Protect And Defend The Constitution

We the people have allowed the destruction of this country under Obama. 

Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has created a welfare Country with increasing poverty, while our currency is progressively becoming worthless. He has destroyed the American Dream with enhanced entitlements, high unemployment, high inflation and increase financial tax burdens.  Don’t believe the unemployment and inflation statistics, it’s much higher. Individuals experiencing hardships going from full time to part time employment considerably decreasing their income aren’t in the equation, because they have jobs while gas and food prices aren’t equated into the inflation formula.
Mr. Obama doesn’t feel he should honor and respect the Constitution of the United States. He placed another executive order on gun control without any approval from the people or Congress. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! He constantly uses his executive order powers to by-pass Congress, and the Constitution at will, enacting them one after another, showing his disregard and respect of our separate but equal branches of government. He does what he wants to do with no consequences or answerability. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen!
We accept a substandard quality of life, begging for pittance and handouts from our federal bureaucrats. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! We didn’t want “Obamacare” in which it was rammed down our throats. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! The I.R.S. has literally stepped on our faces, with no apology, remorse, compassion or punishments. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen? The N.S.A. has violated our rights as Americans against the Constitution. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! Congressional subpoenas are being ignored, federal employees taking the fifth, refusing to answer pertinent questions for their action hiding from guilt and lying. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen. Lies concerning the brutal murders at our Embassy in Benghazi. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! Guns illegally sold to the Cartel, by and sanctioned by our government, this deadly program was identified as “Fast and Furious” relating to the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! We accept illegal acts and executive orders of gun control violating our right as Americans “To Bear Arms” Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! The Constitution is constantly being by-passed and disrespected. Our rights are maliciously being violated. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen!
Now he’s thinking of bombing Syria, “who knows” to save his own face because of an imaginary red line he established crossed by the Syrian government on chemical weapons. The Syrians have been killing Syrians in the past; we did nothing, now it’s necessary? Our enemies are killing our enemies, who care, sit back and enjoy the show. The only despicable act in all this is the killing of innocent children.
Thomas Jefferson once said “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the person, that’s freedom.”  How intelligent was our forefathers. Today’s leadership is the complete opposite. We either blame this on the air or the water creating our elected and appointed Officials into mindless. Sub-standard, self serving, power hungry boobs and imbeciles, but we know it much more than that? It is a combination of greed, corruption, and power, the triangle of unchained unmerciful destruction! This has annihilated and devastated Great Empires and Societies in the past, wiping out everything in its path, including freedom and liberty. The only antidote to this destructive course is a government that “Fears its People”.
The last and final obstacle in our government’s path of total dominance is “Gun Control”. Once the government records and confiscates all our personal weaponry, then they will have nothing to fear. Disarm the populous and they have a free road to complete dominance. This is the only thing a tyrant fears, an uprising. Gun control protects the government from its people; it doesn’t protect the people from their government. If all guns are controlled or eliminated from the hands of the people, then who or what will protect us from our own government? I am not advocating a revolution or any violence, in any way, shape or form, but the Second Amendment of the Constitution does guarantee our “Right to Bear Arms”.
The biggest problem we are facing as a free people and nation is our complacency. We are allowing our Government too much power over our lives. We have created a renegade unanswerable bureaucracy of self serving demigods that does what they want following no rules, laws, regulations or consequences. We have presently a balance of power with our House of Representatives under Republican control. Yet they have proven to be inept cowards, lost in the woods of clueless wonder. They can best be described as the cowardly lion of the Wizard of OZ; “all show” “no courage or action”. Except not even the wizard has enough magic to “grow them a pair”!
We must legally and peacefully express our concerns to the President and his administration to be accountable to “We the People” and hold their feet to the fire. This includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. We must take nothing for granted, because our quality of life and our liberties are rapidly diminishing. We must get involved, and become the advocates of American freedom, never relinquishing our God given inalienable rights and of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well aware this is a difficult task because we have been for so long manipulated and maneuvered by forced compliance and a government deaf dumb and blind to the wishes of the people. We must never give up!
The Constitution must be defended and obeyed! Individual States must take back their sovereignty, not beholding or subservient to the Federal government. States rights must be preserved. The States created this uncontrollable federal bureaucracy; it’s now time to legally diminish its powers of this inflated abomination of dominance.
Our elected official must yield to the will of the people. They and we are forgetting they are not royalty or monarchs. They are elected by the people and the people are their employers. They could and must be fired, at will, if they disobey. We have lost our way because we are going against all that is sacred, selling our souls, following like sheep to slaughter, fearful of our government, sadly relinquishing our liberties, while they disobey and step on the people and the Constitution. 

This must change, for the good of all!! This must change for the survival of our Great Nation! We must at all cost peacefully protect a government, founded by our forefathers created Of, By, and For the People! Our free Republic must be saved!

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