Politically Correct Is Alive and Well In New York City

politically correctPrincipal Eujin Jaela Kim, at P.S. 169 in Brooklyn, NY, has taken the step of banning references to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Pledge of Allegiance in her school. What do all these holidays and the Pledge have in common? For the leftists, they symbolize Christian, white, hypocritical America. Thanksgiving is not observed as a Christian holiday, but everyone knows that the Pilgrims were there at the first Thanksgiving giving thanks to their Lord and Savior in the early 17th Century. Leftist and atheistic teachers alike despise the phrase “under God” that is recited in the Pledge, but sometimes they hide this bias by saying that what really bothers them is the hypocritical phrase “liberty and justice for all.” And Christmas, though it is a legal holiday observable by  people of all faiths, is nonetheless seen as part of the unwanted Christian heritage of America. What a grotesque and joyless world these crude p.c. warriors live in.

However, the dictum of the leftist principal is making the rounds as though it were a unique event, and merely the dictate of a perverse individual. Nothing could be further from the truth. The NYC Department of Education is a bastion of un-patriotic left-wing fervor. This anti-Americanism is, of course, justified as “respecting the opinions and beliefs of all.” The fact that “all” live in the U.S.A. and are reaping the blessings and benefits of this society seems both remote and offensive to the sophisticated leftist consciousness.

For example, this writer, a former NYC high school teacher, can tell you that the Pledge was not recited in most high schools from about 1966, the height of conflict about the Vietnam War, until after the Twin Towers were taken down by Islamic jihadists in 2001. Then, by mandate, it was restored. Nonetheless, not all high schools complied, although many did. Further, even when re-instituted, this teacher was present when the principal told us that the students had a right not to say the Pledge with the class, and could remain seated. Students who said the Pledge were not required to place their hands over their hearts. However, they were not to be allowed to turn their backs to the flags that were in the classrooms.

At the high school level, most teachers have the experience that almost all freshmen stand and recite the Pledge along with the speaker reciting the Pledge over the public address system. Then, by 10th grade, about half or one-third will stand, and the others will not. By junior and senior years, with horns of political correctness fully grown, at most 1-3 students in a room of 34 will stand and recite the Pledge.

The stories about Principal Kim did not touch other areas of anti-patriotism in school. This writer taught in a high school that never sang the National Anthem, but would instead sing only the so-called Black National Anthem (“Lift Up Your Heart and Sing”). At a faculty meeting, a teacher complained that the Caribbean students were being short-changed since they could expect to spend the rest of their lives in the USA. They had a right to be proud of their heritage, but needed to become consciously imbued with loyalty to the country that supports and sustains them through the years. Subsequently, it was decided that in future assemblies, they would sing both.

However, for security reasons, assemblies in that school were canceled, so the question of singing the National Anthem became moot. Yes, the school was so disorderly that any anthem was eliminated from the life of the school. That disorderliness is another commentary on the permissiveness that has turned so many schools into blackboard jungles. In another school where order existed, and there were occasional assemblies, the National Anthem was only sung once a year at graduation, and not one other patriotic song like “America The Beautiful,” “God Bless America,” or “My Country Tis of Thee” was ever sung.

Every student in one of the high schools where I taught was required to take one year of U.S. History, and the required textbook for all classes was The Americans, published by McDougal Littell. Every section of this book is replete with errors and omissions. The book needs a complete editorial makeover. But beyond that, the book is filled with left-wing, politically correct, clichéd interpretations of U.S. History. Christianity, despite the fact that it was critical in the formation of American culture, is hardly mentioned. The Great Awakening gets two paragraphs of the book’s 1100 pages. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are depicted as minor figures, not as traitors who sold our atomic secrets to the USSR for $10,000.    Our only interest in beginning the Spanish-American War was our desire to protect U.S. business interests — and this contention is expressed with a tone of contempt, as though we were again defending those dirty, filthy, greedy businessmen. Practically every protest march by every aggrieved group throughout our history is presented in detail as though it were a defining event. The list of distortions is simply too long to catalog in this article. The Americans is a high school version of Howard Zinn’s Peoples’ History of the United States where, instead of the U.S. being the “land of opportunity,” we are portrayed as the “land of exploitation.” Unsurprisingly, Zinn’s book is the bestselling U.S. history textbook on our college campuses.

In addition, to the above-noted politically correct omissions and teachings in New York City’s schools, it should also be noted that no Mother’s Day or Father’s Day was ever celebrated in the twenty-one years this writer was in the high schools. It’s not surprising because Karl Marx despised the family as the bedrock social institution of bourgeois society, so-called. Further, it is difficult to see Mother’s and Father’s Days in their traditional sense when we now have the “non-traditional family”[sic] as a legal entity. George Washington and Abe Lincoln are not celebrated at any school on Presidents’ Day. Why? Their greatness is tainted by the fact that Washington owned slaves (even though he freed them), and Lincoln made remarks suggesting that there was a question of whether blacks were “equal” to whites even though he was the first to meet with black leaders in the White House and led millions of blacks to their freedom and full citizenship.

The New York City schools are bastions of entrenched left-wing, politically correct ideas and ideals. Principal Kim in Brooklyn shocked some parents, and caught the attention of media outlets. But she is only one snake on the Medusa’s head of political correctness. Those who gazed upon Medusa turned to stone. Those who cannot enjoy our national holidays or take satisfaction from living in these United States are losing their joy. Sadly, they are also eroding the joy of millions of others. Life without joy is a stone-like life. Politically correct permeates the NYC schools through and through.


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