Political Classism – Part Two

Creating a two tier medical care system where only government officials get proper care is only the first step.  Now the feds are going after education. 

In our last episode we discussed the subject of Obamacare as political class warfare against the common citizen.  Meanwhile as all the noise has been emanating from DC about Syria, the debt ceiling and the budget, the federal government has quietly begun proceedings in court against the State of Louisiana.  The subject is their education system.  

What happened in Louisiana began with Hurricane Katrina.  Portions of the state were devastated; particularly sections of New Orleans.  One of the victims of the storm damage was the local public school system.  At normal functions were being restored it was found that some public schools were in such bad shape that an alternative had to be found.  The answer was a school choice program funded by government vouchers that enabled families to send their children to whatever school they wanted, including high quality private schools.  The plan proved so popular and successful that it was expanded statewide under the leadership of Governor Jindal.  It is currently targeted at allowing parents to transfer their children out of failing schools.  But success and popular sentiment are meaningless to the federal behemoth.

Lets turn back the clock to 2009 when Barack Obama entered the White House.  One of his first actions was to shut down the school choice program that had been in place for some years in the District of Columbia.  The primary beneficiaries of this program were minority children in the District; especially Blacks.  It meant nothing to Obama although he made certain that his daughters went to the best available school, he denied the same opportunity to others.  Rank has its privileges.  So does political power. 

The basis behind the attack on the Louisiana school choice program is that it harms diversity and reversed past desegregation.  Presented with this fact one has to ask an extremely important question:  Which is more important; diversity, desegregation or a good education?  Apparently, the federal government believes that education is less important.  It shouldn’t take too much thinking to determine why. 

If you accept the idea that government, as presently constituted, has a goal of developing a political class based society in which Washington DC elites get to treat the rest of us as serfs, the rest follows easily.  A poorly educated society is easier to control.  A society which follows orders regardless of the consequences is ideal for authoritarians.  Create a society where people are poorly educated and are subject to federal political control where their medical needs are concerned and you have a society that will be totally compliant, largely because they have no choice. 

There will be those who do not agree with the belief that we are dealing with authoritarians.  They are wrong.  They need to look at what the people in question do, and not what they say.  Actions speak louder than words.  The Obamacare act creates a train wreck of the medical industry.  The people responsible had to know that this would happen, and now that it is happening, the fact that they are ignoring it speaks volumes.  It becomes clear that they want the train wreck.  Making quality education a matter of political class would be another logical step in destroying the middle class and Amerian civil liberties.  Imposing a carbon tax, which fortunately appears to be well nigh impossible now, would be a third logical step.  Imagine a society where only the politically connected have access to transportation, electricity in more than piddling amounts and the equipment to make use of it.  The internet would die, except for the wealthy and politically connected.  Liberty dies and all that America stood for dies with it. 

According to recent reports the Dept. of Justice is now backing down on its legal challenge.  This may be a matter of admitting defeat, or a strategic withdrawal until it finds another opportunity to attack again.  Only time will tell. 

But this action, regardless of the current federal withdrawal delivers a message; that the people have a choice between liberty and tyranny; that the current administration stands for tyranny, and that this cannot be acceptable to anyone.  Right now the government is working actively to remove constitutional protections that all Americans share.  The authoritarians have been working for approximately a century to abolish them in their quest for ever-greater power.  It is about time that we really fought back.  

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