Random Shots…

Anyone else get the feeling we’ve been standing still for 8 years, maybe longer, and if Trump had run instead of G.W. Bush, we would be so far ahead right now it would be amazing?


Is anything more stupid that the two state solution for Israel, when the Palestinians are a made up people, with no language, culture, homeland, or history beyond someday post- WW2. How about a one state solution, Israel, and the others either get along or leave?


Is there anything more stupid than a one China policy, when we have a perfectly good Western ally in Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China? Why let communists dictate our foreign policy and friends?


What possible gain is there from the Left forcing Islam on us? From the former President, to the celebrations in schools, to all the refugees coming in, what possible reason could they have for bringing in a religion that hates us, people that cause terrorism, a legal system designed to overthrow our Constitution and make us a medieval theocracy, and this is somehow the desired outcome by the Left?


The Leftist journalists keeps insisting Trump will bring about a dictatorship. But in a real dictatorship, the opposition journalists are the first to disappear. Their continued existence disproves their propaganda.


Could you in your wildest dreams imagine that the day would come when cities across America would fund with taxpayer dollars, the legal defense of illegal aliens, who are serial felons deciding every day to violate our laws by staying here and taking our resources, all at the expense of Americans including legal immigrants, and yet those “sanctuary cities” somehow think there is virtue in this? There has to be a money trail somewhere.


What are Leftist women thinking, dressing in their body parts and gathering by the thousands in cities, only to leave trash everywhere, and not change a thing? Did they really expect the election to be overturned, or some other significant life changing action, just because they showed up wearing their pink parts?


There is no such thing as “Pro-Choice.” It is Pro-Choice x 3. The woman decides for herself: pro-choice x1. She decides the parenthood or not of the father, and 18 years of child support: pro-choice x 2. She decides the life or death of her baby: pro-choice x 3. Does any one person deserve that much power?


Do liberal women actually enjoy sex, or like everything else does there have to be some “cause” behind it for them to act?


Anyone else think our greatest entertainment for the next 4-8 years will be the hysterical reaction from the Left to everything Trump does, and even though millions of people are cheering they will never make the Leftist news?


Can’t wait for the next time some stupid, insignificant, Iranian boat comes up to challenge one of our Navy ships or boats, and instead of letting the bastards kidnap our sailors, we sink their damn boat!


The hardest thing for the Left to accept is when Trump becomes a roaring success. That is when the Left will be truly weak and lose all credibility.


This is the digital age, correct? Then why do I hear nothing but cameras clicking during every press conference or Trump appearance? Aren’t these noises all artificially created? Must be a distraction conspiracy.


Isn’t it wonderful not to hear from Obama? It’s like he has become irrelevant, erased, and fortunately silent. Maybe he won’t be back telling us everyday how much we hate people “who don’t look like us.” I always despised that line because it simply isn’t true.


I think I should buy a Harley, hit the road, make videos of the people I meet, and see if I can make a living at that. Anyone have ideas how I can do that let me know. “Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road. The North and the South are mine, the East and the West are mine…” Walt Whitman – Song of the Open Road.

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