Ocasio-Cortez, Auntie Gringa, and Sex Trafficking in Colombia

What’s the connection between Democratic congresswoman-elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the recent bust of Israelis in Columbia? They are both a Shanda. Yiddish for a disgrace, a shame, a terrible embarrassment, a scandal.

About the Israelis, they were arrested for running a prostitution ring, allegedly scouting local schools and recruiting […]

Russell Kirk Saw Tradition as a Bulwark of Liberty

Photo by Annette Kirk

October 19th was the 100th birthday of the late Russell Kirk, often referred to as the father of American conservatism. A historian, political theorist, and novelist, Kirk was a perspicacious and indefatigable defender of traditional Western values: law and order, private property, and Christian morality. Though he […]

Piling on Racism Accusations to Take Down a Conservative State Legislator

The left has a bad habit of labeling conservatives racist merely for being politically incorrect. Whereas when someone on the left actuallyisracist, they get a free pass. Hillary Clinton recently jokedabout how a woman interviewing her […]

Refuting Liberal Propaganda Myths About World War Two

Churchill, FDR & Stalin meeting for the Yalta Agreement, which established the demarcation line for post war Europe, which Churchill later referred to as ‘the Iron Curtain’.

Having studied World War II in great detail […]

Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Raided by FBI, Possibly Others Involved

Last week, the FBI raided the home of a whistleblower who had turned over to the DOJ and Congress documents related to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. Those documents showed that […]

This is Why I Dislike Liberals

I have a lefty friend who never stops insulting me because of my conservative and Christian views. Sometimes I wonder how I remain friends with him, but I’m a pretty easygoing person. He […]

Video: History of 45 GAP Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 45 GAP ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our 45 GAP ammo caliber page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and […]

Are Modern Militias Legal in the U.S.?

U.S. Militia Groups

Militia groups in the United States are private organizations that are comprised of citizens as well as law enforcement or paramilitary personnel. Variations of American […]

Venezuela’s Crisis: Can Gold Save Them? Probably Not


Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro

“Nothing and no one will stop us!” – Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro believes he has an answer to the socioeconomic […]

Surviving Natural Disasters: What You Need To Know

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters used to be a rare occurrence. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes happened, but not with the severity and frequency that they seem to happen today. Regardless of what the cause, they exist. It’s important to be prepared to face what comes next, […]

History of United States Militias

An example of U.S. modern day militias

The concept of militia warfare is not a modern one, nor did it come from the United States. The […]

F*** The Jews, and Where was George H.W. Bush?

“Go to hell.” That’s what George W. answered a reporter, when questioned about what he planned to tell the Israelis, as he was about to leave on his 1998 Middle East trip. Was he joking? Let’s remember, W. previously had said in 1993, “heaven is open […]

The Migrants Must Be Turned Back

So now it is hundreds, soon to be thousands of migrants from Central America are at our border. Many after weeks of the harrowing experience of coming across Mexico to our southern border are returning home. Lied to by the groups involved in organizing the caravan such as Pueblo sin Fronteras, CARA, the […]

9 Things the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Steve Stockman Trial

Steve Stockman was a conservative Congressman who was prosecuted by the Department of Justice and found guilty on 23 out of 24 counts in April. The case involved four donations from two donors […]

The Democratic Illusion

Democrats live in an illusion. It is that democracy, as an ideal and as a system, is a natural product of human nature, and so history moves us in that direction. Sadly, this is hardly the case and therefore the assumption is wrong and dangerous. Our […]


The laws that govern our land were laid out by the Founding Fathers in order to document that these laws of Nature were given to us by God. But what if the people living under these laws have no virtue or no regard for the truth in the words written so long ago. The Creator […]

Video: History of 45 ACP Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 45 ACP ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our 45 ACP ammo caliber page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and […]

Female Green Berets: “…significant corruption, ethical and leadership failures, and potentially serious future problems….”

Original Photo Breitbart.com



[I received the following as an email requesting that I publish it, to possibly attract an investigation. —Jeffrey A. Friedberg]


Our Future Leaders and Morality

Is there morality in government? It is expected that our politicians be moral and of good character and integrity. But given the power unlawfully and unconstitutionally usurped by our elected officials, can it be said that any member of Congress fits within a recognized set of moral parameters? After all, it is the moral nature […]

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch




ROBERT SPENCER’S, 11/22/2018, Jihad Watch Daily Digest at: JIHADWATCH.ORG Please use this link to forward to a friend (we really appreciate it), do not use your email client to forward, […]

What I Am NOT Thankful For Today



What I am NOT Thankful For Today–

Thanksgiving, November 22, 2018

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


I am not thankful for evil, sick forces that try to poison, demean, and tear America apart, […]

New Democratic-Controlled House Vows to Take on the Second Amendment

Now that Democrats will take over the House of Representatives, they are calling for gun control legislation, citing the rash of previous mass shootings. The new laws will likely expand background checks and […]

Donald Trump’s Next Attorney General: A Careful Choice

In a long run, President Trump’s first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, a former United States Senator from Alabama, has proven to be inefficient, to say the least.

As I pointed out in several other […]

Do Away with Nations?

(A clarifying defense of an abused term.)

By raising such a question, the reader suspects that an abstract discourse follows about remote matters. It might be telling about a folly that something like “Nations, Yes and No” is not a distant theme any more. For […]

Leftist Jews, Leftist Judaism, And Too Much Of Each?




ARTICLE By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

I’m a born Jew and I’m through being polite with leftist Jews, leftist Judaism, liberals, progressives, and all the other distractions of a PC language in […]

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