Questions on Safety, Prosperity and Opportunity

If the youth of today discovers it wants something truly ‘progressive’, to hand to their children a country where freedoms are protected and prosperity, safety and opportunity are possible …then it must develop a back bone and start standing up to the current high-priests of all things Politically Correct.
Call me your dad …I’m 56 going on 65 …eagerly looking forward to concluding my role as disgruntled taxpayer and exiting stage-right. Am not too proud of what my peers and I are leaving behind …but thankfully that will soon enough be your problem. After all, it’s all about taking care about #1 right?
    A note to all college students and other young voters;  In the last five years your dude, Obama, has increased your personal share of the US debt to $148,000+ …and it’s still going up (~$3.9 billion more every day)!!  Some of you may be getting a little fed up at the lack of genuine progress from the ‘progressive party’. You may reach graduation, but over half of you will remain unemployed (or underemployed). Understand that when Obama promises yet more free stuff, he can only charge it to your already overcharged US credit card. And don’t think that Mom and Dad will come to the rescue, remember 50+ year olds currently in power are reaching the end of their careers, have their homes largely paid off, and are close to retirement. Our tax paying days are behind us, or almost over. The 50+ crowd are much closer to Medicare, Social Security, 401’s, and private/public pensions than you, so they aren’t the ones who will be paying that $150K …guess you’ll have to cover for us. And don’t think that you can just go to the ‘Bank of China’ or ‘Bank of Social Security’ to get a loan like Mom and Dad; those credit lines are pretty much tapped out …sorry. Guess you’re just going to have to work harder and sacrifice more to keep your ‘elders’ comfortable in retirement communities safely partitioned and walled-off from your neighborhood.
    Or perhaps others might be tiring waiting for promised reductions in violent crime, international conflicts, or crazy jihadists trying to kill us. Even if you are lucky enough to find a couple of $20’s in your pocket, you may have noticed it’s getting harder to find safe places to hang out, or buy the gas to get there.
    Whether you’re hiding under the covers in your childhood room, living on student loans, food stamps, or just scraping by with your roommates and that part time job, please understand; that huge pile of national debt is real, will not suddenly disappear like a bad nightmare, and has your name on it. The only question remaining for young taxpaying suckers is this; how to find employment to both meet basic needs and pay-off that large sum. Probably most of you might be losing faith in both Santa Clause, and all those utopian promises which have devastated job/economic prospects for young Americans. How many close friends do you know who have scored decent paying jobs, compared to those who have found refuge claiming state or federal medical, disability, food, rent, and/or cash handouts? I would guess you may know more than a few, graduated or not, still living as fledglings, forced to flutter back to the security of their parents nest. If you’re starting to feel a little edgy about having been neutered and rendered a proud member of the ‘convenient masses’ brown-shirt club, look to the mirror first, then get a clue (or at least buy a vowel), and look again to your mentors next and start asking them, and yourself, the hard questions.
Leftist Tools and Methods
    Were taught and constantly reminded that it’s simply not ‘cool’ to speak certain simple truths in our increasingly aggressive politically correct world. It seems more and more topics liberals once gingerly suggested were politically incorrect, have now been further accessed to be <something>-phobic, or otherwise re-defined as hate speech requiring regulation, if not civil and criminal prosecution. Has society really become quite thin-skinned, or is acting “offended” a new tactic that is being used to shut down legitimate political debate? Leftists feign insult and hurt, offended should anyone dare to disagree. It doesn’t matter the issue, leftists divert all legitimate social and political debate into an accusation that the opposition disagrees because they are full of hate towards them. Disagree with affirmative action, you’re a racist.  Refuse to support unions; you must despise working-class Americans. Disagree with higher taxes, more government, and expanded welfare; you’re full of hate and intolerance towards the poor. Disagree on gay marriage; you must hate homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites. Disagree on foreign policy or immigration; you hate Muslims and other poor and less fortunate. Disagree on Gun Control; you are a cold blooded monster insensitive to gun violence victims, especially children. The same bleeding hearts in the Gun Control debate also judge that if you disagree on abortion; you must hate women (never mind the children, and please don’t mention Gosnell).
