Race and Justice in Ferguson Missouri


As expected, the lack of an indictment in the matter of the death of Michael Brown has sparked riots, violence, looting, and according to some reports at least one death. The purported reason, or more accurately, excuse for all this is outrage over the shooting of an unarmed youth by a police officer; a shooting that troublemakers have labeled “racially motivated” just as happened in the earlier Trayvon Martin case in Florida. The protestors and rioters, are supposed to be demanding “justice” for Michael Brown. Sad to say, he has already had justice, even if it was not via a court hearing and a jury of citizens.

The facts of the case have been analyzed and disclosed. What they reveal is not a harmless young man who was deliberately shot by a police officer for no reason. Instead, we have someone who had just engaged in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, who then proceeded to walk down the middle of a street instead of on the sidewalk as a normal person would, attracting the attention of a police officer who told him and his companion to get onto the sidewalk. The officer then noted that Brown was carrying that stolen cigars from the store and proceeded with stopping him. Brown attacked the officer in turn, leading to shots being fired in the car when Brown went for the officer’s sidearm. Brown then moved away, then preceded to charge the officer, who, concerned for his own safety and following training and procedures shot and killed Brown.

The facts, from a rational perspective, point directly at Brown bringing his own death upon himself. The matter must, to be understood properly, be viewed as one of individual choices leading to a sad outcome. Brown did not have to rob a convenience store, but he chose to do so. This may have been his first robbery, but it is more likely that it wasn’t. He did not have to walk in the street and attract attention, but he chose to do so. When the officer attempted to arrest him he resisted when he should have accepted arrest. All of these choices, bad choices, are what led to his death.

The voices crying out for “justice,” as is frequently the case, ignore the conduct of the person directly responsible, and only on the skin color of the participants. The decedent was black and the officer was white, therefore, the shooting must have been motivated by skin color. This attitude is bolstered by people and organizations promoting group-based strife; particularly strife based on skin color, for political purposes. Unfortunately, there are many people who fall for this attitude; that they are in unfortunate circumstances due to how they look and not how they behave. They fall for “ghetto propaganda” that there is no escape from their circumstances, so they turn to illicit activities instead of pursuing a course toward a successful future. In deciding whether to become a Michael Brown or a Dr. Ben Carson, they choose to be a Michael Brown, with predictable results.

America does not have a “race problem.” What we have is a problem with people who refuse to allow race to become meaningless as was the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. Race is meaningless to many and probably to most Americans. The ones to whom race means the most are the ones who profit from it. It isn’t the “Klan” that is the problem; it is the race hustlers, the poverty pimps, the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons, the Eric Holders and the Barack Obamas. It is the people who keep promoting the subject of race and making a spectacle of it who profit by using gullible people who follow in their wake, believing the propaganda instead of using the brains God gave them to chart their own courses. They believe the propaganda because it is easier to do nothing than to achieve. That is why they put down successful people for being “too white.” They can’t stand an example that puts the lie to their beliefs.

But the issue goes beyond this. It is a matter of justice within society being based in individual merit and not on groups. As long as people are treated differently because they look different, rather than on their behavior, personality, ability and achievement the problems will continue.

There is also another aspect of this. The riots that came of the wake of the non-indictment were a symptom of a breakdown in society. It is open defiance of the social contract that has characterized the free society established under the Constitution and is necessary for a free society to exist. Such a society is not perfect, but it is better than the alternatives. The rioters seem to find something positive in their destructive behavior, but their ignorance of history leads them to an incorrect conclusion.

The course America is following today is one that has significant parallels to the Weimar Republic that followed Germany’s defeat in World War I. It was a society that lost its moral compass and became broken into factions fighting for control of the political structure. Among these, the two most powerful were the Communists, heavily influenced by Soviet Russia and the National Socialists. Both of these parties deliberately ignored the social contract and the concept of rule of law to further their ambitions. The result was a chaotic situation that the National Socialists, better known as the Nazis exploited, turning Germany into a dictatorship that eventually became bent on its own destruction.

If America permits greater levels of social degeneration, and elects governments that tolerate it in the name of past sins and modern “social justice” the situation will worsen. Demands will increase. Law and order will decay. Eventually violence will rule the day because the structures that hold it in check will no longer exist. It will be a tragedy of mammoth proportions, as what was once the world standard for liberty and popular sovereignty turns on itself and commits suicide for no reason other than the neglect of the principles that made it great in the first place.

But Michael Brown was not the real victim of the events in Ferguson. The victims are the small shop owners, who just mind their own businesses and do a good day’s work. They are symbolized by Natalie DuBose, whose shop nearly shut down by the protest activity and was then severely damaged by the rioters. A single mother pursuing her dream nearly had it shattered by people who were only interested in destruction for its own sake. One has to wonder where the justice is for her and the others like her.

Fortunately for DuBose there has been an outpouring of community support and worldwide attention leading to donations totaling more than $225,000 as of this writing. She will survive, perhaps better off financially, but what happens next time when the rioters return? The support for DuBose transcends color and culture lines. The rioters cared not a wit for the fact that she is a black woman. Likely, they figured that if she had a business she wasn’t black, or perhaps wasn’t black enough.

Meanwhile, as ordinary Americans help out one of their own, the Barack Obamas, smug in their political positions ignore the plight of these people and complain about racial problems still plaguing society. The problem isn’t race. It is the people who exploit the myth of modern racism to cause trouble for their own gain, then put down those who seek to deny the myth any credibility. White police officers aren’t the problem. Black police officers aren’t the problem. It is disbelief in the human spirit and a desire to deny it fulfillment that is at the bottom line. People must cast off the chains forged by those who use them and find a destiny beyond that which the politicians allow. They must declare their freedom from race as individuals and then the supposed problem will vanish as it should have decades ago.

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