Profiles in Treason John Kerry

Once again, losing presidential candidate, failed Secretary of State and the main proponent of the disastrous Iran Deal is attempting to make himself relevant.  John Kerry, a charter member of the Deep State under Obama continues to operate as if the electorate of this country did not elect Donald Trump as the President. Delusional in every aspect, Kerry feels he is still Secretary of State and is conducting shadowy, illegal foreign policy that he can neither impose or perform. Kerry, in concert with the “Death to America” Iranian mullahs, Kerry has once again turned her back on the American people and American policy, promising the American hating,  PLO leading Mahmoud Abbas everything he wants. and going so far as denigrating our President as an eight-year-old child. Abbas has declared to the PLO central Council a few days ago that the Oslo Peace accords were dead. He has insulted our country and our President, called for suspending recognition of Israel, he rejected any role for American in the peace talks.


Kerry, throughout his military and public service career, has never respected our country or the American people. The latest confrontation started when President moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, but as reported in the Jerusalem Post, Kerry, from a former administration has maintained contact with Abbas and other PLO officials. Kerry met with Mahmoud Abbas and Hussien Agha in London. Also, Kerry visited with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to discuss plans to preserving the Iran nuclear deal.  There is also information that Kerry is meeting with European leaders such as German leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier, EU official Federica Mogherini, French President Emmanuel Macron pleading with these leaders to defy the sanctions that have been imposed on Iran.


During the conversation, Kerry requested that Agha convey his message that the PLO hold on and be strong and not to yield to Trump’s demands. Interesting that Kerry also claimed that President Trump will not be in office long. He requested that the PA/PLO present their own peace plan and Kerry would use all his contacts to push the plan forward.  The Boston Globe has a column which describes Kerry’s activities as “shadow diplomacy” and an aggressive ” yet stealthy effort to save one of his most significant accomplishments”.

Kerry even went so far as to plan with the PLO to directly attack President Trump to undermine the foreign policy of this administration.

This is not much different than what he did to the military fighting men (and I was one) in Vietnam. As an officer in Vietnam, Kerry was placed in a position that affected many lives. John Kerry used his time in Vietnam for personal gain and his integrity in the time he spent there was severely lacking. Doing his best to write up as many medals as he could for himself, Colonel David Hackworth stated that John Kerry was a poor example of what an officer should be.

It was Kerry who went to Paris to undermine the Paris accords. Pandering to the North Vietnamese at the Fulbright Commission. Kerry delivered statements that were lies and undermined the fighting men that were there. It was nothing more than his ploy to further his career among the anarchists and progressive socialists that have become a part of our country. Both he and Hanoi Jane Fonda will never be forgiven for what they did to American fighting forces and this country.

But Vietnam was only the start. Kerry also met Sandinistas in Nicaragua to plan actions with the terrorists. Kerry has loudly proclaimed his opinion that the talking points of terrorists and all others that denigrate our country is a way to gain respect for our country. Diplomats are laughing at our country when they see that Kerry, a failure in North Korea, Iran, Russia, with ISIS,  and Assad feels that he is the foremost diplomat for our country, smarter and more nuanced than anyone else. He believes that meeting with terrorists such as Abbas and FARC leader Timochenko who had a five million dollar bounty on his head from Kerry’s own State Department. In his delusion, Kerry has always felt that giving America’s enemies land, security and the ability to force the agendas they have formulated on their own people is somehow in the interest of the American people.

When Israel traded prisoners for a promised peace, the PA and PLO created nothing but more terrorism. Of course, Kerry blamed the Israelis for demanding the sovereignty of their own country. He even went so far as the make the ridiculous statement that “Israel and be Jewish or democratic. It can not be both. John Kerry is an anti-Semite and wishes for nothing more than the destruction of Israel.

Although the Logan Act has never been implemented, the actions of John Kerry warrant its use. The Logan act in part. reads as follows.

“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without the authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries out any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both.

The progressive socialists and Deep State used the Logan Act to criminalize Gen. Miike Flynn because he contacted a foreign government while putting together his part of this administration. This is appropriate for any incoming Presidential administration but was still used as a threat against Flynn.

Kerry is not a part of this administration but is working actively against it. If the Logan Act is not implemented, perhaps treason proceeding would be more appropriate.

4 comments to Profiles in Treason John Kerry

  • Newt Love

    Watch this YouTube of Graham questioning Kavanaugh. Start at 26:03.
    Senator Graham astutely slides into some interesting legal theories that can be used against John Kerry. Kavanaugh knows his law, and people that collaborate with the enemies of the US Government. Under those bodies of law, US Citizens have been put to death for what Kerry is doing!

  • Clarence Boone

    “Kerry has once again turned her back on the American people” Kerry is not a “her”
    “The latest confrontation started when President moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem” put a ‘the’ in front of “President”
    “shadow diplomacy” and an aggressive ” put a quotation mark in front of “aggressive”

    John: I like your thought process, and I am a staunch conservative, but your lack of punctuation and proof-reading skills, gets in the way of a reader like me who looks for accuracy and clarity while reading.

    Suggestion: before you post, make sure you proof your article. Perhaps it would be prudent to have another person also help with this.

    The point? All of your errors made me lose the thought and got in the way of enjoying an otherwise good article. Go Navy!

  • Skip Michael

    I’m a professional writer, published a few books and write every day. I make tons of mistakes and have several proofreaders, which is part of my writing for a living way. But, when I write for pleasure or in a hurry, I depend on my computer software to catch obvious mistakes which I correct right away.
    Posting on website is not, I repeat, is NOT, professional writing. Most of the time it’s what strikes your mind, and the desire to “get it out.” So, when I read blog posts I don’t look for errors, I look for the “meaning.” What the writer was trying to convey to me. I glide right over small errors and laugh at some. “Kerry has once again turned her back on the American people.” I saw this error and chuckled I thought maybe you were trying to tell me something.
    This is my first time on this website, and most likely it will be my last. Maybe it’s trying to live up to its name “Intellectual Conservative.” I guess my master’s degree from a prestigious university, and my writing abilities would be “nitpicked” to such an extent that I would not want to post ever.
    Now if some of these web post “nitpickers” are good at editing. I pay a dollar a line for editing and more for content editing. For you John, if you feel disheartened by your critics, there is a software called “Ginger” It checks spelling, grammar and use fairly well.
    I enjoyed your article, errors and all.
    Skip Michael
    Retired CWO3 US Army.

  • BilboQBaggins

    Perhaps a Freudian slip on the “her”. In any event, Lurch needs to go to jail on this. No way around it. He’s doing all this wheeling and dealing so the mullahs don’t out Shrillary and him for all the mony they were paid from the pallets of casn. Big bucks.

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