    Let’s first start by stating an obvious but important truth, that any idea or concept adorned with a “Political Correctness” qualifier is not suddenly more ‘correct’ or ‘valuable’ compared to the time period prior to its official adoption, ordination, and designation by the keepers of everything ‘politically correct’.  Political Correctness is not an official standard, but a carefully crafted tool designed to accomplish some end. Those with an agenda often use that tool as a frontal attack on common sense and conscience. The PC concept has been a tool deployed with gusto with the intent to enforce compliance with certain agendas via language manipulation suppressing free speech. Nobody wants to be scorned and mocked and so mouths remain closed and pens stay pocketed. The PC idea contains an unspoken but implicit premise that the otherwise liberal concepts of ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ do not apply to any subject or topic designated sacrosanct by the ‘PC Police’. Political Correctness has a vigorous enforcement body that includes not only liberal politicians and academia, but also many of the larger voices in highly liberalized mainstream media (including CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and others). PC is, strictly speaking, a totalitarian tool deployed to enforce compliance with certain liberal philosophies. It has been an extremely useful tool, one which has freed liberals from having to engage opposition through standard principals of debate.  Challengers are labeled <something>-phobic …with the debate declared over before it starts and the audience left viewing challengers as heartless racist despots. At its root PC is a childish method of argument, where everything is reduced to yelling and name-calling. The operational hammer behind political correctness is raw intimidation, unjust coercion of another’s thinking and speaking …or in other words …pure totalitarian mind control. In a politically correct culture, if you dare use certain words to promote certain traditional concepts of morality or religion (or by logical extension, even think a certain way); you are ignorant, insensitive, intolerant, racist, bigoted and/or hateful. Over the last few decades more PC intimidation factors have been successfully programmed into certain words or phrases, weaponizing them to create a post-hypnotic suggestion associated with a fear of being ostracized, diminished, marginalized and/or ridiculed. Those controlling the agenda, by controlling the set of acceptable subject matters for debate, are well aware of the famous rule #5 from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, namely that: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”.
    Increasingly liberal elites in control of educational institutions and journalism insure their principals of PC are endlessly hammered into ever younger students, part of a cradle to grave indoctrination scheme to exert ever tighter control. Political correctness has so far proven very useful, and so will remain the tool of choice to suppress all forms of expression standing in the way of leftist’s designs to consolidate power by controlling speech and thought. Claiming pretentious political victim-hood is the ongoing strategy employed to make us all subservient to an agenda that is often more destructive and oppressive than progressive or enlightening.
