Paradox: Targeted by Fox News, Donald Trump Bombs, Wins First Debate

dnldtrmpIt’s a phenomenon like we’ve never seen before. Jeb Bush was the de facto leading candidate in the GOP primary, with the establishment money backing him and the glut of conservatives in the race lagging behind due to their splitting up the conservative vote. Suddenly, Donald Trump entered the race and shattered Bush’s lead, outpacing him by double digits in the polls.

In some instances his rhetoric seems to go too far, but so far he’s untouchable; the more outrageous the statements, the higher his ratings.  He is attracting the average Republican who doesn’t pay much attention to politics but knows him from his TV show The Apprentice and his celebrity businessman status. He brings star power into the race that the other candidates cannot match.

Many expected a cake walk for Trump in this debate, but then the Fox News hosts decided to go after him. Some say this is because former Fox News chief Rupert Murdoch dislikes Trump. Whatever the reason, Fox News host Brett Baier started out the debate asking if any of the candidates would be unwilling to pledge their support to the eventual Republican nominee for president. This was surely a trap set for Trump.

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