Poisoned Darts

Duly Noted”

(Irreverently observed.)

1. Wiping out our civilization and its order is the priority of several elites. The noise they make urges us to formulate a general rule. “If someone claims that his priority is to destroy you, then you better believe it”. If “believing” that is not followed by “doing” something about it, then you are one of those fools who, shortly before midnight, can conclude that “tomorrow” is far away and not the “today” of the coming morning.

2. If it is Trump, it is wrong. The vintage accusation against Trump used to be that his stridently phrased foreign policy goals are inflexible and therefore as impractical as they are perilous. On the basis of that claim, two contradictory predictions were spun. One: Soon, as one can expect from an interventionist, Trump will provoke an otherwise avoidable pointless conflict. Two: The ignoramus, being an isolationist, will unnecessarily retreat from essential American positions.                                 This makes us say, “Could the opposition please take a break from its hysteria and resolve the contradiction? Let it decide which Trump it deigns to combat, will destroy the world.

3. In the agreed upon convention of Western elites, Trump appears through his articulation of issues as a possessed sick person. He is diagnosed to suffer from a twitching caused by uncontrollable infantile radicalism. That image sells among the those trained by the apostles of PC not to say what is meant, deny what is, and keep silent regarding anything that might offend thin skinned professional “victims”.

4. Trump inconsistent? Candidate Trump has indicated that the practices of some foreign countries are not to his liking. That was to make the negotiation of new deals necessary. Then President Trump entered the picture. Thereafter, some global actors have demonstrated an inclination to enter into new arrangements with the USA that they used to resist. Take the case of China. Peking’s pressure on nuclear Kim is subtly growing. Washington receives an obviously satisfied Xi, and the tone of the music, to which Trump and the Chairman tango, softens. Domestic critics continue to be exasperated. First, Trump was said to be an irresponsible inflexible provocateur. Being able to negotiate with the “enemy” brings a new charge to back up the old outrage. POTUS –once too rigid- does not follow a consistent line. That is not supposed to express the flexibility of the deal-maker but is said to reflect unclearly thought through positions.                                                                                                                  For the sake of the carpers, one needs to formulate a hope to save their face. It is that the cold-then-hot wind directed toward Kim, shall not make him to secure his position by entering into an arrangement with America and his neighbors.

5. Teheran is arriving in Vienna. After a tight election, Austria chose a Red-Green head of state that run as an independent. The man is proving what should have been clear all along and illustrates “what is wrong in Europe”. In order to respond to Islam-hate, (its practice might radicalize Moslems) the time could come when, to show solidarity with those that practice their religion, all women might need to cover up.

 6. Solidarity is, as practiced, “I can decree, without consulting the plucked giver that I ‘get’,     while I retain the right to keep what is mine”.

7. The pressure on advanced societies of illegal migrants that claim privilege by demanding refugee status is growing. Equally rising are crime statics –even if those misdeeds that only migrants can commit are carefully excluded and killings are attributed to “mental cases”. Ditto for the chronically unemployed (often 80-90 % of certain backgrounds). A convincing response to be able to continue what does not work is needed. And there is one.                                                                                                 It is that borders do not work and cannot be closed which is a reoccurring theme of left-right-liberal elites whose voters are running away. Besides, say the otherwise big spenders, effective borders cost too much. If “they” want to cross them, they will. As proof they like to cite the case of borders whose ineffectuality is due to intended mismanagement. Ignored is that even the threat of enforcement has dramatically reduced the seepage across the US-Mexican border. Hungary’s newly erected border –once the venue of dramatic pictures presented globally- has cut even attempted crossing to single digit numbers.                                                                                                                           The conclusion: If the governing elites want something to fail, it will. However, if there is a will, the same policy will work.

8.Here is, for free, a good tactic to aid the collectivists of all nations. Their problem is that, increasingly, their awakening citizens demand that government shall save money. Cut the dough with whicvh the clans-in-charge bribe society with its own money. How to go about getting the money, part of which is directed back to clients? Add a new tax claiming that it will create “equality”. For instance increase the VAT by half a percent. Mamy will not realize that, if shall we say, the VAT is 10%, adding half a percent is not a trifle but a 5% increase. Having done that, you can create a new government agency (with race, gender, religious quotas embedded). It might, for instance, investigate ways to reduce government expenses, staffs, and tax cuts in the interest of efficiency. Insolent fantasy? No, the idea comes from real life and gives jobs to hordes of otherwise unemployable “cousins”.

9. Liberals always find a reason to forgive what they had declared earlier to be unforgivable. This principled stance assures that the forgiven misdeeds will again happen. That should lead to a move against the evil. But no, that is not what happens. Instead, to avoid a conflict with determined elements, the saving suggestion of the feeble is to legalize what had been once illegal.

10. About EU power. From the point of view of stable global relations and its balance of power, it is disconcerting that the Union demonstrates weakness against those that really menace it. This reflects more than the lack of suitable physical instruments. A real cause of the feebleness of the economic giant is that its liberal leadership is too timid to discover in challengers the threat they pose, and to admit that there are foes that cannot be appeased or bought off. As a result, the EU is incapable to protect its border and to assert itself in its immediate neighborhood. Therefore, EU security depends on American involvement. It complicates matters that those that run “Europe” have never liked America very much and abhor it since Trump’s election.                                                                               The European Union shows muscle when it undertakes to punish decently behaving Britain for leaving it. The principle seems to be that “Brexit must bring ruin”. Counting on British restraint, the otherwise tail-wagging fat dog attempts to bite and to demonstrate doggedly that challenging it is harmful to the health of the deserter. Traitors will be eaten! No surprise: the fury of a challenged bureaucracy’s power elite is a tornado like tantrum.

11.  French elections. Seconded by the failed forces of the past, fiction and illusions, masquerading as a renewal, scored over reality. Officially, the voters said that they wish to “move” forward. The intention of those that engineered the hat-trick is to alter the form of their presentation so that the old substance of defunct tradition can be preserved.





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