Progressive/Socialists and Gun Lies

Once again there was another mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in our country’s history. Once again, mere hours after the shooting, the Progressive/socialist leaders and the elites who finance them were demanding that the laws be changed to assure that something like this would never happen again. Chuck Shumer pontificated the day after Las Vegas that :

“What Congress can do, what Congress must do, is pass laws to keep our citizens safe”. And that Starts with guns, especially laws that help prevent guns, especially the most dangerous guns from falling into the wrong hands”

The media is complicit as well. The Daily Kos, a far left website specializing in diatribes against the laws of our country and the conservatives who look to uphold our laws made their thoughts known as well:

“America needs to declare total war on Guns, and that means reinterpreting or repealing the Second Amendment. There is no sane reason why you or I should  be granted the sacred and inviolable right to bear pistols, shot guns, automatic rifles, machine guns, flamethrowers grenade launchers, anti-tank guns and other “hunting and self defense tools.”

 It is made quite obvious that the leftist behind this screed is not familiar with either guns or the law. The laws of this country do, in fact, prohibit the ownership of automatic rifles and machine guns. The majority of everything else on this list is either already prohibited or strictly controlled but they won’t tell the citizens that because it decreases the fear factor. And there is a sane reason for owning those that are not prohibited on this list, it is called the Second Amendment. And much as the progressives look to curtail the first amendment with its freedom of speech and freedom of religion and various other aspects of the right we have been granted through a God given gift,  it is the Secod Amendment that the progressive/socialists of the left are concerned with because if it is taken away, all the other rights will be easier to take away as well. It is the agenda of these same progressives to do away with constitutional rights because it has been found to be a barrier to the consolidation of the power they want to enforce.

Progressive socialists talk continually about how prayers and mourning are not enough. And that unless we take overdue action to ensure that no other family is forced to endure such unimaginable tragedy. The question then becomes, what could we as a country have done to assure this never happens again. Preying on the sorrw and emotion that this tragedy has placed on the citizens of our country in general and the families of those slain and wounded, the same question always arises. What could have been done? What protocol or law would have stopped this outcome.

The animal that caused this tragedy was one man, with multiple weapons and an anger that was unseen. Not having determined even a cause of why this happened, the media has moved on to other things, with the exception of blaming all gun owners for the action of one man.. To a normal person, one without an agenda, that is, in fact hypocrisy. Mass shootings are always followed by the predictable ranting of those in Congress who have bodyguards to protect them. They continually push forward in an attempt to demoralize the gun owners in the country and advance the partisanship and ideological advantage they feel they can gain by an emotional appeal with little purpose. It is a pity that they blame all guns owners for the act of one man, but can find it in their hearts to not blame all Islamic extremists when an Islam militant runs over and kills eight people on a bike path in New York

They call gun owners Nazis, not realizing that Weimar Republic registered, regulated and in the end prohibited firearms. In 1926, the Weimar Republic prohibited all  guns and forced the surrender of all firearms to the government, leaving the citizens of Germany with no right to own, manufacture or repair firearms of any type. In 1933, when the Nazis came into power, they used the governmental records to seize the remaining firearms that were not voluntarily turned in and claimed that there was no needs for any citizen to have them because the government would protect them. We all know how that turned out.

Today, it is the progressive/socialist members of the Democrat Party who find that an armed populace to be a threat, holding back the progress to the social justice utopia that they feel we must become. There will be studies done, like the ones planned in socialist California that will point out the firearms are a health and safety concern and that your doctor can be used to inquire about the firearms you posses. A study commissioned through the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center by Jerry Brown will look at all aspects of gun violence,  and will talk to gun owners about why they own them. Also collected will be the names of those who own firearms. What will they do with that list, will it be come a list to be used like during the days of the Weimar Republic?

So let’s look once again at some of the talking points that the Progressive/socialists trot out every time like this happens. Progressive talking heads love belaboring these points and yet there is no report or study that that prove these points to be true. As with the Study in California mentioned above, the studies that they rely upon are paid for and controlled by the Progressive/socialist and there Marxist friends in academia and on  the media.

The first myth that has been debunked constantly is that more guns cause more violence. Between 1993 and 2013, the latest numbers available, gun ownership increased 56% and gun homicides decreased 49%.  More guns do not account for the decrease but implying that less guns and more regulation will decrease murder rates is a straw man without any foundation. Those who believe that need to explain Democrat strongholds like Chicago, Baltimore, and other areas under Democrat control lead the nation with the most stringent gun control also lead the nation in murders. It is time for those on the left to admit that stricter gun control laws do not work, much as stringent drug laws do not work.

It all comes down to what the American citizens want and need. Do we need a centralized government controlling our freedoms to implement their agenda of technocracy to impact social justice, inclusion, and a predictable formation of thought of which the government must approve. What is needed is to hold responsible those who do harm. Whether a mass murderer as in Las Vegas or a terrorist like the animal who mowed down innocent people in New York they mus be held responsible for the actions that have done.

Next, I will look at some numbers and facts that the progressive/socialists will never tell you, and how they use them to try to sway public opinion.

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