Racist Democrats, “The View” held to account, and classic Tom & Jerry Cartoons

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With Ralph Shearer Northam still holding the governorship in Virginia, Joe Biden’s remarks in 1975 (only being exposed by Mark Levin) supporting certain segregation because its the blacks who choose to do so, and Joy Behar looking like a beautiful black woman, the biggest thing I want to demand is not laying off President Donald Trump. But someone else, something more personal to me…kind off…BUT WAIT…I have more stuff to protest about.

Now that the Democrats have gotten more control over Virginia and a clearer shot to support a pro-infanticide law so that women can finally be sexually liberated to be able to enjoy the personal pleasures without ever having to worry about bring a child into the world (just like the men can). I am sure Northam will make the hearts of the harlots flutter with glee, knowing they can finally have great sex without dealing with any spoiled brats…unless they want to have them and on their own terms. Woman, thou libido art loosed. At the same time, the Second Amendment will be in endangered as the Virginia Democrats attempt to disarm the law abiding gun owning citizens.

Just recently Donald Trump Jr. (along with Kimberly Guilfoyle) entered the lions den of sorts with the women of The View. Trump Jr called out not only Whoopi Goldberg for defending Roman Polanski (a proven child rapist but defected to escape America’s hammer of justice), but also called out Joy Behar for her Halloween costume looking like a “soul woman” (just like C. Thomas Howell in that one 1980’s movie about a white man posing as a black man). But our media is about supporting the Democrat Party, progressive causes, and free love (including abortion/baby murder and the abolishment of the family) so the focus will be on Trump’s father who is the current sitting President of the United States.

Now I am waiting for Megyn Kelly to finally get vindicated for her remarks on “blackface.” She gets fired by NBC News, but Joy Behar is still the darling of The View which is produced by ABC News…yes that’s right…ABC News is responsible for The View. Well Kelly is taking care of herself with own startup news sites on Instagram and YouTube…or so it seems.  Sidenote; I wish MK well with this new project.

Since I don’t expect Whoopi and Joy to own their trash, nor back off on President Trump (or anyone in the Trump family), I am going to make another demand of sorts. I want the old Tom & Jerry cartoons in their politically incorrect glory returned for everyone to enjoy. I want to hear Lillian Randolph (who was black herself) in the voice role of the maid Mammy Two Shoes, over the politically correct voice actress Thea Vidale…even if Vidale put a special twist in the role (I say give us an option to hear either voice actress). I want to see Tom, Jerry, or whomever in blackface…just because they were being the fool…come kids this was great comedy back in the day. Right or Wrong. Tom in blackface after the kettle explodes (just because his rival Jerry put a stick of dynamite inside it) was never racist to me. Just a foolish cat who got bluffed by the mouse.

Their are other cartoons in which blackface was used to mock a character. I want those shorts brought back in full glory.

I am sick of the phony penance the Democratic Party is making for all the wrong they have done to the black man and black woman. If they really want to do penance, then they should out of their own pockets pay for race reparations…and the leave the taxpayers alone on this issue. No exceptions. LBJ was setting up a race hustling/vote harvesting scam that has continue to hurt the African American by claiming to help them. LBJ never renounced his own racism but changed the tactics of the Democratic Party in order for the party to stay in power up to the present day. LBJ hated the black man even after the passage of Civil Rights Act and he continued to demoralize and degrade them. Like any other progressive and/or con they know how to change the script and move forward from there.

The white washing of our old cartoon heroes is no different than the Democrats not only white washing our history, but projecting it onto others so that they think they will come out the winner and successfully buy the votes. Radicals will go for the low blow in order to get power…and so will the Democratic party. Behar and Goldberg were exposed for the ‘pagan prog leftist free love’ hypocrites that they truly are, and for that I am happy.

One can hope that what happened to Trump Jr. on The View is the beginning of a much needed turning point to not only get our politically incorrect cartoons back, but more importantly our liberties and freedoms that were stolen from us recently and the attempt to steal more of those respected concepts from the American People.

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