Jewish Home party, which National Union had run […]

Babylon is Falling In ‘The Age of Aquarius’

Pope Hillary and the Age of Aquarius Wallpaper

Of all forms of pride and prejudice, the crime of hubris is the most egregious. Defined by the Ancient Greeks as “defiance in the face of the gods”, they believed it manufactured temporal opposition and social discord, giving rise to […]

NY’s New Abortion Law Lets Man Off Hook for Allegedly Murdering Girlfriend’s Unborn Child

New York’s draconian changes to its abortion laws have taken effect. And one of the first effects? Shielding a man from being prosecuted for killing his unborn child. 

Anthony Hobson, 48, allegedly stabbed […]

Meet Claire, A Hillary Clinton Supporter

I have a lefty friend who sees Republicans as all the same, in a neat little box full of hateful stereotypes. He likes to dig up the most obscure article on Yahoo, about some Trump […]

The Lies of Ilhan Omar and the Progressive Socialists

There are those in our country and in our Congress actively working against the principles that have made this country great. They continually work against the people of this country and have malice for those who disagree. Using the false idea that they know better than those whom they are supposedly governing they cannot […]

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