Planned UnParenthood: Nothing but a Women’s Game Played by Women

plndprntdldrshpPlanned parenthood is a pretty funny organization. But the alarming thing about it is: It is supposed to be for women’s rights and it is run totally by women. So in other words the largest abortion mill and the latest term abortions performed are by and large done by women and run by women.

We are taught that women are kind and loving. And if we put women in charge, there would be no wars. The whole world would just hold hands together and sing Kumbaya. But like the teachings of Obama it is all a bunch of crap. If you visit any women’s prison, you would see many women that the guards say are worse than the men prisoners.

So let’s get back to Planned Unparenthood. When these ladies are under attack they roll out the speaking heads who say abortions are not what they are all about. It is about women’s health issues and birth control. And it was discovered that they receive a ton of money from your governments.   Over $500 million dollars from the Feds alone. That is each and every year.

Trump stated that they are located in poorer neighborhoods so that these vultures can prey on poor black women. They used to do a million abortions a year. So that would be about 200,000 black babies executed per year, if we can extrapolate from normal demographic numbers.

That is really not a large number considering that we give birth to 440,000 anchor babies a year. But most of these are probably not black!

The problem with all this socialism is that you end up putting other socialistic programs out of business. ObamaCare is for everyone. And the poor women can now get ObamaCare for nothing in most states. So they can get free “Sandra Fluke” birth control. And the best womanly healthcare in the world from the many Medicaid and ObamaCare doctors.

So in essence they have put the healthy side of planned parenthood under the knife. And their only specialty is late term abortions. Most normal physicians refuse to do them so they refer the victims to these clinics.

If you listen carefully to the videos of women they claim they do 3 late term abortions a day at one location. Now since they are not men, we can rely on their data. By doing the late term abortions, they make more money and they also can sell the body parts. And that may not be all that bad, as long as they obtained consent from the victims that their aborted babies would be sold off for parts.

Abortion has its good points. Most abortions are performed on Democrats. My guess is that most Democrats have parents that are Democrats. It sound funny at first, but maybe not.

The part that really drives me crazy is that all the doctors and admin people on the videos are women. Women are supposed to be the kinder and gentler specie. But these butchers appear no different than the evil men portrayed by the wacko liberals. After all it is all about the money. Ask Hillary?

There is a wacko doctor in Philadelphia that is doing time for late term abortions. My guess is he would bring the labor on, make the decision that the mother was in danger and abort the almost full term fetus/baby.

This is the problem with all liberal notions. They sound good. Let’s abort all fetuses up to the first three months. It looks like a piece of snot, whose going to miss it. And then all of a sudden, we are aborting babies much later then that. And this is by women on women. If it was only male babies being aborted, well then you can make some wacko argument.

But there is no reason for a million women to get pregnant today who need to take the abortion route. With all the sex ed and crap that these ladies have been exposed to, they should not be getting pregnant. And obviously not being made pregnant by a guy who they do not want to be the father of junior.

I can’ believed that folks like Pelosi are not appalled by this and demand the defunding of planned unParenthood. She is a mother and a Catholic. At least that is what she told the pope. If she could have, would she have aborted her own children?

There are plenty of rich liberal women that will contribute to these abortion mills. Let them pay for the women to be available to abort other women’s fetuses and babies.

The taxpayer by way of exorbitant premiums are paying for the free birth control and women’s health care issues. Would you rather be counseled on birth control by the butchers of planned unParenthood or by the neighborhood physician who does not have any skin in the abortion game.

Women should be better than this. They should know better. If a woman counsels you in birth control and you still get pregnant and they want to take your baby and sell the parts secretly for science and research… Maybe you should know better.

I can’t believe there are no men involved in these abortion mills. Maybe they were smart enough not to get caught on video.

Planned Parenthood should be in the business of preventing abortions, not encouraging and profiting from them.

Louisiana claims they don’t have enough doctors to care for the women on Medicaid. Wait a darn minute. ObamaCare added over 8 million people to the roles of Medicaid under the guise of ObamaCare and the premiums of ObamaCare. It is like climate change. Call them on it. We have money to create Medicaid and pay to abortion mills! But we don’t have the doctors to treat women on Medicaid. I don’t believe it. Call them on it and have them prove it. Just like the NFL. If you can’t get it to fit, you must acquit.

Some liberals will call this capitalism. It is like being a lawyer. Lawyers create the work so they have a job forever. As long as women teach faulty birth control, there will always be a woman that wants to make a buck aborting your fetus.

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