PC and Family Values
    PC is also the tool used by Nihilists to assist in converting that which would have been considered outrageous just a few short years ago, into something cool and acceptable. Nihilism is defined as the rejection of all distinctions in moral or religious values, and a willingness to repudiate all previous theories of morality or religious belief, rationalizing that the destruction of existing traditional political, social, and/or religious institutions is necessary for future improvement. Today’s lefties embrace nihilist attitudes as they express contempt for family values and mock traditional norms of decency. With hearts full of utter contempt they point their fingers at traditionalists claiming that religionists and conservatives are the intolerant evil ones, whereas their new liberal brand of PC speech is the new standard of goodness and enlightenment, even as their expressions demonstrate increasing religious bigotry. The very nature of the liberal rational ensures that basic assumptions remain unquestioned, and that the hypocrisy of their rabid attacks on traditionalism escapes them entirely. Consumed by a deep contempt and hatred for Judeo-Christian family values they ridicule traditional work ethics, personal responsibility and patriotic devotion to God, family, and country. Replacing them is a leftist religion of redistribution, entitlements, earth worship, and diversity (diversity being the catch-all phrase encapsulating all organizations and/or individuals advocating a lifestyle outside of a morality now considered obsolete)
    For example, according to the unequivocal moral precepts of the Judeo-Christian tradition – unambiguous through Old and New Testament Prophets and modern day revelation – homosexual behavior has forever been identified to be a serious error unambiguously condemned by the designer of our mortal bodies and architect of the plan of happiness. Traditionalists argue that since such unnatural affections have been clearly identified as sin, and all forms of sin are evil, therefore gay marriage (homosexual behavior being its central, defining characteristic) probably does not deserve the same legal promotions or benefits afforded traditional marriage. Christians (followers of Christ) have covenanted to avoid sin – to “do no evil”, therefore all genuine followers are committed to avoid homosexual behavior in their own lives. By extension, many consider opposition to “gay marriage” as a responsible position taken for the sake of their children, neighbors, and communities. Because “Gay marriage” laws implicitly promote and reward hedonism they do harm to civil morality and disfigure divine truth about human nature and the value of the nuclear family. Under the guise of ‘individual rights’ the left attempts to suppress faith-based society their vote by bludgeoning the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic with its PC talking points, thereby threatening the very religious liberty and prosperity which spawned all modern civil and individual rights.
    To true Christians, anti-gay bigotry and persecution is as also a sin. But to hold an opinion in opposition to ‘gay marriage’ is neither bigotry nor “homophobia”, but a reasoned position intended to promote and reward the most successful forms of family organization and civil society. Jesus does not hate gays, instead instructing us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus teaches us to abhor sinful acts but love the sinner. Christians understand well that laws protecting individual right of association, including rights to choose our friends and most intimate partners, serves and protects us all. But those rights, encapsulated in all the laws to prevent discrimination based on sexuality, do not inherently translate to entitlements for all the legal benefits which civil marriage may afford. While the government has no right to regulate speech, association, movement, thought, religious beliefs, or sexual preference, the government does have both the right and responsibility for public safety, and to enact policies and laws beneficial to our society. Voters and their lawmakers can only decide what is legal or illegal; they have no vote in what God considers a sin, and they have no say to determine the eternal consequences, nor even certain mortal (health, emotional, spiritual, and societal) consequences of their choices. Democratic society (legislators voted into office) has legal authority to legislate which individuals have access to the legal marriage contract, not just by age and parental consent, but by the sex of the applicants. Individuals in our society, including people of faith, are free to decide if the contributions of gay households justify the benefits of extending tax, health, disability, and retirement benefits to Gay partners, benefits which come at some considerable business and taxpayer expense.
    We live in the land of shrill and noise, saturating the mind with useless entertainment and moral contradictions urging us to worship titillation, perversions, and to celebrate our vices. PC media, movie stars, and other elitists represent vice as virtue, and virtue as vice ad nauseam. These PC preachers stand on their soap boxes and celebrate promiscuity, proselyting boldly to parents that murdering their children is simply a choice not worthy of moral contemplations, influencing Americans to embrace a culture of death and selfishness which tears apart the very nucleus of a healthy society…the Natural Human Family.
PC and Islam
    In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, Islam has worldly objectives that are decidedly non-spiritual. Within nation states minority Muslim populations employ PC methods to intimidate as they work tirelessly by demographic, economic, or political means to promote special accommodations and concessions, until the government is totally Islamic in nature. Once in power, national aspirations by Muslim countries include regional domination, holy war, sharia law, and the end of the separation of church and state. Global aspirations include the end of democracy and all competing ideologies, as well as the end of individual free agency and free speech. Despite the endless self-aggrandizing proclamations otherwise, Islam is certainly not a source of social or political enlightenment as it mandates the destruction of all competing political, religious, scientific, and humanist ideologies.  Because it is not a harmless system of beliefs to non-participants, fundamentalist Islam can only pretend to be a peaceful social construct. It is in fact a political ideology with hundreds of millions of often fanatical adherents which demand respect and special considerations, but who offer absolutely no respect in return. ‘Islam’ literally means ‘submission’; as such we should not mistake its goals nor be surprised at its methods. Most of the Middle East and large parts of Asia are increasingly falling in line with Islam’s ever increasing demands. Even freedom of speech no longer a given in Europe within growing no-go pockets of Islamic influence. The only question to those and us, is whether we will continue to give ground to Muslim demands to be our Masters.
