Proving The Deplorable Stereotype Wrong/ I Am Living Proof



After a few years of Face booking in crazy political times, I am almost using it as a case study. My old high school friends with Master’s degrees and lots of family money are now in their early fifties. Some of them in San Francisco some in NYC and various other places. They are living comfortably in two parent households with children. They are radical Obama and now Hillary supporters. They defend liberal issues and take their kids to gay pride parades as if it was a badge they wear. They get excited over city friendly transportation, bike paths and farmers markets, more on an awareness level than actually walking the talk. They have SUV’s and summer houses in vineyards or Tahoe and the Catskills. These are the people that are acting concerned for the poor and calling anyone who is not in their little liberal cult…. racist, homophobic etc. They rarely encounter the gangsters and thugs or the general poor population unless they are going to a fancy restaurant in the city and have to see a street person.

I have argued with and deleted many of these people from my social media life. They have done the same to me. They have judged me and insulted me as if I belonged in prison.

The irony is. I am not married I don’t have kids, by choice that is. I work two jobs. I don’t own a car. I have been screwed by Obama care. I am not considered middle class. Rent is on the rise…. I have to ride the bus and walk through multicultural central every day. I am not sheltered or rich. I am not a Christian but a pagan conservative. Pagans need a collective voice. I will go ahead and say it. Pagan lives matter, haha…  Are all nature based spiritual communities considered liberal ? Wrong, this is entirely false. I found in my research that there are others like myself. There are conservatives that are non- traditional. They want girls and boys bathrooms. They are voting for Trump. They may be drumming or howling at the moon when it’s full but they want the wall. They despise Obama and Hillary. They consider themselves intellectual non brainwashed individuals. They wear no stamp or label .They do not paint their faces rainbow or red or whatever the social trend is for the month. I feel the need to preach to these stereotypes, the ones that assume and judge. I have had people question me after reading my posts as if I was an impostor because I expressed my dislike towards the democrats and my likes towards Trump or Libertarians. It is a shocking reality when you step outside the box that your old friends had you pegged for and put you in. It is a wakeup call when Obama/ Hillary lovers wear their rose tinted glasses and see everything but the truth and then point their ugly little fingers at you…you the individual, the existentialist the one who thinks for herself and likes facebook pages like “Sheep No More”!

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