Portland’s Resistance Raises Monetary Support for Vandalism and Legal Support for Rioters



In the wake of electing Donald J. Trump as President, Portland’s Resistance, a protest conglomerate comprised of Black Lives Matter to Bernie PDX, has held demonstrations consecutively for the past two weeks, including vigils, marches and riots.

Gregory McKelvey, who acts as the central hub of communication for Portland’s Resistance, crystallizes the movement’s message as an initiative for a more progressive Portland, advocating for rent control, free and safe abortions, the end of police brutality, and maintaining the sanctuary city status. You can find the full list of demands here.

Although these protests inside city limits were ignited by the election of Donald Trump, these demonstrations do not explicitly aim to abolish the electoral college (in spite of Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, winning the popular vote) or to preemptively impeach President Elect Trump.

Post election weekend, there was a total of 113 arrests in Portland due to marches impeding traffic, vandalism, and destruction of property.

Promptly after the Portland Police determined the November 10th’s rally as a riot, a GoFundMe account was formed by Portland’s Resistance to compensate the damage. Over $50,000 has been raised so far.

“Portland’s Resistance is a movement of love and peace,” McKelvey stated at the Sunday night vigil. “I’m not here to police anybody’s activism, but I am here to lead by example, and I’m going to set an example of peace.”

Incongruity, McKelvey asserted “there is a diversity of tactics.” Later quoting Howard Zinn, a professor and political activist, who said “Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.”

These sentiments are echoed through Portland’s Resistance’s Facebook event page, aimed at raising support and funds in aid of those who were arrested during the riots:

“We can’t ever trust the police and they will trump up charges to intimidate peaceful demonstrators… We will show solidarity with protesters who aren’t destructive and those who choose to use a diversity of tactics, even if we don’t agree with the tactics. Violence and oppression towards each other will not be tolerated, and our focus is on the violence and oppression of the State.”

As of Monday, November 14, Portland high school students organized their own march, comprised of Madison, Cleveland, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin, and Benson school districts.

More impromptu rallies and marches should be expected throughout Portland.


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