Proud to be an Extremist

In the progressive mind it is the right, notably the Tea Party that is “extremist”. It is fairly easy to see that once again progressives and socialists use the buzzwords of their socialist agenda. The hate that has been put forth about such conservatives as Dr. Ben Carson, and the way women are treated in furthering the agenda if liberals is quite something to see. Think back on some of the comments you have heard and you will find that the progressives will attach any label they can to those who disagree. Conservatives are labeled as fascist homophobes and deranged Christians carrying out a “war on women” and, according to Debbie Wasserman Shultz, they want to kick all women out of the country. How can anyone of a rational mind seriously believe this?
Where are the arguments of a rational and debatable type that the progressives have won without replacing the debate with name calling and talking points. Declaring that the viewpoint the progressives hold is the only valid one does not win the arguments but attempts to stop the debate. The main reason for not allowing serious consideration of the conservative side of any argument is the fact that the progressive/socialist argument can never be won on the merits of the incoherent diatribes against those who disagree. The dead citizens of the socialist empires, close to 100 million, testify to the fact the socialism fails to replace a ideology based on virtue, morality, and individual freedoms.
So let’s take a look at what passes for “extremism” today from a progressive/ socialist viewpoint. In 2013, the US Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training manual listed evangelical Christians as the number one extremist threat. Even anyone with a so called “Christian Identity” is rated as a terrorist threat, and on the list, more dangerous than Al Qaeda and Hamas which are listed lower.
Veterans Officials has tried to order volunteers at military funerals to stop saying “God Bless You” to family members at funerals and even went so far to have it removed from condolence cards.
Even in the active duty forces, military personnel have been ordered not to discuss the faith they follow or share the gospel in anyway.
We have the Council on American Islamic Relations Executive Director Faizan Syed declaring the “right Wing Extremists” are the biggest threat to the nation. In the mind of Syed, the attacks that have occurred in this country are just jihad, and not terrorism. Claiming that chances of an Islamic attack in one in a million, it is apparent that Syed has chosen to ignore the fact that there have been over 26,000 Islamic attacks since 9/11. This can be hidden from the public by this administration because of the Muslim Brotherhood alliances formed within the White House.

Being called an extremist because of being conservative is a badge of honor. I know I would be considered an extremist by this administration, as would any conservative who attempts to speak out.
If fighting against the Islamization of our schools, where Common Core spends more time on Islam than Christianity and attempts to indoctrinate our children into sharia law and Islam makes me a extremist, then fine. I can live with that
If not supporting the Strong Cities Network, another invasion on our sovereign rights by the United Nations to combat the UN’s definition of “Violent Extremism”. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has spoken of Domestic and global terror threats without ever mentioning what the United Nations will do when conservatives reject this socialist global policy. I would be one such conservative. If my rejecting global governance that would invade every aspect of our lives makes me extremist I would proudly wear that mantle.
If expecting the laws to be uniformly enforced for both government employees and citizens is “Extremist” than I suppose I am. I do not think I am the only citizen who is angry about Hillary getting away with totally demolishing out national security, or Lois Lerner basking in her taxpayer retirement and not in jail, or our President looking to sweep the Bowe Bergdahl desertion under the rug. Bergdahl caused serious injury and death to his brothers in arms. As a former veteran I feel that life in prison would be a good start, firing squad even better. But it will be all forgotten soon as the media will not cover much about it, and the Congress will turn the other way. After all it should be embarrassing to Obama that he once again lied to the American People. I have given up on both parties who only seem to give our President what he wants to get along. Time to get along is long gone. We need a principled, conservative way back from the hell this President has caused. If that makes me “extreme” then label me as such.
TIME magazine wrote of the growing threat to law enforcement in September 2010. What is surprising is that TIME stated that the threat would come from “Right Wing Extremists” and militias. A TIME contributing Editor at Large Barton Gellman even went so far as to say these groups” have a dangerous ideology which includes patriotism and a strong belief in the Second Amendment”. In his column, Gellman makes no mention of Black Nationalists, Marxists, prison gangs, or communists. These groups and entities like the Soros backed Black Lives Matter and Islam terrorists who have worked with those groups since Ferguson will never be discussed in TIME or any other progressive magazines or sites because they do not fit the “conservative as extremists narrative”. By progressive standards, if you see this as a challenge to what this country was founded upon you are an extremist.
If you find fault with a UN that claims “conservative and extremists resistance” needs to be confronted in the gender equality of the world, but Islam is never mentioned you may be an extremist.
If you feel that the Christians being slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East should receive amnesty, and not be deported back to the Middle East to face certain death is a travesty while Islamic terrorists are being brought into the country by the thousands is wrong, you may be a conservative extremist.
Now that illegals are being welcomed into our country, being given social security cards, drivers licenses, and soon the right to vote, if you feel a challenge to all the unconstitutional gerrymandering should be put through Congress, you are very much a conservative extremist.
If you still want to know what happened at Benghazi, you are definitely a conservative extremist.
If you feel that Obama, through his pen and phone is doing his best to use the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our country, to turn this country into a third world banana republic and put the citizens of this country in serious danger then you most definitely are a conservative extremist.
So let people like Congressman Van Hollen call us “tea party extremists” and state that the departure of Boehner will make it even more difficult to pass funding.
Or Harry Reid calling conservatives “ anarchists” because they want to rein in spending
Or Joe Biden, perhaps running for President, calling the Tea Party “a bunch of terrorists”
Politico, a far left site stated “It has always been commonplace to call Tea Party members hostage takers, but they have now become full blown terrorists. Even the New York Times, a bastion of progressivism got in on the action writing that the Tea Party was waging “jihad” on the American People.
Low information voters will take this at face value, nodding their heads like good little children. They will firmly believe that if you want to save our children and grandchildren from insurmountable debt, if you dislike having the government control every aspect of your life, if you want to be able to stand up for your country and the principles it is founded upon, you are an extremist.
If believing in the greatness of this country makes you an extremist, count me in. I am proud to stand with my fellow citizens who see through all the name calling to let the elites know they will go no further. I am proud to be an extremists as are countless others who will not fail our country.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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