I Love Telecommuting … Except When I Hate It

Attempting to work on my laptop at my parents’ home with my two nieces around.

I telecommute to my job at The Stream. I couldn’t work there otherwise, since our headquarters […]

Explosion of Anti-Semitism on the Left

The left and its comrades in the mainstream media have taken the Jewish vote for granted for years. Jews are one of the most reliable constituencies of the Democratic Party. A […]

Israel, Start Targeted Killings Again!

I couldn’t say it any plainer, KILL the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, NOW!

Start cutting off the heads of the snakes. Don’t worry if they grow new heads, cut them off too, if they grow back. Keep KILLING their leaders and operatives, […]

In Praise of Self-Checkouts

CEHHW8 Self checkout tills in Sainsbury’s supermarket, England, UK. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, then you’ve probably had to make this choice: regular cashier or […]

‘Commodity Activism’ is “That ‘Thing’ You Do”

andy warhol 2

Everyone knows all about everything in the era of ‘fake news’, because it no longer matters whether the details are ‘accurate’, so long as people appear ‘interesting’. The late Andy Warhol — the ‘no-talent’ founder of postmodern pop art —better explained […]

Madame Secretary, “At this point it makes a very big difference.”

During a January 23, 2013, Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Hillary Clinton was questioned about the September 11, 2012 bombing of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The Benghazi anniversary attack occurred while Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State during the final months of Romney’s presidential bid to unseat Obama and just two months before […]

Morality, Not Civility, Is The Basis of the Social Order

I would like to propose an hypothesis namely “If a society loses its belief in God and Judeo-Christian morality, it will go down the drain faster than you can flush a wad of toilet paper.” We shall test […]

Into the Looking Glass

Target, Isolate, and Destroy. A theme for political persecution of those who cross the well connected. Prosecution in today’s world isn’t justice- it is a way of control over those […]

Hungry for power, Dems have no appetite for impeachment

The release of the Mueller report should have finally silenced President Trump’s Democrat critics who for two years have fueled the false narrative that he and his campaign colluded with the […]

On Kedushah, Kedoshim, and Kiddush HaShem

This week, we saw the intersection, of another murder spree at a synagogue in America, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, and the weekly Parsha (Torah reading), Kedoshim. This intersectionality brings us the news of the day, the edge of the abyss, and a deep deep learning…


Media Ignoring Persecution of Christians

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama used the term “Easter worshippers” in their tweets about the Sri Lankan church bombings. Others did as well. It was if they went out of their way to come up with another term […]

Prosecutors: Sex Cult Illegally Bundled Money for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has her share of disreputable donors. They support her because they believe she will do better, or less worse, than her opponents on issues they care about. So when prosecutors say that a sex cult […]

Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Coming From Terrorist Breeding Grounds

In October 2018, President Trump stated foreign nationals from Middle Eastern companies were entering the county illegally along with Hondurans. He said they “could very well” include Islamic terrorists and that […]

Explosion of Anti-Semitism on the Left

The left and its comrades in the mainstream media have taken the Jewish vote for granted for years. Jews are one of the most reliable constituencies of the Democratic Party. A […]

How Not To Argue Against the Minimum Wage

Photo courtesy of USA Today.


There are many reasons to oppose raising the minimum wage. Most importantly, by increasing the cost of labor, a mandated wage hike causes employers to lay off […]

The Socialism of Organizing for Action

The Obama administration through its Organizing for Action funded by George Soros have been filled with treasonous activities since the Messiah left the office. In 2008, it was Obama who called for a “national security force just as powerful, just a strong, just as well funded as the standing army.” Obama has shown time and […]

UPDATED: Why I Don’t Mind The FBI Arrested This, “Vigilante, Militia Leader,” Down On The Border.



—————< >—————


Larry Mitchell Hopkins, AKA […]

Obama and OFA Are a Shadow Government

In the eight years of the Obama administration, there were members of deep state cadres of supporters put in place throughout the government. The sole purpose of these Obama sycophants in conjunction with the mainstream media was nothing more than to make sure that Donald Trump would be brought down.

CIA former director John Brennan, […]

Video: History of 223 Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 223 ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our 223 ammo caliber page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and GunStreamer.


The Left’s Bizarre, Irrational Hatred of MAGA

Make America Great Again is a patriotic slogan that President Trump uses. It’s no different than phrases like “America the Beautiful” or “Let Freedom Ring.” But because it has become associated […]

America and the Family Business Rule

There is an old saying in family businesses, “The first generation starts a business. The second generation runs it. The third generation ruins it.”

Metaphorically, our American family business is in the third generation.

Our Founding Fathers rejected monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, theocracy, and formed the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic – […]

Increasing Number of Christian Denominations Becoming More Republican

Did you think all the liberal Christian denominations making the news meant Christians have become more liberal? They’re not. Even mainline denominations like the Presbyterian and the Methodist churches have become […]

Leftist Groups Demand Corporations Blacklist Trump Employees

Would you work for someone if you knew it would get you blacklisted? No matter why you worked for him? No matter how much good you did? Would you risk the rest of your career […]

Africans Using Facebook to Sell Child Brides to Old Men

Facebook gets in trouble for both censoring too much and not censoring enough. Now it’s coming out that men in Africa use Facebook to sell their daughters as child brides. The company (of course) doesn’t want men […]

How Bad is Biden’s Behavior, Really? Facebook Friends Respond

The great liberal hero has been sabotaged by a great liberal movement. You’ve all seen the photos and videos. Joe Biden groping and kissing women and girls. (I’ve written about this […]

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