Parental Rights in the US — Could the Charlie Gard Case Happen Here?

Terminally ill British infant Charlie Gard will probably die this week. British courts would not allow his parents to take him for experimental medical treatment in the U.S. The massive public outcry, with even Pope Francis and President Donald Trump chiming in, came too late. The 11-month-old’s muscles deteriorated too much. He will be removed from life support and is expected to die within a week.

Could something like the Charlie Gard case happen here? Could a court take away parents’ right to decide how to treat their very sick child? Could it order the child’s death when the parents have a possible treatment?

The Charlie Gard Story

His parents fought the Great Ormond Street Hospital in court since March. Its doctors claimed Charlie had irreversible brain damage, but other doctors disagreed. The hospital refused to let his parents take him out of the hospital, even though doctors had no cure.

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