Progressive/Socialists and Gun Lies Part 2


The anti-gun fascists  in this country are willing to use every shooting in this country in a feeble attempt to take your guns and the guns of every citizen responsible enough to do what is required to have legal possession of a legal firearm in this country. From distortion of facts to the discussions of non facts to prey on the citizens through emotional appeals are nothing new for these groups whose only agenda is the confiscation of all guns in the country. The same people who say we should gut our drug policy because people who want drugs will get them can not explain how a gun prohibition would work any better.

Let’s look at arguments that the progressive/socialists will never explain and facts that are used by the progressive/socialists , and how they use them to try to sway public opinion.

The media, in complicity with these groups will tell you such things as there have been over 250 mass shootings this year in the country. In eight weeks, in an article in the same newspaper the number had reached 350. How is it none of these shootings made the nightly news who are strong anti-gun advocates? Part of the answer is the study was based on false lacts. Counted were such things as domestic disputes where a gun was drawn but not used and any incident involving a gun and more than one person. Some of these reports also use self defense where there is one victim and one attacker such as home burglary but do not designate it as such in the report.

The majority of mass shootings that are never reported by the media are gang shootings. Thses are grouped together with the mass shooting like the Pulse nightclub and Las Vegas, and sadly even a quiet little ton church in Texas to make the numbers that the anti-gun groups depend on to instill fear in the American people. And if taking guns from the American people lowers gang violence, please explain why England’s gang violence increased when guns were removed. It was Obama who let drug dealers go, and over reaching rights to gangs while pushing for more gun control. It is no surprise that Chicago is a war zone along with other strictly gun controlled areas that are run by Democrats. As long as we continue to conflte gang shootings with actual mass shooters we will continue to have an inordinate number that presressive/socialists can use as talking point.

Here, in the socialist state of California they have banned high capacity magazines, blocked access to many types of handguns, and have even attempted to push legislation to force background checks for ammunition. The upshot of all this was not less gun violence but more in the urban areas of the state Concealed carry in California is basically non existent for the average citizen, being reserved for those who can afford the exorbitant fees required and for ex law enforcement and government officials. In California, personal safety and self defense is NOT a valid reason for having concealed carry.  Of course, those that whine loudest for gun control are the social, political elites, along with the nose in the air celebrities who wouldn’t think of leaving their high security gated communities without their body guards. Let’s make a deal with these hacks, If you leave you home and live outside of your gated bastions of security and live in an everyday neighborhood for a year without a gun, then merhaps we will listen. Until then, SHUT THE HELL UP! What do you know about guns anyway. Have you ever even picked one up, have you ever used one for target practices, do you even know the difference between and automatic and semi-automatic? From what I hae seen, most of your are terrified to even touch one so don’t tell people what we should do about guns. Get out of your ittle bubble and see the world for what it is outside of your awards shows and cocktail parties.

Once again, talking heads talk of “white privilege” and “common sense gun control”. The country is supposed to listen to vermin like Matt Taibbi who writes for the Rolling Stone as he lies about mass shooting data, and declares Republicans only support the 2nd Amendment because of the “blood money” that receive from the NRA, and describes gun owners as “heroic Tyrannophobes”

The term militia as used in the Second Amendment was to allow a private force that would be available when needed to come to the defense of the country. Individuals of the militia at the time all possessed firearms and were expected to respond when called into service. These so called “unorganized militias” existed before the States and gave individuals the right to an independent self defense.

Another arguments you hear very often is that firearms should only be available for hunting and domestic defense. After all, the Founding Fathers could never have foreseen the modern weapons of today. These weapons should not be allowed for the citizens because law enforcement and the military are available in a situation where these types of weapons may be needed. This is considered a moderate position by many of the gun grabbers. What they refuse to discuss is the mass shootings that we have witnessed over the past few years occurred where they did precisely because they know the people there were not armed. In the event of a mass shooting event, it takes law enforcement an average of nine minutes for first contact with the shooter. A great amount of death and damage can be done in that amount of time, damage that may have been curtailed if a trained concealed carry permit holder had been there.

These gun grabbers need to understand that even though there are more guns today than 40 years ago when automatic weapons were still allowed the number of gun homicides have decreased. There are studies put out by the anti-gun crowd that will say differently, but when comparing apples to apples the reduction in gun deaths is real. It is not the guns that have caused such willful killing in our country, it is the amorality and disenfranchisement of those who for political, rcial, ar reasons of anarchy who have changed.

Among the condescending attitude of these gun grabbers is people like elitist New York Times columnist David Brooks who stated:

            “The issue of gun control perfectly mirrors the political divide of the country and the cultural divide between coastal and rural and between more higher education and lower education, the divide we see on issue after issue.”

This can best be put into words understood as the knuckle dragging, inbred hicks that don’t live in the big city as, you don’t need your guns, I live in the city with a cop on every corner and I feel safe. I guess he feels our past Muslim in Chief President was right when he said the less educated center of the country that people like Obama and Brooks only visited on the wat to a cocktail party on the coast cling to their guns and religion. We di, and we will, and we will be the backbone of this country forever when you and you cocktail sipping girly men and lesbian women are gone.

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