Quartet: Did the Founders Really do us any Favors with the Constitution?

QuartetThe book Quartet by Joseph Ellis is a great read. It makes me laugh when people talk about the constitution and preach as though if we educate enough people about the constitution then we can fix the problems in America today.

That is not true. The constitution has not changed in years, But our liberal judges including Roberts interprets it differently than what some of the forefathers intended.

But this book is more like a history that brought the Constitution and the United States into existence. The Revolutionary War was won and the Quartet and others were concerned that the Articles of Confederation would not hold the 13 states or colonies together. They would be preyed upon by other nations and break up the confederation with some states belonging to Spain, France or England.

The articles were so disorganized that they could never get a quorum of reps to vote on anything. The states refused to pay the war debt and refused to pay for the pensions for the soldiers. Forget about the VA hospital.

The most interesting guy was Madison. You might think Jefferson but he was lost some where in Europe and did not part take in writing the constitution.

Madison had some way out thoughts. He wanted the president to have executive power to void any state laws. He must be a patron saint of Obama. He also believed in filtration. I guess he thought the people were so stupid that they should only be allowed to vote for the local reps. Then the voted reps would vote to fill all the other positions. As you might know originally the U.S. Senators were selected by state legislatures and not by popular vote. An amendment changed that. Now look and see how much corruption takes place in those elections. Just think Robert Kennedy and Hillary would have never been selected as NY Senators.

George Washington gets the credit for putting his name and blessing on the convention so a quorum would show up and work 15 weeks on writing the constitution.

What is also interesting is the constitution was created in secret just like ObamaCare. We will have to pass it in order to know what is in it. And the Supreme Court was not thought to be very powerful. They were just there to rule on existing law not to fabricate new law and new interpretation for the constitution and its amendments. Basically they were there to referee between the powers of the executive branch and the legislative branch.

The amendments or the Bill of Rights was another joke. Madison didn’t think they were necessary but most states wanted more power and some thought the feds were there to protect individual rights not to take away all the power from the states.

At the states’ conventions they came up with over a hundred amendments. And NY did not want to surrender any of their corrupt powers to the feds. But by process of elimination and about 6 votes in Virginia we ended up with the United States and George Washington as our president. George really just wanted to stay home and play with his vines and figs. But again he sacrificed his freedom to serve this great country again.

Speaking of George he actually brought some of his slaves to the convention. Slavery was expected to end by 1820. But no one included it in the amendments or any of the articles. And more likely than not, it would have ended but cotton picking exploded the need for slaves. Oddly enough no amendments from states ever survived that called for the end of slavery by a certain date. And for most like Washington and Jefferson, their slaves were well cared for and George freed them at his death. And Jefferson allowed his slaves to own property. Section 8 Today won’t let you own property.

One thing that cracks me up, is that the states never had as part of the amendment an escape clause. They all had their doubts. The south was afraid that they would be out voted and pay taxes and tariffs that were unfavorable to the south. The north did not want to be taxed to death like NY is now.

But no where in the Bill of Rights was there a provision for states to leave the union. It had to be there in high numbers. Could it be that the reps were paid off to let that one go. As long as the reps are being paid well, why shoot the fatted calf. At an early age the corrupt politicians saw the money and power to be made by making a federal government.

But why didn’t they insist on the 11th amendment, that would allow a state to secede after a state vote. Only later did Texas reserve that right. But in 1800 why didn’t all the states and their citizens demand the right to leave the union. I guess the transparency was very opaque on that issue. And the Supreme Court voided that Texas provision in 1867.

Ben Franklin born on my birthday insisted that politicians should not be paid. It becomes obvious that the politicians ratified the constitution because they could see the power and the money. Look at the Clintons. How can people of their stature and intellect ever raise over $2 BILLION dollars. Only if they promised climate change dollars to all their donors.

“Legitimate government must rest on a popular foundation and that popular majorities can not be trusted to act responsibly, a paradox that has aged responsibly well.” So lets see if we understand this. The popular majorities are too stupid to make policy, only paid politicians and judges are allowed. But they demand that the popular majorities pay their salaries and their taxes. Wasn’t the revolution all about taxation. No to just royal taxation, but not communist taxation.

“Jefferson wanted government small , weak, and as close to invisible as possible. Jefferson wanted a Bill of Rights. What government could not do – create a political zone where individual rights were free to roam”. Sounds like a Conservative. Maybe Tommy really wasn’t in favor of this constitution. Liberty yes, federal taxation akin to slavery – No!

My dear citizens do no look to the Constitution for salvation. There are way too many crooks in the Kitchen. Start by cutting all the money the crooks are paid to run our government. Isn’t that what they mean by a minimum wage! Jefferson wanted it invisible. Obama thinks nothing of a National Debt of $18 Trillion Dollars. Obama isn’t worried. He will be long gone and you will still be paying the National Debt the Commies and Obama have created!

We now have a government run by the courts and lawyers and not by the will of the Majority! Keep voting for the commie liberals and that will never change!


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