Politically Incorrect Beer Pong!

Well, well, well. A bunch of high school kids at The Lovett School, a K through 12, private, college prep school in Atlanta, Georgia, were holding a rather unique beer pong game. Lovett headmaster William S. Peebles has expelled the student who set up the game of beer pong, because the cups were arranged as a Nazi swastika at one end, and a Jewish Star of David at the other, and then published a picture of the “Nazi vs. Jews” beer pong event. The event was held off-campus. Five other students who participated were suspended, and two students were banned from co-curricular activities for two weeks simply for watching the game. Everyone is deeply disturbed over this event — everyone except me…

All the details of the story are in my sources below if you want more information.

Everyone else is of course missing the point of the game. These students need to be congratulated for rejecting political correctness, and exercising their free speech rights in a way that is so obviously offensive, it’s funny. “Aren’t they supporting Nazi’s and ridiculing the Holocaust” go the whimpers. No, you idiots. This is high school rebellion against a country and education system gone completely nuts with political correctness and enforced conformity of thought, the exact opposite of the intent of academic freedom, even in high school. My hat is off to them.

This is exactly the kind of thing I would have done in high school and college. And anyone who knew me back then knows this is true. And I hate the f***ing Nazi’s. I’ve been to Dachau. I understand the Holocaust. I’ve been railing for weeks now that Nazi’s are National Socialists and are extreme LEFTISTS, just like the Neo-Nazi’s, ANTIFA, Communists, Fascists, Marxists, Maoists, Stalinists, and all the rest of the totalitarians who want to impose their will, through brute force, leading to government brute force when they get in power, on the rest of us.

Hat’s off to the brave students who have said ENOUGH. Enough of your political correctness, your rape culture accusations, your white privilege prejudice, your safe space to say only what YOU want to say, and hear only what YOU want to hear. Enough of riots against conservative speakers because they dare to disagree with your fascism, enough of riots destroying anything you want, enough of violence on Trump supporters, enough of down grading students for having different opinions than their teachers and professors, enough persecution of anyone with a brain and a separate opinion than that required by the school administration.

This is the Animal House Toga Party. One last futile but perfect gesture, when all about them, everything they went to a private academy to experience, is taken by fanatical Leftists, and just like clones from a Twilight Zone adventure, students who know nothing, and can do nothing, are prepared for nothing, can’t think for themselves, are thrust into four years of exactly the same treatment in college, and then suddenly, every spring, graduates are pumped on to the job market, only to fail miserably and continue to live at home.

Hire the students who were suspended and expelled, for they are the free thinkers. Send them to the best universities in the country. They have imagination, creativity, and no fear of the authority that has lost their “collective” minds. These are your future movers and shakers. They are the ones who will go boldly forth and come up with the new ideas to move our society out of political correctness, and into political diversity.

“But Greg, but Greg — don’t they love Nazi’s???” No, you morons. Of course not. They just picked the most offensive combination they could think of for a drinking game, as a way to tweak the nose of all those who would oppress them, just like real Nazi’s would have restricted their thoughts and actions in the beginning. Just like the real Neo-Nazi and other Leftists are doing right now with all their violence, just like in Charlottesville, and just like in the Nazi times, with the backing of the media, the high schools and the universities. And for those students, to host this game, in this day and age, takes real courage. This restores my faith in the next generation, something I had not felt until now.

This is the best protest I have seen since Tom Lehrer wrote his classic song, “National Brotherhood Week.” It’s on Youtube. Look it up.

By the way, has anyone noticed that these are high school kids underage drinking, probably supplied by alumni, this goes on all the time in high schools, including especially our elite private schools, and no one gets suspended or expelled for that, at least not that makes the news?

So long live the politically incorrect, indecent, abhorrent, disgraceful, impertinent, repulsive, anti-authoritarian, individual, creative, offensive, derogatory, disrespectful, outrageous, crude, vulgar, instigative, provocative, insolent, purveyors of free speech, because free speech is useless, unless someone is offended. And in this case, the more people that need to be offended, are offended, the better.


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Students Expelled for Playing Nazis vs Jews Beer Pong

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