Progressivesocialists and Gun Lies Part 3

The Second Amendment, giving citizens who qualify the right to bear arms was passed in Congress on September 25, 1789 and was ratified by the States on December 15,1791. The 2nd Amendment is a right given to the American people by God and not by progressive/ socialists who look to usurp that right stating that the government is the grantor of rights contrary to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.. The founding fathers had the wisdom to allow the citizens to have every measure of protection for themselves, their family, and their country. No longer would the citizens of our country be oppressed by foreign entities or entities of a tyrannical government here. Someone who wants to become a mass murderer has many different ways to accomplish his agenda. Poison, Trucks, as in Europe’ and some have used knives and hammers to kill people. But gun control is tantamount to the leftists because the goal is to disarm the American people. They consider themselves as members of the gun control lobby as the only ones that should determine what is reasonable. They talk of the “need” to own a firearm, in many cases semi-automatic rifles that they deem as “scary looking” rather than the right that is part of the foundation of this country.

Mao Tse-Tung at the Central Committee of the Communist Party made in clear that the only way to transform the world to his agenda was at the point of a gun. Mao was making it quite clear that the confiscation of guns would be required even if it was necessary to take up the gun to complete the agenda he had set.

We now have progressive/socialists and celebrities with no knowledge of the history or the need for the 2nd Amendment pushing forward in doing everything they can to take guns from American citizens. In the minds of the leftists it is perfectly reasonable to confiscate the guns of the law-abiding citizen to protect us while nothing is discussed that would disarm the criminal element. Not one of these gun control groups or individuals can explain how to disarm these criminals.

It does not help when we have know nothing celebrities like Nancy Sinatra claiming that NRA members should face a firing squad. That shows the reason why gun rights should NOT be abrogated. And our politicians aren’t any better. New Jersey Democrat operative James Devine  tweeted after James T. Hodgkinson shot up a baseball practice of Republicans that we should not consider it a shock when things turn violent. After all they are at war with selfish, foolish narcissistic rich people and finished it with the hashtag  #Hunt Republican Congressmen. Is it any wonder that the majority of mass shooters have been Democrats or left leaning Islamist terrorists? Sen. Dianne Feinstein thinks she speaks for all Californians when she says “ I represent 40 million Californians and I can say without hesitation Californians do not want concealed carry. I am one Californian that disagrees with that, and if a poll was held I would say roughly half would be just fine with concealed carry. Just another lie told to convince the low information voter.  This is a Senator who has armed bodyguards at all times surrounding her. Calling for a semi-automatic ban showed she does not understand the term. Sen. Chris Murphy has called for a semi-automatic ban as well. Also mentioned was a ban on assault weapons which none of the gun control groups can explain. Once again it comes down to the fact that the gun looks scary. They will tell you that the attachments on semi auto rifles could turn them into an assault weapon.  The Washington Post declared that we need an “Australian type gun ban”. Dan Pfeiffer who was a Senior Adviser to Obama  wrote about the “mandatory buy back program” such as Australia combined with a “extensive regimen of Gun Restrictions” to achieve the goals of gun confiscation. Another portion of the move forward by Progressive/Socialists is an attempt to ban online ammo sales (H.R. 3962), require gun dealers to report the sale of two or more guns in a five day period (H.R. 4025) and the ban of any magazine that holds more than ten rounds (H.R. 4052)

Even Democrats understand that the ambitious  legislation to look to push on the American people would do little to make gun violence a tolerable challenge. Pushing for a national gun-registry is not a meaningful proposal, and will give the government an exact listing of every firearm in the country, making confiscation at a later date easier. Smart gun technology, which has been shown to be defective, and of course the national gun buy back program.

Care to tell me why people should give up their guns when we have statements like that from an operative of the Democratic Party? I am waiting for someone in the media to condemn the statement from CBS executive and Hillary supporter Hayley Geftman-Gold that she was not sympathetic to the victims because “country music fans often are Republican gun toters. She was summarily fired, but how many others feel the same way who work behind the scene to attempt to take the right of gun ownership from the American people?

Many progressive/socialists and leftists claim that guns are only for hunting, a claim debunked in the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment was written specifically to ensure the ability of the citizenry to protect themselves from a tyrannical government which is the sole purpose for the progressive/socialists to attempt to take these rights away.

They do not understand that the right for citizens to defend and protect themselves is  a sufficient reason for citizens to have firearms. They claim that firearms are not needed in the citizens hands and that the government and law enforcement will protect them. These leftists talk about taking guns from citizens as a solution to the gun violence that they continually say is increasing contrary to the facts as they are. These zealots do not understand that the bullet is a affirmation is the right to the citizens to overcome the overreaching and corrupt government if necessary.

How can the Progressive/socialists explain Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles? These are three of the most violent cities with the highest homicide rates, the most gun free zones, and the most gun deaths? These gun control zealots can’t explain why with all the regulations, people are dying in areas of hard gun regulations when the answer is fairly clear. The mass shootings that they constantly talk about are taking place in gun free zones. They refuse to understand that criminals do not follow the law, and look for gun free zones allowing to murder more people.

There are myths that are continually trotted out by the gun control lobby. On ABC “This Week”  Progressive/Socialist Seth Moulton claimed “ that 50% of gun sales do not happen through a federally licensed dealer”. Really?  Private sales, the only sales that as of now do not go through a federally licensed dealer or a background check reached about 40% in 1994 survey and includes guns that are inherited, gifts or traded.  Guns sales alone comprised only 14-22% when specifically counting gun sales. Those that are bought online can only be sent to a federally licensed dealer who will perform the background check, a point not mentioned by Noulton.

If we are to remain a Republic the 2nd Amendment is the bulwark against losing our individual rights.

The country can’t be both a Republic and a democracy. Mob rule can not be allowed to decide what rights we have and which must be taken from us.

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