Public Unions Steal our Taxes


Every time a public union worker gets a raise it comes from taxing the private sector.  Is it any wonder that private sector workers don’t want to give public blue collar union workers or teacher union workers a raise when it comes out of our pockets?  

When you consider that public union workers get higher incomes and benefits than average private workers, that they get better vacations, that they get far superior pensions, that they are generally less creative, educated, industrious and enjoy less pressured jobs, then why the heck would we want to give them their extortionist raises?

I have become world weary of socialism and Obama’s utopian dream that everyone’s getting his fair share.  Obama sermons on the White House Mount, meeting with gruff union leaders and deciding whose share is whose share.  Andy Stern, the president of SEIU, practically  lived in the White House.  Unions take money out of the economy and discourage competition, whereas Obama was hired to build the economy.  His ideology interfered with our financial well-being.




Throughout the country the public sector earns more than the private. When I was a boy growing up it was the opposite. I lived in East Meadow, a middle class suburb, where the public workers were regarded as unmotivated mediocrities who chose average salaries in order to get early retirement and pensions. My father who was a successful insurance broker told me that union workers traded challenging careers for security. I looked down on security. Of course, back then union jobs didn’t pay what they do now. Now they pay more than the private sector and offer inflated pensions. They offer both competition and security paid for by you and me.




In Chicago the average worker in the private sector earns forty thousand dollars a year whereas the public union worker earns eighty thousand.  They are often less educated blue collar workers or educators who don’t have to die by the sword of business or work demanding business schedules.  Typical union workers have not dedicated years to developing themselves like doctors and engineers. 




If we regard the nation’s wealth as a big pool that is watered by our country’s taxes then we would want to swim in the wet dollars according to our monetary contributions.  We should get out what we put in.  But the unions want to drain the pool of private job money and apply it to their own public jobs. They used to be of the level of our servants who banded together to get more.  Now they want us working for them.  If we don’t give them gallons of our water from our pool, they will threaten to strike and bully all the water into their own reserve tanks.  It’s like the French Revolution all over again—the mob decapitating the aristocrats’ funds.  




Did the public unions ever ask what happens when the pool runs out for everyone?  Did they ever consider that their greed will cause a draught?  Who will feed the incompetent public sector? They are swimming without water when they dive into finance. They want to reshape the economy in their favor. They want to bully their bosses. Most of them haven’t taken Economics-101.

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