    There might be significant numbers of moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. Islam can never change from what it is today, because it is built on two unbending fundamental beliefs that can neither change nor go away. First, there is Qur’an, Allah’s personal word, with orders that need to be fulfilled regardless of place or time. And second, there is al-insal al-kamil, the perfect man, Muhammad the role model, whose deeds are to be imitated by all Muslims. And since Muhammad’s actions were evidenced as a warlord and conqueror we should all know what to expect from his followers, and stop acting so shocked when they kill or enslave us.
    Previous ideological struggles against fascist and communist totalitarian were successful only after years of clearly exposing the misinformation and lies propagated by deceitful promoters. That battle of ideas was convincingly and fearlessly fought by private media, intellectuals, and government. Unfortunately, fearless warriors of truth and reason have been largely absent in this war against Islamic totalitarianism. Indeed, leftist have shown nothing short of cowardly refrain as our politicians, elitists, academia, news media, and even Hollywood have mostly demonstrated willful ignorance and/or downright fear to speak or write anything critical toward this latest threat to peace and prosperity. Instead of exposure and clear debate, the groups which previously could be counted on to educate and warn have done exactly the opposite. Aside from those afflicted with ignorance or fear some perceive that facilitating fundamentalist Muslims by keeping quiet weakens moderates and conservatives, a group they consider a greater threat to personal advantages of keeping and holding power. Whatever the motivation, fear, ignorance, or political advantage, instead of opposing them the left has implemented an internal system of PC-policing, using shame and expulsion as tools to insure no-one violates a leftist agenda strangely aligned with Islamic goals to weaken western democracies.
    In the 20th century some on the left (Lenin called them “useful idiots”) were seduced by Soviet Communist claims it was dedicated to a glorious future of equality and redistribution, while other Americans were initially infatuated with Fascism’s “efficiency”.  Vladimir Lenin was cheered for deposing the bourgeoisie remnants of the Tsarist autocracy, Benito Mussolini was praised for making the trains run on time, and Adolph Hitler was admired for building efficient autobahns. Many fell prey to claims of glorious superiority compared with inefficient and rancorous democracies. Fortunately the majority in that day recognized the deceptions and engaged to fight worthy ideological battles in spite of the unwitting cheerleaders. In past geo-political conflicts only a minority failed to realize the costs and dangers of ideological systems promoting superiority, but numbers today are quite different. We see a similar inability to cope with rising worldwide Islamist totalitarianism as most leftists have completely abandoned the fight, joined by moderates too afraid of the PC police. Reasoned and peace loving individuals everywhere hope they reconsider their self-destructive positions. One wonders how many Islamic attacks like Boston, Sept-11, Beslan, Ft. Hood, and countless others need to occur before they wake up and start reporting more fearlessly and honestly instead of providing jihadists comfort, and their regressive medieval ideology protection.
Answering PC Bullies
    If the youth of today discovers it wants something truly ‘progressive’, to hand to their children a country where freedoms are protected and prosperity, safety and opportunity are possible …then it must develop a back bone and start standing up to the current high-priests of all things Politically Correct. Youthful activism was once a rite of rebellious passage in the fight of oppressive restrictions of the politically powerful, but now the powerful responsible for the distress are the ones pulling the strings of their youthful puppets. It’s time for all puppets to look up at their masters and decide if they really want to continue dancing to the same old tune. Boldness, energy, and fearless passion are either the bane or advantage of youth …spend it well.

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