Philando Castile: Obama and Media Continue Hyping Latest Black Shot by Cops

Philando CastileRioting by Black Lives Matter around the country has increased lately, directed at the police over perceived mistreatment of black suspects. On July 6, police fatally shot Philando Castile in Minnesota. His girlfriend filmed him after he was shot and uploaded the video live to Facebook as he was dying, sparking an outrage. As is becoming part of a disturbing pattern, Black Lives Matter rioters immediately jumped to the conclusion that Castile was treated brutally by law enforcement simply because he was black. It happened a day after the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, another black man who was shot by law enforcement in Baton Rouge.

Although the shooting of Castile occurred in St. Paul, the worst riot took place in Dallas, where five police officers were shot and killed in retaliation. On Sunday, three officers in Baton Rouge were fatally shot in revenge for the shooting of Sterling, with three more injured.

Yet what keeps getting proven over and over again with these incidents especially since so many law enforcement officers nowadays are black themselves or another minority the shooting had nothing to do with racial bias. For example, in the black-majority city of Baltimore, where Freddie Gray died of injuries while in police custody, minorities make up more than half of the police force. Three of the six officers who had charges filed against them were black.

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