Video: History of 9mm Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 9mm ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can check it out on our 9mm ammo caliber page, on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on two new video sharing sites dedicated to the 2nd Amendment: UGETube […]

The Untold Story: South African Land Reform and Farm Murders

The South African Constitution has recently been amended to allow for expropriation of farmland without any form of compensation to the farmers. The situation is bad, and it’s made worse by […]

Democrat lies.

Hey! Forcing responsible political writers to answer all, daily, democrat, bullshit lies is like asking “Jack” to fight The Beanstalk but not the Giant.

It seems all democrats […]

Will No Go Zones Begin To Affect European Elections?

“No Go Zones” or “No Go Areas” are not new to the world government, but they are coming to the forefront of mainstream news. The type of No Go Zones that are becoming a factor in Western Europe […]

How To Bring About The Decline of America

Tom Durney

How to Bring About the Decline of the United States of America


Preface: Beware: this preface was not written for acceptance among the naive, the shy thinkers, fools, the left, the liberals and those […]

The Seven Most Important Minutes of the Kavanaugh Hearing!

Video – The Seven Most Important Minutes of the Kavanaugh Hearing.

This is a solo video from my project – The Greg and Donny News Show. We have a […]

The Hollywood of Hanoi Jane

The progressive socialist party, commonly called the Democrats are firmly in the” win at all costs” mode that will lead to even more violence and demagoguery. With even our sitting politicians calling for harassing our elected officials and Trump supporters there will be confrontations so prevalent that they become commonplace. This what the leftists want, […]

Maxine Waters, the New Face of the Democratic Party

A big part of the reason Democrats are fleeing their party in the #WalkAway movement is because of leadership like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). The 80-year-old lawmaker has been in office since 1991, […]

The Shocking Truth about the Iranian Nuclear Deal’s Hostage Exchange between Iran and the USA



We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children… We will only have peace with the Arabs when they […]

Profiles in Treason Rod Rosenstein

The Deep State continues its agenda to take out the sitting President of the United States. The corrupt leadership of the FBI, DOJ, State Department, and even the CIA pushes forward in the machinations that have embroiled the country in divisive politics for the past two years. The American people have let this go on […]

Safest Leap of Faith


Intelligent Design versus Evolution is but an argument over the method of creation. It does not resolve the more fundamental argument over the existence of God because the latter method does not necessarily preclude the existence of God as creator. God by whatever name, including Jehovah, Allah, and Brahma, could have used either method […]

Leftist Hostility Toward A Christian America

I am a Christian. I believe the Bible is literally the word of God divined to man (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Found in the word is wisdom, hope and sound instruction (Psalm 119:105). And for those who remain steadfast to these principles, eternal life awaits.

These profound beliefs have withstood my life’s greatest tests to form […]

The Left on the Move: Arrogance or Ignorance?

The message is clear. America’s Democrats are moving to the left. 57% of those that identify with the party prefer Socialism to a free-market economy.

With that, the USA might be marching against the larger trend which moves in the opposite direction. Oddly, by backing […]

Hurricane “Florence the Furious” – Are you at risk?

If you or someone you know is in the path of Hurricane Florence, then please share our Hurricane Preparation Guide: How To Plan for a Tropical Disaster with them to help prepare.

John McCain and Aretha Franklin – Video – Greg and Donny News.

This is Greg Penglis. I am a regular contributor to The Intellectual Conservative. Now I am doing videos with a liberal college student. Makes for an interesting perspective. I represent the conservative views. We talk about a lot of stuff. See for yourself.

This is another one of our news videos. Here is the description […]

The Greg and Donny News Show – I’m Spartacus.

Video article. Please click to view!

I’ve written a bunch of articles here over the years. Now I’m on to something new. This is a really fun experiment I’m involved […]

Colion Noir, the Untold History of Black NRA Gun Clubs and the Civil Rights Movement

Colion Noir does a great job of explaining the forgotten history of black NRA gun clubs and the Civil Rights Movement in this L.A. Times interview. He also had a fun appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently.

Brown University Caves to Left-Wing ‘Outrage’

University Pulls Study Demonstrating Nonsensical & Curiously Excessive Reporting of Gender Dysphoria in Youths

Similar to your progressive acquaintance with a “vegan cat” – You really know who’s making the decisions.



Death of the Left

Death Of The Left Article by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, 2016

“Thomas’ mind suddenly reeled at the measureless might of the Elite—ruthless—godlike, in its steel combination of kings, wealth, and world war machines. Great wealth […]

Media and the Rise of Homosexuality

Media and the Rise of Homosexuality

India has just legalized gay sex. This is roughly one-sixth of the world’s population. A few years ago, this would have been unthinkable. What happened? An […]

America Rocks!

A Report Card on the American Household…. We Are Looking Good!

Consider if you will the past year of activity in the US economy and the sources of economic well-being of the American people, such as jobs, investments, tax cuts and home ownership. How does all this connect to the American household? Let’s do a […]

Kamala Harris Will Never be President

It appears now that the Progressive/socialists that have taken over the Democrat party have been looking for the new shining star for the next Presidential election. Just a few weeks ago they rebranded themselves as “the Better Deal”. They speak well of jobs and infrastructure, and better wages for workers. Does anyone believe that anything […]

TRUMP INNOCENT – Nolte: Woodward Book, Anonymous NYTimes Op-Ed Reveal Trump’s Done Nothing Wrong John Nolte 6 Sep 2018

Trump innocent. Trump has done nothing wrong. Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

Remember that…

As the corrupt media fabricate a “fitness for office” crisis, remember…

Trump has done nothing wrong.

Even those hiding behind anonymity, even […]

Archie Bunker and The PC Police

I came of age during a time when political incorrectness was the norm. Unapologetic white faces such as Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, and Tony Soprano dominated the entertainment scene.

Each of these characters expressed mild to domineering epithets against people of color and homosexuals, views which steered integral facets of their everyday life.

These […]

Police Shootings On YouTube—Thanks A Lot, Obama.

Police shootings on YouTube?

ARTICLE BY Jeffrey A. Friedberg

For some reason, I have been watching videos of police shootings for days—maybe a hundred of them. I couldn’t tell you exactly why.

It’s like, why is D. Pimple Popper popular? Or draining large abscesses? Or cutting […]

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