Paul Ryan Can Still be Stopped!

It was previously reported that Rep. Paul Ryan (R–Chamber of Commerce) received the verbal support of a supermajority of the House Freedom Caucus, but less than the 80% required to receive an endorsement. This is an embarrassing indictment of the Freedom Caucus, but there is still a chance to stop Ryan.

On Wednesday, the House GOP Caucus nominated Ryan as its choice for Speaker of the House. While the fact that Ryan got any “conservative” support is discouraging, he did not get the 218 votes necessary to prevail on the House floor. There were 43 votes for Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL), the favorite of the Freedom Caucus, and two stray votes, the intentions of which are hard to judge. The ballot was secret.

If those 43 (or 45) votes hang tough, they could scuttle Ryan’s election which is scheduled for Thursday. I’m not holding my breath, but reportedly angry constituents in the Freedom Caucus members’ districts are blowing up their phones asking them (very politely I’m sure) to not support Ryan, and presumably this ballot will not be secret.

There are many reasons to not support Paul Ryan, but I will focus on the most obvious one here, immigration. Ryan is a pro-amnesty, open borders fanatic. Immigration is an existential issue for Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, Tea Partiers or whichever other rightish group you want to throw in there, whether they realize it or not. Post 1970 immigrants vote 8 to 2 for Democrats and this trend is not abating. If current immigration rates continue and especially if large numbers of illegals get amnestied and become potential future voters, the country will turn irreversibly Blue in a couple of elections cycles. The Republican Party will become demographically irrelevant at the national level. Further right third parties and other “outliers” will be even more so.

The demographic issues should be especially poignant for former Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Ryan would be Vice President today if not for the votes of immigrants in 2012. This is not a statement of political opinion. This is a rather simple math problem. Yet Ryan is a big supporter of amnesty and increased legal immigration. Republicans like Ryan who are not immigration restrictionists are either clinging to an ideology that means the irrelevance of their party, are paid for shills who put the interests of their paymasters ahead of their own, and/or can’t do simple math. This means Ryan is either a fool, a hack and/or not too bright. So why would any Republican want this clown leading the House?

Don’t be part of the conservative coalition that can’t do math. Call your Representative. Flood the Freedom Caucus Facebook page. Call your local talk show. Do whatever you can now to turn up the heat and derail the Ryan Speakership while there is still hope, lest your children and grandchildren come to reside in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Bluelandia.

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