Portland’s ‘White Riot’ Raises $50K for Anti-Trump Vandalism, Later Reallocating Funds for ‘Medical Assistance’ to Injured Protesters

Portland's Resistance

Portland’s Resistance, a reactionary Anti-Trump protest group, has made monetary allocation changes to their GoFundMe account, now prioritizing the funds raised for injured protesters. Initially, the “Rebuild Fund” was erected to compensate for the vandalism and property damage that occurred throughout Portland’s protests, beginning November 10th.

The protest group began as a rebuke of President elect Trump, however, no specific actions have been deployed to prevent the democratically elected president from taking the White House in January. Instead, Portland’s Resistance is more poised to “show the world what a progressive city looks like.” Their list of demands can be found here.

The Portland’s Resistance GoFundMe initially stated that all of the money raised would be spent towards the small and local businesses affected by rioters. As of November 28th, an addendum was reached on their Facebook page, now reallocating the funds raised for “medical assistance to individuals who sustained injuries during the protests, individuals whose personal property was damaged in the protests, and small businesses that sustained damages not covered by insurance during these protests.” This assertion from Portland’s Resistance leaves plenty of room for interpretation in regards to both damages and personal property.

The additions made to the Rebuild Fund state that no money will be spent on already insured businesses and property, essentially benefitting small businesses that have not purchased insurance relating to vandalism. State property is also excluded from the Rebuild Fund’s qualifications.

In regards to other expenses, the Portland Police Bureau racked up nearly $600,000 in overtime fees in November alone, reported by The Oregonian. Police Chief Mike Marshman estimates the cost of the damages from the Portland riots as exceeding over $1 Million, reported by KOIN 6 news staff.

Most of the property damage and vandalism that occurred throughout the November 10th riot lands outside the ridged qualifications of Portland’s Resistance’s GoFundMe, implying a surplus of money exists. The protest conglomerate’s central committee would control where that surplus would be spent, stating that they “are prepared to vote on an appropriate distribution plan in the spirit of the original ‘Rebuild’ effort.”


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