Bushes Polarize Like Progressives

Bush loyalty resides with the political class, not the voters

Given the unanticipated election of Donald Trump, it’s difficult […]

Insanity Thrives

It is being said, that a droplet of water tells all about the ocean. Analogies exist in the realm of public life. Small occurrences, ignored by the headlines, can, if carefully dissected, reveal much […]

Pay Attention to the Arizona Governor’s Race

Government reformer Tim Jeffries is presenting a formidable challenge

With all due respect to Senator Jeff Flake’s recent surrender to prevailing populist political winds, […]

Late Night Comedy Has Become Hate Speech

Late night comedy shows are no longer funny. They’ve turned into crude, Trump-bashing political attacks. There is nothing funny about watching a […]

The UN, Common Core And The Education Of Our Children

Many parents are concerned with the direction of education in the nation today. Children are not being taught what they need to learn. In the past, American textbooks were always picked by local school districts who have the responsibility of assuring that they textbooks use met criteria in the basics of education principles. Involved in […]

Virtuous Hands with a Gun

An ordinary man with a gun becomes a town hero

“What actually stops an evil psychopath is what we saw on Sunday—a good guy with a gun.” – […]

Progressive/Socialists and Gun Lies Part 2


The anti-gun fascists in this country are willing to use every shooting in this country in a feeble attempt to take your guns and the guns of every citizen responsible enough to do what is required to have legal possession of a legal firearm in this country. From distortion of facts to the discussions […]

Russia: Ally for Obama, Enemy for Trump

For the eight years Obama was in office, Republicans repeatedly warned not only Americans, but the world, that Russia was still a bad actor on the […]

Progressive/Socialists and Gun Lies

Once again there was another mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in our country’s history. Once again, mere hours after the shooting, the Progressive/socialist leaders and the elites who finance them were demanding that the laws be changed to assure that something like this would never happen again. Chuck Shumer pontificated the day after […]

America’s “Terrorist” Lottery

The lethal combination of radical Islam/NYC terrorism, Chuck Schumer’s diversity lottery and multiculturalism

On Halloween, Manhattanites were “treated” to actual horror. Only blocks beyond […]

Fading Myths

By her own choice, Europe is not the global power that, by her size and economic strength, she could be. At the same time, Europe resents the consequences of her chosen option while it […]

Sexism Is Alive and Well in North Dakota Courts

We all know there is bias in the family court system, usually against fathers. But generally it’s merely anecdotal evidence. That has […]

Church to Purge George Washington

George Washington’s church to remove his, and Robert E. Lee’s, memorial plaques

Why has the Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia embraced political correctness rather […]

Liberal Media Collusion & Interference


When reading or watching the mainstream liberal news media, one might be able to reasonably imagine […]

Mueller Indicts Manafort and Partner on Dubious Charges, Unrelated to Russian Collusion With Trump Campaign

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller obtained an indictment of two people connected to President Trump. A grand jury indicted former Trump campaign manager […]

It Wasn’t Racism, but the Economy, Stupid

“The Economy, Stupid” was the phrase made popular by James Carville, political strategist for the 1992 Clinton campaign. The now famous slogan was developed by Carville and […]

Kaepernick’s Culture Warrior “Curse”

49ers Losing in Wake of Kaepernick Controversy

A week shy of the midway point of the football season, the two winless NFL teams are […]

Israel Must Recognize An Independent State of Kurdistan

It’s very ironic that all the noise about the Kurdish independence referendum; the battles between Kurdish and Iraqi forces; Turkish, Syrian, and Iranian opposition to Kurdish independence; discussion in Israel whether the State […]

The Lies of McCain Are Nothing New

It was a little while ago that Sen. John McCain was awarded the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The Liberty Medal is given to those who have “secured the blessings of personal liberty to people the world over.” In the speech McCain spoke brashly about of the current President. It is […]

Alexander-Murray Bill Dooms GOP

GOP establishment eager to act on Democrats’ agenda

Besides the certainty of death and taxes, it seems, Democratic-passed entitlements never really end. For context, […]

East & West Palestine, or Hamastan vs. Fatahland

The Hamas – Fatah Reconciliation Agreement, recently cooked up in Cairo, which would see the Palestinian Authority resume control of Gaza by December 1st; has barely cooled, and already there are problems in paradise, […]


I was very pleased when President Trump signed his first executive order to dismantle ObamaCare in the face of the Republican Congress having broken its repeatedly made promise and pretense to do the same. However, I was utterly repulsed by an aspect of what happened at that event. Therefore, I am taking time from completing […]

Unmasking Observations

An anniversary approaches. We remember the Bolshevik’s totalitarian coup against the Provisional Government that had replaced Czarist autocracy in 1917. Therefore, a few associated items follow about radical collectivism.

Nothing will create more poverty […]

“Maverick” John McCain

I have written of John McCain before (http://www.intellectualconservative.com/rino-mccain-2/) and continue to marvel at how this Senator from Arizona can be considered anything but a globalist hack who will do whatever it takes to attack Trump and the American people. Once again, McCain finds himself the darling of the progressive/socialists in both the political forum and […]

Obamacare’s Embezzlement Scheme

The ultra-constitutional thievery at the heart of Obamacare

Shockingly, at the rotting core of Barack Obama’s signature heath-care law is a crime. When his […]