Potty Rules could hurt Obama and the Liberal Democrats!

Potty Rules could hurt Obama and the Liberal Democrats!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


Super Obama has come up with new potty rules. Potty is one thing, what about the locker room. Soon we will have all sorts of fun sorting out who can play on what team and will this change the rules.


For once we have a Liberal Democrat sticking his foot in his mouth during an election year instead of a Republican. Remember the idiot that said a woman can’t get pregnant while being raped. What a genius.


Genius Obama wants to let the boys and men into the ladies room. He wasn’t born this stupid. He had to work at it. Now the number of true Identified as transgender (ITS) are real small. So these are the folks that want to dress up and act all the time as the opposite gender and not have the genitalia lopped off.


People have to review the idea of public restrooms and community locker rooms. Men walk around naked and it is not an issue. Most women have the option to hide behind curtains. Men shower in the open, women not so much. We are talking about public facilities not an orgy.


If you look back in history, public rest rooms start around the 1400’s or so. My guess is it started as a public restroom with one throne and a locked door. (Excluding the Romans).

The main purpose was privacy. As man became more civilized so to speak, there was a need for multiple thrones. So they couldn’t allow men and women to throne together so they made separate bathrooms for each gender.


So why not have them all in one room. That is simple. They didn’t want men and women together. Men and women get together and things could happen. So they develop the concept of bathrooms for men separate from women. And the basic purpose was to allow privacy, but more importantly men could not be trusted with women. And women who at one time were pure and chase at least from afar would not want to chance the tinge of impropriety.


And of course you always get the horn dogs that are too cheap to rent a room, they want to engage in the restroom. This can only be a man’s thought. That would probably be the last place I would want to engage. Women want candles, scents, music, this stuff is not even in their wheelhouse. But with the right amount of alcohol etc. anything can happen.


So man being a wise man, made rules. No men in the ladies room and no women in the men’s room. You have to wonder what happens in the men’s room with the gay folks today.


But any how, do you really want to be in a stall while two goofs are making out in the stall next door. What if there are no other thrones available. So you see it was common sense that brought about separate bathrooms and lockers. It wasn’t segregation. It was privacy and convenience. You know how mad you get when you know the clown is hogging a throne while reading a paper. Just imagine hanky panky.


I don’t begin to understand this stuff. The Post had a 50 year old doctor went to Harvard no less, and decides he wants to dress up as a women. What?


Whatever an adult wants to do is ITS business. God bless the family. But when it comes to the children, I think they can wait a few years after they reach the age of majority before they start being a bit weird. There are a few people that are biologically mixed up. But if genetically you want to fool mother nature, then why must the community take on the damages.


Children can’t drink, smoke, get a tattoo, vote and buy Marijuana until they are 18 or older. What makes you think they can decide what outfit to wear that day! You are going to let a 6 year old determine their gender of the day. Maybe the fault lies with the Parents.  Wouldn’t it be cute if we dressed up Johnny as a girl and called him Sally?


That is what irks a lot of folks. It seems that the liberals want to change all the rules so they can do what they think is right. But on the other hand, they want to stop you from doing what you think is right.


This all begins with a liberal judge that ruled an IT in school could not use the faculty bathroom, because it was discriminatory. What?


Ultimately the only way to fix this is to have unisex separate public bathrooms for all. Including locker stall units. All rooms would need to enter from a public hallway with appropriate security and cameras. As President Trump says, this would be expensive.


But it is the only solution to the problem. Next time sit down with a liberal and get a list of all the things they have planned for you. This is just the tip of the iceberg for these loons. First off, the jerky judge in the IT case should be thrown off the bench. Maybe the first thing is to allow a procedure to quickly get rid of goofy judges.


But any how, it was Obama that made another ruling from the Oval Office. About 225 days left for Obama. Lets make this the one that will be the albatross around the liberal’s neck. First he lied about ObamaCare. He lied about the Obamanomics. He lied about

al-Qaeda on the run. He lied about Benghazi.


But now we have him professing his love of the ITS. How many of them are there actually in school? One thing they don’t talk about is who do the ITS want to have sex with? Never any mention about that. So if we have a 50 year old doctor that has male genitalia who does IT want to be in relationship with? Maybe they are so confused, they don’t want to be in a relationship with anybody? It would seem to me, that is the most important question to ask. Then you might want to determine what bathroom they need to use. Maybe Jokingly they should not be allowed to use the bathroom of the sex that they are attracted to. That would really screw up the LGBT community.


But the heck with all this nonsense. Common sense says make individual bathrooms and locker rooms for everyone. Just send the bill to the Clinton Foundation. They can tie this to global warming by morning.


Remember the gay football player that was drafted for the fun of it. Because he would never have made the team. One of the male players was thankful that he didn’t use the shower until all the “heterosexuals” had left the shower area. What?


Can’t believe the liberal press didn’t jump all over that. Was the football player afraid he was going to be attacked in the shower. Or was it the other way around.


It is fun when you let the loons and liberals run the show. Just keep voting for the liberals. Who begets the liberal judges. That will cost you a ton of money to fight over stupid things that just don’t make any sense. But keep voting for liberals if you want more of the same nonsense for the next 8 years.











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