President Bush: Who Do We Blame if Trump Loses?

President Bush: Who Do We Blame if Trump Loses?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


The problem with a lot of the Republican leaders is that they are spineless. And granted when the lewd video surfaced, most sane people kept their mouths shut, but the spineless spoke up. Especially since Mr. Trump apologized, it would be very stupid to look like you would not be voting for Mr. Trump. But when the liberal media came a calling, you couldn’t help yourself!


So the first question is are you then going to vote for Hillary? Lets be clear, a non-vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary and more Obama socialism.


Cuban says he is voting for Hillary. Because Hillary knows so much more than Trump. When you look at her emails you have to wonder When someone has to tell you how intelligent Hillary and Obama are, then you know they could  be idiots.


No one ever says how smart Krauthammer is. But he hates Trump, and Trump never said he would put Hillary in jail if he was president. He said she would be in jail. In other words, the FBI and the attorney general would not be in the can for Hillary and she would have been tried for treason and so on and so forth.


But President Bush Sir, we are at a critical juncture. And we need your help. Trump is probably the first leader to come along in a while. Most of these other guys are spineless. And after the video came out, they should have kept their mouths shut and wait for the fallout to stop precipitating.


This puts the voter in a precarious position. If guys like Toomey and Dent refuse to vote for Trump, should I not vote for them.  As usual the GOP has shot themselves in the foot.


But there is a lot at stake here. If Hillary should win and rules by executive order like Obama, we will have more of the same communism. But what about the Supreme Court?


If Hillary gets elected just for 4 years there is a strong possibility she will replace three judges with liberals. Remember Billy appointed Ginsberg and Beyer. We already have two young liberals in Sotomayor and Kagan. Once the liberals control the Court, for the next 20-30 years they will shape the national policies. There will be no constitution in effect. Abortions no problem. Partial birth, why not. Open borders and let everyone vote as many times as they like. It is their right!


In 4 years it is conceivable that the U.S. will become like NY and California. Republicans are politicians in name only. Imagine if all of the United States was the same way. Democrats could run everything. Education would be molded and formed to embellish the liberals’ gospels. Climate change would be gospel. Taxes will grow exponentially.

Fossil fuels would be outlawed like coal is now. History and its books would go silent!


What if Trump was a Democrat. they would not have abandoned him. Once he apologized and Jesse Jackson was his counselor, we would be golden.


It almost seems like the folks that did not want to support Mr. Trump from the beginning bolted on this latest of excuses. But is this best for the country.


The Republican majority elected Mr. Trump as the candidate. And if the Republicans stand behind him he will win. If you must, make him take a vow  that he will only appoint judges approved by Thomas and Alito.


You may not like Mr. Trump, but he and only he can lead us out of the Obama mess.


It was first rumored by a Kennedy no less, that HW was going to vote for Hillary. We really need someone to put on the big boy or girl pants and lead the vote. A non-Trump vote is a vote for Hillary.


Bill Maher never took credit for causing Algore to lose the election. But on his ABC show he said he couldn’t vote for algore. He was voting for Nader. Nader ended up with almost 100,000 votes in Florida. President Bush won by 500 votes.


Glenn Beck you can be annoying at times, But why would you waste your vote on a constitutional guy. It is quite stupid. Because if Hillary wins, there will not be much left of the constitution. Might not be much left of the middle class. You raise the issue of Morality. Too bad you didn’t ask Trump for a lie detector test. Not sure why one would wait so long to pursue a case. The odds are the charges will be dropped.  But is Trump guilty? Seems questionable. If Mr. Trump wasn’t running would the case have been filed. The case was dismissed in California. How many folks you know would be able to afford to file this case in New York? Something smells about this case. But can you base your decision not  to vote for Trump on this alone? If you refuse to vote for Trump, and indirectly vote for Crooked Hillary. If Hillary wins,  many including myself will not watch/listen to your show any more!!


What I ask is for: Is to have a leader stand up and lead the Republicans to victory. How bad can 4 years of Mr. Trump be? But 4 years of Hillary can be irreversible. You know with little doubt like her husband she will put only liberal, non-constitutional women on the bench. They will set policies for states that only fit in the liberal, commie mode. They will be there for at least 20 years.


Is it worth it to let this happen? Levin said we survived Obama for 8 years. But he only gave us 2 young, liberal judges. Hillary could give you at least three more in 4 years. Do the Math!


We need the Bushes to stand with Mr. Trump. We need the Republicans selected to stand with Mr. Trump. A Republican congress without a Republican President is useless. Obama proved that. Without Mr. Trump, the end of the Republican Party as we know it could be drawing to a close. All the loons have to do is eliminate the electoral college for the sake of diversity and it is over.


Many great leaders have come to the aid of this country. Mr. Trump could be a great President. We will never know it if you sit this one out. There must be one leader among you who will stand up and lead the Republicans to victory. Or will you sit idle and let the liberal media rip the party to shreds. When they are finished, there will be nothing left to defend the  American Flag and a Patriotic Nation.


Carter lusted for other women in 1976. And the country gave him 4 years. Mr. Trump apologized. You need to forgive him, He was a Democrat back then.


Hopefully we can move together and make America Greater.  If you believe in the constitution and its principles, you really can’t sit back and let the liberal media put Hillary in the Whitehouse!


It is time to be a true, patriotic leader like the founders before you.



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